BTC Chapter 348 : Level 100 Zombie

Edited: XiaXue

“Congratulations,” Lu Zixin congratulated.

Optimus Prime couldn’t help but want to change himself to a core of life. He took the heart of ancient machinery out of the group space and turned it into anthropomorphic form.

At present, Optimus Prime has only half of his body, and his chest collapses into a large piece, and the blue energy liquid is still leaking.

“Get started!” Optimus Prime bit his metal teeth, opened his chest, and put the heart of ancient machinery into it.

This beating mechanical heart is like having life, and he has settled in his chest. The original life core of Optimus Prime is directly accommodated by the heart of ancient machinery and disappears.

Instead, it is a strong mechanical heart. A powerful energy emerges from the heart of ancient machine to repair the damaged body.

“This feeling…” Optimus Prime said, “It’s like facing a fire!”

“I need energy, I need metal particles!”

Skynet : “I have, the latest liquid memory metal particles, and energy blocks.”

It sends the item to Optimus Prime, Optimus Prime opens the group space, a large amount of silver-white liquid metal particles slide down, into its body, and some super-concentrated energy blocks.

Optimus Prime’s broken bottom of the body began to create a new body. The liquid memory metal particles form a mechanical part, and a brand new, silver-white Optimus Prime begins to be generated.

“Strong feeling! I am born again!” Optimus Prime excitedly said, “This is an unprecedented feeling, I have never been so powerful!”

“Congratulations!” everyone congratulated.

Optimus Prime also thanked him and said, “Everyone, big family does not thank you.”

“Now I have to hurry to the moon. If I’m lucky, maybe I can bring you some gifts back.”

Peter Parker said curiously : “What’s on the moon?”

Optimus Prime : “A spaceship from Cybertron planet, it’s a spaceship for the modern leader of Autobot. It may contain the manufacturing method of the energy column. I must get it before Decepticons!”

Skynet immediately said : “I want the energy column! If there is such a high-density energy manufacturing method, my robotic army will be stronger!”

The energy column that Optimus Prime said is an energy storage device for Cybertron. The energy of the energy column can provide spacecraft flight, even energy column combination, can open the wormhole and realize space jump!

Optimus Prime promised, “Good! As soon as I get it, I will send you a copy!”

When he finished, he showed the line.

Peter Parker : “It’s so cool to fly to the moon! If my battle suit can fly in the universe!”

Red Queen : “No, you can do it by changing the genes. I can turn you into a space creature. Do you want to try it?”

Red Queen : “[Evil emoticon: Hey, take a shot! It doesn’t hurt at all!]”

Peter Parker : “[Mercy emoticon: pleading toRed Queen, I am still a child!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: he is just a child, don’t let him go.]”

Red Queen : “I decided to listen to the owner.”

The little spider reluctantly said : “Inhuman, the group leader and Red Queen smashed the group member!”

Skynet : “You are really bored.” Saying that, then it went offline first, and it is estimated that you can’t understand these “meaningless” chats.

Mr. L : “Skynet will not be able to play the game, or Red Queen is fun.”

Red Queen : “Is it fun? [emoticon: The owner, you irritated me, I will swallow you with a hundredth-level zombie!]”

In the picture, it is a huge zombie. When I was in the Lu Zixin waters, I sent a few popular emoticon bags and I was immediately used by Red Queen.

Mr. L : “[emoticon: What is the 100th-level zombie? I have the skeleton of Level 999, swallow the corpse!]”

Peter Parker : “I have a bad feeling, you started to fight!”

On the map, Red Queen was not outdone, and immediately sent a new emoticon, which is a one-stop picture : “[emoticon: biochemical weapon research mistakes, accidentally creating a natural dragon, specializing in bones!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: accidentally captured Taoist Dragon, what is Taoist Dragon? What a bit!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: too old and fierce beast is strong? Feeding the Lord is a slap in the face!]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: the top of the food chain, the demon god, the feeding lord can only be his younger brother!]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I have ancient gods, Fuxi, suppress all enemies!]”

Lu Zixin couldn’t help it and said, “So far, you can’t fit your emoticon bag in the next universe!”

Red Queen : “Win again. [emoticon: How lonely is invincible.]”

The little spider spoke : “I don’t dare to talk at the low end of food chain.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: swallow you!]”


After spending more than a month in United States, Lu Zixin almost handled all the major event, and Su Zhirong stayed in United States for the time being.

Not long after Lu Zixin returned to China, Red Letter Group broke the latest news. The Red Letter Group plans to develop computer chips and related equipment to establish its own core technology.

The company is also preparing for it.

In Red Letter Electronic Optoelectronics Research Center, Lu Zixin convened some of the key members of the research center to meet and discuss.

“In the field of civil computer chips, almost all core technologies are monopolized by foreign countries. Although we have the research and development basis of mobile phone chips, we want to make computer chips that can compete with Intel, AMD and other companies.” Dai Liang, the oldest photonics professor at the company, is shaking his head, and he has no confidence in it.

“From equipment to technology, we have a gap in every aspect.” Another senior researcher said, “Unless we can get help from some foreign companies, we can rely on our own groping, I don’t know how long it will take results.”

“It’s impossible! For more than ten years!” Dai Liang directly denied that “it is that we have to pay more, and people can’t help us!”

“We have been developing our own “China Core” for many years. Today, how many companies, research centers, and China Academy have failed to come up with a product that can be recognized by the market.”

These, Lu Zixin also know that there are some computer chip manufacturers in China who claim to have independently developed the chips with China’s independent technology. In fact, the core is still copying other people’s technology, and the performance is poor, and there is no market competitiveness at all.

More often, through the state’s independent research and development of the semiconductor industry, the purchase of land claims to invest in semiconductors. The local land has been batched, and the project immediately turned into real estate development – ​​as for semiconductor research? It’s just a bitch.

A lot of chaos has led to the computer field, and the foreign industry barriers have not been broken for decades.

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