BTC Chapter 328 : Who Frightens Who?

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Some people protested that they felt that these convenient Science and Technology should also be enjoyed and used by American people.

The report was reprinted in large numbers and received more than one million readings and hundreds of thousands of comments.

But in less than twelve hours, this report was deleted. The media that published the report issued a statement stating that the report was written by an amateur journalist. There was a certain falsehood. The reporter had been taken away by FBI and the media apologized to everyone.

“President Lu, I swear, this report is absolutely not related to us!” Lu Zixin’s office, the propaganda director raised his hand to ensure.

“I saw the news the first time, and ordered the investigation. This is definitely not a report written by people in our company!”

Lu Zixin expression still serious, his look is cold, the more he is like this, the more propaganda director feels an invisible pressure, a word emerges in his heart, not angry.

“Check it again,” Lu Zixin said faintly. “The future propaganda work should also be a little more important.”

“I will do it!” The propaganda director back have cold sweat, my heart is stunned, I really don’t know which brain is a good thing.

Now is the time when United States wants to give Chinese enterprises the opportunity to launch such news. It suddenly pops up such news, exaggerates Red Letter Group, and devalues ​​the relevant American companies and departments. Isn’t this Red Letter Group on the fire?

In this case, it is estimated that the hate goals of US Department of Commerce and the Federal Communications Commission are all brought to Red Letter Group.

After the propaganda director left, Su Zhirong stepped on high heels and said to Lu Zixin: “President, in addition to that report, there have been more reports in US media that are not conducive to the reputation of our company.”

She sent the material directly to Lu Zixin via smart glasses, and Lu Zixin quickly browsed it.

Those reports are ridiculous, and some are derogatory to the Red Letter Group products. Some are denying false propaganda, and more are rhythmic propaganda. Even the doubts about the information security of Red Letter products have been discussed.

In the publicity, Red Letter Group became a bad enterprise in China, stealing the intellectual property rights of American companies, making use of user privacy, and even rejecting the reasonable tax requirements of United States.

“This is a news released by official media. It should be the official voice.” Su Zhirong issued another statement to him.

In the statement, they first condemned the previous false reports. Subsequently, China so-called 6G network communication is actually exaggerating publicity. In fact, it is just 5G network, and United States is also building and operating it.

Technologies such as virtual projections are also owned by United States and will soon become popular. Red letter’s smartphones are not as advanced as US…

All in all, it is to tell everyone that United States is still the most developed country, China’s products are still backward, everyone should not be noisy, our country’s products are the best.

“It’s really interesting!” Lu Zixin finished reading. Just pretending to have serious expression, it became easy and stretched out and said: “We haven’t publicized it yet, and americans are nervous.”

Su Zhirong leaned on the desk in front of him, her hips slightly draped, and the long legs of flesh-colored stockings.

She wondered: “You don’t worry? If this continues, our group’s reputation in United States is broken!”

“What are you worried about? We are not selling anything in US now,” Lu Zixin said indifferently.

“But definitely to enter US market in the future!” Su Zhirong stressed.

“It’s very simple, who is smeared and who washes white.” Lu Zixin said, “We have not sold products in United States. Most people don’t even know about Red Letters, and they don’t have black. The main purpose of these reports is actually to emphasize The leading edge of Science and Technology is in US, so that people do not worry when we about to introducing our products.”

“You said this, I think about it.” Su Zhirong looked bright and said: “This month, AT&T’s president also visited our company and wanted to continue to negotiate with us. They also joined more than a dozen companies and gave Federal Communications Commission and Ministry of Commerce sent a joint letter requesting the lifting of restrictions on China communications industry.”

Companies such as AT&T are not stupid. Since the implementation of Sky Network plan, the US communications industry has suffered heavy losses in Chinese market. A variety of intellectual property fees are not available, and some electronic accessories, such as chips, have been greatly reduced in exports, directly affecting their profits.

China’s communications industry, starting to sell products in 6G era to Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Africa and other regions, began to seize their business in global market.

If they don’t introduce these technologies in time, then there will be no chance to compete with China communications industry!

As long as technology enters United States, let them keep up with the times and upgrade their products and services. Even if profits are to be separated by China enterprises, at least they can guarantee the competitiveness of company.

“That’s all right,” Lu Zixin said. “The people from Federal Communications Commission and the US Department of Commerce surely feel the pressure. Let’s use the news media to promote a wave, comfort the companies and the people, and scare them by the way. Don’t care too much.”

“They are not scared by us, they are their own business.” Su Zhirong lighted with a smile, “I estimate that US communications industry is really anxious. The three major US telecommunications operators want to get our 6G communication operation, they have to contact us every month. Other companies have more, want to buy chips, buy virtual projection equipment…”

In the economic globalization, a little bit of technology leadership is very important. Even if the relevant technology of 6G communication does not enter US market temporarily, it will destroy the original market ecology. But it will affect the competitiveness of American companies in global market. How those capitalism can endure? Of course, they have to protest to the relevant agencies.

“Let’s wait to see the show! The Institute is already eye-catching, and the samples will come out this week,” Lu Zixin said.


At Red Letter Optoelectronics Research Center, Lu Zixin went to see the samples as soon as they came out.

“President Lu, this is our result!” The researcher excitedly showed the sample. On the desktop was Red Letter smartphone with a gray screen, but above the phone, a virtual mobile phone interface was projected.

This means that the micro virtual projection technology has matured, and this Red Letter smartphone already has the function of virtual projection.

However, this is not Lu Zixin’s entire requirements for R&D department. When he gave him technical information, there were semi-sneak smart glasses.

One of the most important technologies is arguably the core of widespread use of virtual projection technology – touchable virtual projection!

Light has a projection, which is a bit stiff for a smart device. Touching the virtual projection allows the virtual projection and the user to interact with each other to display it’s “smart” side.

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