BTC Chapter 30 : Quietly Watching You Pretend

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Xu Cheng began to drum up Su Zhirong laptop. He seemed to be a bit technical. Unfortunately, the opponent was Lu Zixin who have Red Queen computer skills. He got it for a long time and didn’t find out the problem.

“You made a mistake.” Lu Zixin reminded.

“Hmmm?” The three men looked back at him. Su Zhirong asked: “Do you know how to get it?”

“Of course I know.” Lu Zixin affirmed.

Su Zhirong is happy, I just want to ask him to help repair the computer. Then Xu Cheng frowned: “Do you understand? Is this not a simple Trojan virus?”

“I can solve it!” Lu Zixin said.

“Would you please help me fix it?” Su Zhirong looked forward to Lu Zixin. “I can pay the repair fee. I have a very important paper in the computer!”

Lu Zixin smiled in confidence, but nodded on the surface: ” Of course, don’t have repair fee, a little thing!”

“Really? That troubles you!” Su Zhirong gratefully, her voice is very good.

“Wait!” Xu Cheng did not agree, but he just promised to make a guarantee. The two sisters have been looking forward to it for so long, and their ratio has not been installed yet? How can we let others cut off?

He analyzed : “I am not joking, this Trojan virus is really complicated. If you are not careful, it may smash all the things on the hard disk. It must be handled by professionals!”

He said, Su Zhirong Hesitated again, the computer is very important, and the paper is also very important. Is it for the people in front of you to fix it, or to get a professional computer repair shop?

Lu Zixin smiled and said : “You said too exaggerated? This virus, I can get it in a minute!”

“That is, you did not see how complicated it is!” Xu Cheng disdain, “Tell you, I But graduated from computer science, and my family is an electronic company! This research should be higher than you!”

On the side, Cao Nan asked: “Xu Cheng, what company is your family?”

“Tiancheng Electronics, have you heard of it?” Xu Cheng asked.

“Tiancheng Electronics! Of course I heard it!” Cao Nan was surprised. “That is a famous electronic company in Jiangcheng. My computer is a brand of Tiancheng!”

“Really? Is Tiancheng Electronics your family open?”

“Of course Really!” Xu Cheng was slightly proud of himself.

“The current chairman is my dad!” He said that the people in the classroom looked at him with surprise in their eyes. Jiangcheng Tiancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is famous in this city.

They are mainly engaged in research and development, sales, technical services, etc. of computers, computer consumables, electronic professional fields and related products. This company is also a company with a market value of hundreds of millions.

The son of Tiancheng Electronics chairman is also very weighty in these elites! Some people even think about it and think about how to make a difference.

Cao Nan also showed the expression of worship: “You are so powerful!”

Su Zhirong pretty face is also slightly surprised, I can’t think of this to repair the computer itself is so big, or a rich second generation!

“Do you believe now? This is not something you can do well!” Xu Cheng looked at Lu Zixin, his eyes oppressed him.

However, Lu Zixin did not eat this set. He asked: “Can you fix it?”

“I…” Xu Cheng said with a sigh of anger, “I want to study this.”

Su Zhirong couldn’t sit still, she said quickly. “That, still don’t waste your time, I look back at a repair shop.”

“Nothing, I will help you solve it now!” Xu Cheng is not refusing to spare, he has to finish this ratio.

“Old Gao!” he yelled, and a man in a suit quickly came over.

The man was nearly 30 years old, and he was quite a beer belly. He smiled and looked at the old scorpion, and he saw the old fritters in the workplace.

“General Xu, what?” asked Gao.

“You have this technique born can you fix it,” he asked Xu to finish, while gave Su Zhirong explains: “Old Gao is our Tiancheng electronics manager, formerly of this research.”

Old Gao saw two A beautiful student girl, the heart is immediately clear, it seems that Xu Cheng wants to pick up a girl!

Xu Cheng is the son of the chairman. He also has a 10% stake in the company, so he called Xu, General Xu.

He has always been the chairman of the board of directors, good at slipping. This time, Xu Cheng is going to take a business management training class. Gao Song will take the opportunity and accompany him to class and pull in the relationship.

Gao Song knows well that the chairman of the board let Xu Cheng do this. I am afraid that he will slowly hand over the company to his son, so he must hold his thigh in advance.

Xu Cheng explained the identity of Gao Song, Cao Nan and Su Zhirong suddenly felt tall and up, and even some fear. They are ordinary students, actually let a successor and manager of Tiancheng Electronics repair their computers?

If you say it, your classmates and friends don’t believe it!

Gao Song looked at the computer and suddenly frowned: “It’s a little trouble! General Xu, look at this pattern, this is the Octopus!”

When Lu Zixin was under the virus, deliberately left the octopus pattern, let the octopus hacker They have a black pot.

“I don’t know if this is an octopus?” Xu Cheng did not understand his words, and his voice was angry.

Gao Song is a bit embarrassed, he thought Xu Cheng knew the Octopus hacker organization. However, at this time, he must take care of Xu Cheng’s face. He said: “This octopus is an extremely complicated virus. It can be said that the anti-virus software on the Internet is very difficult to resist, and it must be solved by professionals. General Xu, if your friend wants to fix it, I will take the laptop back and let the technicians fix it. I can’t guarantee any problems!”

“Is this not good?” Su Zhirong was hesitant, she wanted to say no need. She didn’t want to bother others, and brought her personal notebook back to repair. What if some personal information was seen?

“Nothing!” Gao said. “This is a trivial matter for us. I have to fix it, let General Xu give it to you. It is not good. I will wait for the class, and let General Xu drive you to the headquarters. I can fix it today!”

He was giving Xu Cheng a chance to create a chance to get along with Su Zhirong.

Xu Chengxin led the gods and immediately said: “Yes, this kind of thing, my company’s technicians will get it in minutes. If you worry, you can watch them, it shouldn’t take long.”

Cao Nan also said: “You People are so good, graceful, just like this?”

“This…” Su Zhirong still wants to refuse, but can’t find any good reason.

“When you bring it back, the information in the computer is gone!” Lu Zixin said, “I am afraid that you have not figured out what the virus is?”

His speech made Xu Cheng feel annoyed. “We don’t understand, are you understand?”

“Of course I understand.” Lu Zixin said, “I have seen this octopus virus, I will not say more about the operation principle. Anyway, after a few minutes, after the virus has completely parsed the data, it will be automatically formatted the Hard drive, data can not find back.”

He said so, Su Zhirong was worried, “What should I do? Can you solve it?”

Lu Zixin raised a finger and said, “One minute.”

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