BTC Chapter 61 : Ready to buy a building

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Peter Parker serum has been taken by Red Queen and Red Queen has gone offline. And Lu Zixin have to accompanied Peter Parker for another ten minutes. Then little spider remembered that he was going to be late for school, and he was off the assembly line at the second.

“I don’t know what Red Queen can study?” Lu Zixin thought, it seems that Peter Parker serum is not only affected by the mutant spider, but also his father genetic factors. Peter Parker father Richard Parker is also a scientific genius, the genetic makeup of mutant spider are his credit.

“Forget it, this is not something I can guess.” Lu Zixin couldn’t guess if he couldn’t think of the answer.

tok,tok,tok!” The office door rang, and Su Zhirong voice sounded, “General, I got the financial statements.”

“Please come in.” Lu Zixin finished, Su Zhirong walked in. A black workplace OL, black and bright short hair, straight legs, a serious and confident smile on the face, temperament burst table.

Su Zhirong was transferred to a formal employee, and a new assignment was arranged by the boss. The secretary of Lu Zixin.

“Today is good!” Lu Zixin praised.

“Fortunately.” Su Zhirong always felt a little embarrassed, she tried to shift the topic to work.

“This is the financial data of the company last month. The focus has been marked.”

Lu Zixin opened the file to view, “Desolate Battlegrounds” mobile game’s turnover increased by 23%, the monthly flow of 300 million up.

The turnover of the PC version of “Desolate Battlegrounds” is the biggest growth point of the recent Red Letter game. It is only one month after the release, and the monthly will sprint over 100 million.

Red Letter game accelerator, the number of members has been increasing, but compared to the investment, has not yet reached profit. Because it is still in the promotion period, all kinds of free and preferential activities plus broadband fees and equipment costs, the funds invested in the previous period have not been recovered, and it is expected to be profitable next month.

“Well, it’s done very well.” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “It’s hard.”

Su Zhirong relaxed, said: “I am really afraid of doing a bad job, and being pointed at.”

“What are you afraid of?” Lu Zixin encouraged. “Your learning and working skills are excellent and you can definitely do it well.”

“I will work hard.” Su Zhirong also sighed, her heart is also very strong.

“You take a break, I am going to accelerator project department,” Lu Zixin said.

“I still have a lot of things left untreated. Which stop?” Su Zhirong said, cleaning up his desk for him and turning away.

“Remember to wait for me after work and eat together,” Lu Zixin said.


Lu Zixin went to Red Letter online game accelerator project department, he wants to check the data collection of Cloud host. Use the data from the majority of Red Letter online game accelerator users to upgrade the Cloud host and adapt it to most computers.

“Within a month, Cloud host has made two self-upgrades and has been able to adapt to more than 80% of computers on the market.” Liang Song reports, “I think this is mature. Because there are still some computers, hardware facilities. It’s really bad, even can’t use Cloud Host.”

He is telling the truth, even if Cloud host is so powerful that it can’t improve the computing performance of a garbage machine. Especially for some users, the network latency is particularly high, and even Cloud host assisted computing can’t run.

These problems are unavoidable. And the auxiliary computing function of Cloud host is also unable to function properly due to various factors. In the final analysis, it is still due to insufficient computer performance on the market.

“When do you think it’s better to launch a computer housekeeper with Cloud host functionality?” From online game accelerator to a multi-function computer housekeeper, this is Lu Zixin strategy from the beginning.

Liang Song said: “The operation of the online game accelerator has basically stabilized. You can start the research and development of the computer housekeeper project, but this requires recruiting new employees, buying new equipment, new office space… In short, I suggest it first slow, don’t be too hasty.”

The development of Red Letter game has been almost half a year, and the speed of development has been very rapid. For the fast-growing Red Letter, the company’s infrastructure is a bit weak.

For example, the office building, because when I first rented for “Desolate Battlegrounds” mobile game project, I did not expect that within a few months, immediately have more online games and online game accelerator project department, the office space is now a bit crowded. Even if you recruit new employees, you can’t settle them well, let alone set up a new project department.

“It seems that it is good to buy an office building.” Lu Zixin thought. Your own company can’t always rent someone else’s office building, you must have your own building.

An industrial building like Stark building built by Tony Stark, he can’t build it now. But ordinary office buildings can be afforded.

“Buy the building, buy the building!” This is Lu Zixin next goal. There is still a gap between Jiangcheng and Běishàngguǎngshēn (x-n: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen), so the land is not so expensive.

With the current capital of Red Letter Games, you can afford a commercial office building without a loan. And if you buy an office building, you don’t have to pay the money for rent.

He immediately found someone to investigate Jiangcheng commercial office resources and handed the results to him.

Commercial office buildings must not be in remote places. What’s more, the Red Letter game is a new generation of network Science and Technology company, preferably in the high-tech zone, to facilitate company’s operational development.

One day later, the employee sent real estate information he got and attached an analysis suggestion.

Jiangcheng has several districts, and the bustling CBD (Central Business District) is naturally the first choice.

There are also a lot of office buildings to choose from. Lu Zixin plans to go to see it on his own. After all, it is the company Headquarters in the next year or two.

In Lu Zixin office, Zhu An came up and said: “General, I have to deal with things before the holiday, can’t accompany you to see the building, I recommend a person to you.”

“Who? Find someone who knows what to do,” Lu Zixin said.

“Of course it is sensible, do you remember Xue Senior Sister?” Zhu An asked.

“Remember,” Lu Zixin said. “Crap, I am in college, a woman with a good relationship, except Ding Yu is Xue Senior Sister.”

Xue Senior Sister, full name Xue Yao. It is a school with Lu Zixin and Zhu An, one year higher than them. At the beginning, he was also the vice chairman of the school student council, very optimistic and cheerful.

When I first started college, Lu Zixin and Zhu An went to Jiangcheng, and she picked them at the station.

Later, they also signed up for the student union, and they spent a year in Xue Yao department, and then retired for various reasons.

However, the two people had a good impression of Xue Yao. This is a warm-hearted Senior Sister who has helped them a lot.

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