BTC Chapter 329 : Stereo Operation

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The researcher started the projection, and the unique picture belonging to Red Letter smartphone appeared in the air. This is no longer a physical screen, but a virtual light curtain.

Lu Zixin touches the virtual light curtain with his hand, and the white light is slightly touched by the touched place, indicating that the machine has received the finger.

He clicked on a music player and immediately sang the song from smartphone.

“President, as long as it is not under the glare of special light, the light and shadow sensing is absolutely no problem, the reaction speed is even faster than touching the physical screen!” the researcher proudly introduced.

However, Lu Zixin frowned: “What about stereo projection?”

Planar light and shadow screens, now some of the well-developed Science and Technology labs have been able to do it. Although they are easily interfered, they are not out of reach.

The three-dimensional virtual projection light and shadow is more complicated and technically difficult.

“Of course, you see, the virtual light curtain is just simulating the screen of mobile phone, so the display is flat. Now I will show the stereo operation!” The researcher said, using a finger on virtual light curtain, I saw that it was just a plane. The projected virtual light curtain suddenly stood up and became a stereoscopic projection of a smart phone, which is exactly the same as the special effects in virtual projection movie.

“We set up a series of gesture recognition, such as this flip.” The researcher fingered the circle and the stereo image turned a circle.

“This is moving.” His hand is like holding a light and shadow, and the projected light and shadow will follow the movement, still as if the virtual projection was really picked up by him.

“The movement is ranged. First, you can’t block the projection hole of the phone, and you can’t leave the projection range.”

“What about the details?” Lu Zixin asked.

Without detailed operations, virtual projections will not allow for more subtle human-computer interaction. Just as the projection Tony used to design model to directly cut, modify, install, etc. on the projection model.

“The details of operation are still rough, but it is completely no problem for our daily operational requirements for smart products.” The researcher said, the voice command was issued to the smartphone, and the smartphone in the projection became a pile of wood.

These building blocks have different shapes. The researchers directly pick up the “building blocks” composed of projections and place them in a three-dimensional space to form various shapes.

“Not bad!” Lu Zixin finally said that if he can say this, he can achieve this goal, which means that the research goal has been initially realized.

Light is a virtual projection, which can only make Red Letter’s smart products a small step ahead. But if it is a three-dimensional operational virtual projection, the meaning is completely different.

First of all, it has great significance for scientific research, it is convenient to make various models, and even use it for simulation experiments, medicine, military, computer technology…

It is used in almost all areas, and its influence is too broad, which is comparable to the meaning of 6G network.

By the time this big killing is coming out, the world is estimated to have to look at this technology to see how long American trade protection can last.

“HXV-1 will be our new series of products, the first generation of Red Letter smart virtual projection mobile phone. Based on this, we will improve the smart glasses. In addition, we are also preparing to release the first red letter smart watch, this watch there will no bulky dials, only smart chips and miniature projection instruments, everything will be done on the virtual projection.”


A department in China is holding a meeting. The main content of meeting was how to counter the recent US trade attacks.

A big aunt said: “We have already made the first stage of counterattack, but the US still has not stopped. The recent public event is proof.”

A radical representative said: “I think it has increased the counterattack. Americans can increase the import tax of our Chinese companies, and we must use the same method to counter it!”

“I don’t agree. This will turn small-scale trade friction into an economic war. Now China and the United States are the world’s first and second economies. Once large-scale economic frictions occur, they will be staged in the world. The trade war may once again trigger a world economic crisis! This is not the result we want.”

“That’s right. The reason why Americans do not care about our counter-measures is because they have mastered the core Science and Technology and have core competitiveness. If we are hard-hitting with them, it will definitely be China economy problem.”

“Fortunately, we actually outperformed the communications industry and operated 6G network ahead of time, otherwise the losses will be more serious!”

The public has discussed and discussed the next stage of countermeasures.

There are many countermeasures in various departments, but for United States or Western economic system represented by United States, it cannot make an effective counter-measure.

At this time, an amnesty received the latest news, or an urgent report.

“The meeting is suspended for ten minutes,” he announced. Others are puzzled, thinking in their hearts, is there any trick from United States?

Ten minutes later, the big man was full of joy and said: “The meeting continues, just received a good news, our China Science and Technology company has a creative breakthrough in a new field!”

“What field?” Everyone was curious. In the conference room, the virtual projection screen was opened, showing the new technology concept presentation submitted by Red Letter Group and the evaluation and prediction of national research team.

“Micro-holographic projection manual interaction technology!” The public looked at the picture with surprise, this technology was proposed by the scientific community very early, and has been trying to make it.

But so far, the degree of achievable is just a flat projection and a simple operational induction, and the actual application is still difficult.

This information shows that the technical level submitted by Red Letter Group has been able to achieve complex operations and commercial applications.

This means that a smart product revolution to physical display is about to start. All walks of life will change and complement 6G communication network.

In the evaluation of the experts, this is a very high praise. I believe that this technology and SkyNet can greatly increase the overall national science and technology and economic level. The significance is self-evident!

“Hahaha!” An aunt immediately laughed and said: “I really can’t think of it. This technology has been realized so quickly. Foreign light is monolithic for decades, and the manufacturing technology of chips and screens has been operational for decades. Virtual projection, their things must be eliminated!”

“The next step is when they ask us!”

Everyone’s face is relaxed, and with this Science and Technology in hand, their sanctions can make the other person feel scared.

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