BSI Chapter 74 : Afterglow

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Xia Yan stared at Soi Fon face, white skin like a gelatin, people want to reach out and touch.

“Look again and dig up your eyes.”

Xia Yan looked at it for a while, and Soi Fon murderous loot at him and his face was not good.

Xia Yan can only take back his eyes, smiled and said: “Soi Fon Captain, I can leave the hospital in a while, let’s go eat sushi?”

Soi Fon shook her head and said, “I have to go back to the official business. I have been taking care of you in these days and have accumulated a lot of work, which must be completed as soon as possible.”

Xia Yan straightened up and grabbed Soi Fon hand and said, “Captain, I always want to thank Soi Fon Captain for taking care of me during this time.”

Soi Fon perceives Xia Yan gaze, how can she not know that the so-called thanks is just a rhetoric, she knows that Xia Yan wants to stay with her, but she is not disgusted, especially after a few days ago, Soi Fon has slowly accepted The move of Xia Yan.

Soi Fon hesitated for a moment and said, “Okay, celebrate your discharge.”

Xia Yan nodded and his face looked proud.

At this time, Unohana Retsu walked into the ward, and Soi Fon quickly pulled back her hand and opened the distance. She said to Unohana Retsu: “Unohana Captain is good.”

Unohana Retsu nodded and smiled and joked: “Soi Fon Captain is really concerned about his subordinates and she is not willing to leave at all.”

Soi Fon turned red and said, “When, of course.”

Unohana Retsu smiled and looked at Xia Yan and asked, “How is it today?”

Xia Yan waved his fist and said: “I feel very good.”

“But you still need to check it out.”

Unohana Retsu walked over to Xia Yan and used Kaido to look at Xia Yan’s situation. Then she nodded and said, “It has healed and can be discharged.”

Xia Yan immediately jumped out of bed and put on his shoes and said, “Let’s go Soi Fon Captain.”

After bidding farewell to Unohana Retsu, the two left the courtyard and it was almost noon, just to go eat.

But halfway through, Xia Yan looks at the side of Soi Fon, suddenly reached out and gently hooked her palm.

No response, it seems to be agreed.

Xia Yan smiled. As soon as he grasped the hand of Soi Fon, Soi Fon turned red and did not break free.

But at the next moment, a sexy woman on the corner, a golden wave, is Matsumoto Rangiku of Vice-Captain of 10th Division.

Soi Fon saw the opposite side, some flustered, and wanted to pull her hand, but Xia Yan would like to put it, can you let it loose?

Soi Fon saw Matsumoto Rangiku eyes fall on the two, and an over-the-shoulder fell to Xia Yan to the ground.

Xia Yan fell to the ground, and Matsumoto Rangiku quickly ran over and asked, “What happened? Soi Fon Captain, what do you play Xia Yan?”

Soi Fon twisted her head and said coldly: “He made me angry.”

Matsumoto Rangiku looked at Xia Yan on the ground. The latter said with a smile: “It is my fault.”

Matsumoto Rangiku helped Xia Yan to raise his body and said to him: “Xia Yan, you are too careless, how can you make your girlfriend angry?”

When Soi Fon heard the words of Matsumoto Rangiku, her face turned red and she quickly said: “What nonsense, I am not his girlfriend.”

Matsumoto Rangiku said with a smile: “Soi Fon Captain face is red, and it is not.”

Soi Fon still wants to talk, Matsumoto Rangiku waved her hand and said, “I still have something to leave.”

After Matsumoto Rangiku left, Soi Fon had a flush on her face, and Soi Fon eyes were so annoyed and shy. Xia Yan only thought she was cute and couldn’t help but smirk.

But smile just cracked his mouth and was shot on the head by Soi Fon slap and said, “Laughter, laugh, go.”

The two quickly left the street and passed a street. Xia Yan eyes were placed on the distant roof. “When is the internship?”

Soi Fon looked around and saw that there was a piercing door on the roof in the distance, and students were constantly wearing school uniforms.

Soi Fon said something impatiently: “What is good to see, you have to go to an internship.”

Xia Yan nodded, that is, during that internship, Sakata Harada was killed by hollow, and it was the first time that he saw someone else’s death.

Xia Yan walked along with Soi Fon and curiously asked: “What is the difference between this type of door and the center door?”

In the center of the Soul Society, there is a huge piercing door, two huge columns, and most of Shinigami will enter and exit from there.

But Xia Yan went to Human World and walked through a temporary door that was built on the roof.

Soi Fon thought about it and said: “The first thing to do is to open the space between Soul Society and Human World. It is called the broken boundary, but the broken boundary is full of danger. There is a stacking point of time and space. Several layers of Space, if you are not careful, are easily trapped in the depths of time and space. Therefore, the Seireitei has opened up many roads, leading to different areas, and entering those roads is not dangerous, but it requires the hell butterfly to pull you forward.”

Xia Yan nodded, remembering that when Kurosaki Isshin words to Kurosaki ichigo, it was clear that they were walking through the formal door, but they still entered the road of detention, because there was no hell butterfly and they could not enter the formal road.

Soi Fon went on to say: “The center door is like a transit station and you can go to any location in Human World. Temporary crossing doors can only go to one area, and you need to set the destination in advance. ”

Xia Yan asked curiously: “Can we use the door of Onmitsukidō troops?”

Soi Fon nodded and said: “Of course, sometimes the target will go to Human World and need to follow to investigate the assassination. At that time, you need to submit the information and apply for the road. What are you asking for?”

Xia Yan said with a smile: “I want to take Soi Fon Captain to Human World. Shinigami who came back feom Human World said that there is a place called Maldives. The scenery is beautiful. I want to take Soi Fon Captain to see.”

Soi Fon said with anger: “What is good about Human World.”

Xia Yan heard this and smiled and said: “Human World is where I was born. I really want to take a look with Soi Fon Captain.”

When she heard Xia Yan words, Soi Fon was slightly moved. She remembered that unlike her own, born in the Soul Society, Xia Yan came from Human World. No matter how long it stayed here, the real hometown is not here.

Soi Fon smiled and said: “If there is a chance, I can accompany you back to see.”

“Thank you Captain.”

As soon as Xia Yan said, he held out his hand and quietly took Soi Fon hand.

Soi Fon looked around and found that people didn’t know, then bowed their heads and let Xia Yan pull.

Two people holding hands and walking in the afterglow of the setting sun, every step of the way is like stepping on the golden road, and the heart is wrapped up in warmth, just want to hold hands like this, keep going.

“Xia Yan, do we seem to have passed?”

“Have you gone?”


“No matter what, take a circle.”

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