MST Chapter 148 : How hard can it be to make a song?

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10 am.

Chen Xue drove a business car to pick up Liu Chiyan’s three people.

The program was hosted in cooperation with Zhejiang Satellite TV, so the venue is also on Zhejiang Satellite TV.

More than 20 minutes by car, a group of people came to TV station.

Zhejiang economy is still relatively developed, especially in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Satellite TV is also better than Jiangxi TV station. The TV station building is much more impressive than Jiangxi TV station.

The studio is said to be a thousand-person studio, Chen Xue did not take them to see it. How did Liu Chiyan and others know?

Chen Xue took Ye Guang and his party to a specially prepared area with several rooms, lounges, make-up rooms, karaoke rooms and small bedrooms. There is a passage in the exclusive area, and the end of the passage is the studio.

Chen Xue informed that because the participants are still in the confidential stage, they try to reduce activities outside the exclusive area.

For this Ye Guang and others did not say anything, this is already known in advance, this clause is not for them, it is for all contestants, in order to be more effective when the program is broadcast, at the time to inform the selection for The Strongest Voice competition, the organizers had already made it clear.

So now The Strongest Voice announcement ads are flying, but the public still don’t know that the contestants are those people, the outside speculation is one after another, The netizens good friends have left messages to various singers Weibo who think they may participate in the program. Ask questions, but the singers kept silent or vaguely answered, everyone to this also familiar with this. Over the years, The Strongest Voices have been held for so many times. This traditional rule is well known to all singers. Even if you guess who it is, you will remain silent. It is a little hidden rule in the circle.

There is a set of Sofa in the lounge, which is similar to the living room in the home. It is very comfortable. There is a TV screen hanging on the wall. It should be the signal from the studio. It is impossible for the contestants to go watch with audience, so they usually prepare in the lounge. Connect the TV to studio to let the players see the situation in the studio.

This evening is opening of The Strongest Voice. There is no competition. The contestants can perform on stage, and there is no requirement for singing songs. Apart from asking for their own songs, the rest does not matter. This is the most relaxed day of The Strongest Voice. All players don’t have to worry about anything.

The first day of the show was just a dessert before dinner, the real game was the next day.

After the players are on stage today, the program group will give the proposition of tomorrow’s songs. The players will have one night and the next day to filter the songs and practice songs, and the night will be a brutal inaugural knockout.

Chen Xue took Liu Chiyan three people to the exclusive area to explain some things and left. This evening’s show started, she still has a lot of things to prepare, Jiang Xin followed her, and she had to go through all aspects of the charter and matters needing attention.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan studied in the lounge what songs to sing tonight.

“Is it your own song or am I writing one for you?” Ye Guang asked.

Liu Chiyan tilted her neck and thought for a while. “All right, you can write it, sing a new song to give audience a better sense. Although it is not a competition tonight, I guess everyone is holding it, they should all use new songs. It’s already a game, it’s just not to eliminate people.”

Ye Guang nodded. “That line, what type of song do you want to sing, I will write to you.”

Liu Chiyan smiled. “You can do that? What type can be written?”

Ye Guang smiled. “That’s right, it wasn’t long before the cowhide was blown out.”

Liu Chiyan: “That… whatever. ” Liu Chiyan doesn’t know what song to sing.

“Oh, whatever…” Ye Guang is a little embarrassed. If Liu Chiyan had something to ask it’s better, the scope is relatively small, it is easier to find the corresponding song, but this casually has some incompetence, too many songs, but I really don’t know which one to pick. “Should you come up with a problem? Just practice your hands in advance.”

“The problem, then I think about it.” Liu Chiyan thought about it with her chin in place.

A bird flew on the window sill, tweeted a few times, then fluttered away and flew away.

Liu Chiyan looked at the flying bird, said, “I have it! Just wings, I want to have a pair of wings, you write one with wings.”

“Wings.” Ye Guang thought about it and smiled smugly. “No problem, write this, let you see my strength!”

Say, Ye Guang took the pen and paper, and began to write it.

Liu Chiyan: “Don’t you want to?”

Ye Guang didn’t look up and said while writing, “I have already thought about it.”

Liu Chiyan: “…”

After a while, Ye Guang gave the paper with the lyrics to Liu Chiyan.

Liu Chiyan took a look.

“Invisible Wings”

Every time, All in the middle of the lonely single strong

Every time, It’s a lot of injuries, Also not flashing tears

I know, I have a straight, two hidden wings


Liu Chiyan looked at the lyrics. I thought it was okay, quite apt, Invisible Wings, the lyrics were quite positive, but why didn’t the lyrics have without music? Liu Chiyan suddenly remembered, Ye Guang said that he would write songs, but he would not compose music!

My son, Liu Chiyan has a feeling of being finished.

Liu Chiyan asked the lyrics, weakly, “I remember… you seem to say that you don’t know how to compose? You should teach me to sing and me to compose one by one again?”

Ye Guang just wanted to answer her, but he didn’t talk. Liu Chiyan said busy again. “It’s over, I’m finished, I forgot this. If you don’t have a tune, if you teach me, it’s not easy to learn a song, but you have to make it, Oh my God……” Liu Chiyan caresses her forehead.

Ye Guang: “How can I not compose music?”

Liu Chiyan glanced, “Will you? Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t come last time?”

Ye Guang smiled. “How difficult is it to learn? I;m but the school tyrant, I will learn it as soon as I learn it.” Ye Guang shouted brashly.

Liu Chiyan is not convinced, “… For real?”

Ye Guang nodded: “Of course it is true, you wait, I will write the tune now.”

Say, Ye Guang started to write the tune. He didn’t know anything about the temperament. He was quite handy because of the skill Erudite Temperament.

“This should be 3 5 3 21.”

“Here is 11 165 5 51.”

Ye Guang chanting while composing, but some are unfamiliar, and occasionally have to stop and think about it before I can fill in the scores. The progress is not fast, but it seems to be very quick in Liu Chiyan eyes, and she is very surprised. Ye Guang will really compose music? When did he learn, why didn’t she know?

After a while, Ye Guang wrote “Invisible Wings” scores, and carefully looked at it again, changed the two places filled in the wrong place, and handed it to Liu Chiyan. “Oh, well, I said it’s okay, you have a look.”

Liu Chiyan took the score and didn’t immediately look at the score, but instead stared at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang: “Look at me, take a look at the spectrum.”

Liu Chiyan smiled and pointed her finger at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang knows, big joy, and quickly put his head over to receive the reward.

Kiss, kiss!

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