MST Chapter 241 : Ye Guang can edit?

Edited: XiaXue

After Ye Guang’s spoke this words, all people present became stunned.

This film is not working? This kind of good film is not enough? What kind of film do you want?

Ye Guang continued, “There is nothing wrong with the content of the show, but there are still many problems in the editing.”

As soon as Ye Guang said this, some of the staff who did the editing and post-production were unhappy. This is their old line. Ye Guang is an outsider, and it won’t work for an outsider to comment

“Then Director Ye, what do you want to say?” An editor who came from Beijing Satellite TV asked. His tone was a little upset, even a little angry.

The staff members sent by Beijing Satellite TV are all good players in the industry. These editors are also elites in the industry. The results of their hard work aren’t recognized, they have grievances are understandable.

Ye Guang didn’t pay attention to the staff’s tone. He took the remote control and played the video in fast forward. After it played out, Ye Guang pressed the pause button. Then he pointed to the big screen and said, “Look at this place, it’s transformed. It’s too blunt, it’s easy to make the audience feel harassed.”

Several editors looked at it and found that there was indeed such a problem, but they still had some disagreements. They are not gods, but humans. A film cut like this is already of a high standard, where it can be perfect, and it’s inevitable if there are some minor flaws.

Ye Guang continues to fast forward the video, and when he reached a certain point. He pressed pause again. “There is also this section. Here, should we placed close-up shots. The effect will be better, but you are using far and near.”

Next, Ye Guang pointed out his dissatisfaction three or four times in a row. Several editors were also silent. Ye Guang pointed many loopholes on the spot and made them have ugly face, but Ye Guang is right. So they can’t say anything to refute.

Ye Guang didn’t continue to play. He watched several editors and said, “I didn’t mean to blame you. In fact, you have done a good job. These are all minor flaws. It doesn’t affect the show much. But since we are going to do the show, we will do our best if we can do it well, and strive to present the best works to the audience at the highest level.”

The editor who spoke at the beginning, spoke up again, “Director Ye, what you said is correct. It’s because we haven’t done a good job, so let’s change it now.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Oh, then I will go with you. I just know a little about editing, so I can help a little bit.”

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang in surprise, and the employees of Youxianqi Entertainment, who had a lot of contact with Ye Guang also surprised.

Ye Guang will edit? Real or fake I haven’t seen before.

But seeing that Ye Guang just said so well and professionally pointed out the small flaws in the editing of the film, everyone had to believe it again.

Ye Guang took some of the post-production staff to the editing room. Many employees who did other work also followed the past to watch the excitement, especially the studio employees. They all followed. They are most curious whether Ye Guang really can or not do editing.

Liu Chiyan, Shang Shan, Jiang Fengxian and the others also there, so they all followed.

Ye Guang just smiled at everyone and didn’t care. When he came to the editing room, Ye Guang just wanted to edit the film, so he immediately started.

Other editors have also entered the work state, and the remaining irrelevant staff are watching with interest.

“Here, it should be better to cut like this.”

“Also here, the close-up and the distant view need to be switched. It can make the lens effect stronger.”

“The stitching here should also be more rounded, not dry.”


Ye Guang has entered a state, and there is no one else to study with several editors how to edit the film. However, most of him are pointing and giving various opinions. At first, other editors will think about it. Think whether Ye Guang is right or not. If he’s wrong, they will also put forward their own opinions.

But, after Ye Guang said more than a dozen ways to cut it and with their careful consideration. Other editors has decided Ye Guang words is reasonable, and they are indeed like what Ye Guang said. The effect of this cut will be even better, and then I will go through it one by one. In the end, after Ye Guang just said it, several editors didn’t want to ask, and did it directly according to Ye Guang.

Studio staff were a little surprised, didn’t think Ye Guang really will do it. And looking at this scene, Ye Guang editing skills are not low, at least not worse than the other editors, otherwise it’s impossible to guide them.

Liu Chiyan is the most surprised person. Ye Guang has how many pounds. She is much clearer than the average person. Ye Guang editing skill really made her doubt, and she also remembered Ye Guang’s good cooking skill had shown in her home a few days ago. She can’t help but wonder, when did he learn these skills? There is no sign, as the person next to the pillow, she doesn’t even know.

The editing work is boring and long. Most of the staff just watched the excitement and gradually dispersed in the back. Liu Chiyan and Jiang Fengxian and the studio staff also left one after another, only a few editor, Ye Guang, Shang Shan and Xia Hai still in the editing room.

Ye Guang involved in the whole editing process. As for Shang Shan and Xia Hai is the director. When editing, they have to be there to let the editors cut out the content they want. This was one of the director’s jobs, but with Ye Guang, it was like they were decorations. Both of them stood dry for two hours and they didn’t insert a word. How to cut, what to do, Ye Guang has finished it alone, or just explained it to other editors and finished it. Shang Shan and Xia Hai felt like they were mascots, and felt very depressed.

After three or four hours of work, the first issue of Running Man finally edited and turned into a satisfactory piece.

After moving his shoulders and neck, Ye Guang got up. When he turned around and found Shang Shan and Xia Hai still sitting behind him, Ye Guang asked strangely, “Huh, are you still there?”

Shang Shan snorted and turned his head, feeling his dignity had taken a hit.

Xia Hai also looked depressed.

Ye Guang is not clear. I don’t know why these two look like this. After thinking about it, Ye Guang understood. Then he said with a smile, “Two directors, do you have any requests and opinions about the film? If you have any, please mention it.”

Shang Shan said said weirdly, “How can we have any opinions? With you, Director Ye directed personally, none of our opinions can be put on the stage. We just follow Director Ye to learn from the experience.”

Ye Guang touched his nose and smirked. Speaking of it, he did steal Shang Shan and Xia Hai work. During the editing process, these two people almost disappeared, which somewhat hurt their self-esteem.

In Shang Shan and Xia Hai subconscious mind, although Ye Guang bears the title of General Director in Running Man, Ye Guang has the final say on how to shoot the general content of the program, but that is only the general, it is only one direction. Other directors’ work still needs Shang Shan and Xia Hai to complete it, so Shang Shan and Xia Hai subconsciously didn’t regard Ye Guang as a real director. This time Ye Guang has done all the work that they should do. The two of them feel like transparent mascots and really feel a little uncomfortable.

Human nature is understandable.

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