MST Chapter 28 : Resignation

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Ye Guang is angry.

He didn’t speak during the whole meeting. As a party in question, he didn’t speak.

Said that he did not have an Host certificate.

Ye Guang does not refute, this is a fact, you have to use it to make a fuss, there is nothing to say, endure.

He is not supported as a Radio Jockey.

OK, Ye Guang can accept it. After all, I am ready to resign.

But when you discuss it, you can say that Host is talking about Host, why do you want to get to the character?

Said that there is a problem with the brothers?

Do not write a manuscript is a problem with the character? You have to pull the shackles from Host position, and then pull down and hope to give you a sly, continue to write a manuscript for you, let you both fame and fortune, and then I will be like your grandson, thank you for your reward. Can you not be so shameless? Who has a problem with the character?

Everything else is good to say, but it can’t be tolerated, and it’s hard to bear! This is a matter of principle!

Ye Guang slowly stood up while everyone was still arguing. Next to him, Chen Jie looked at him with doubt.

Ye Guang: “You are.”

The two gangs of arguing did not seem to hear it, and continued to argue, but the people who were eating were curious to look at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang saw that they didn’t respond, his face was black, and loudly said: “Give me shut up!”

The meeting room was quiet in an instant.

Everyone looked at him with some horror.

Ye Guang saw everyone stop, and loudly said: “I see everyone’s discussion so fierce, as the party is somewhat unwilling to go, can I say two words?”

Li Delong didn’t look at it. He and Ye Guang’s family walked a lot. They knew Ye Guang’s temper and knew the situation was bad. He quickly said to Ye Guang: “Little Ye, don’t make trouble, sit down.”

Xu Rui, a smug look, said with a smile: “You? What do you mean, do you have a share?”

Director Yang also said: “Hey, Comrade Xu Rui should pay attention to his attitude, but Comrade Ye Guang, Comrade Xu Rui said that it is also true. Now it is mainly the discussion of our leadership level. If you have any opinions, after the end of meeting, report it to me or Li Radio station Chief in private.”

Ye Guang chuckled, “Hey! You are all discussing my affairs, but also involved in the character, and still not let the parties say something!”

Ye Guang also said that he did not agree with him when he sat down. He continued to say: “First, I show my attitude.” Ye Guang looks around everyone’s eyes, “I…Resign”



Everyone simply doubts their ears.

Li Delong hurriedly said: “Resign? Little Ye, what are you kidding?”

Director Yang also revealed a difficult color. “Ye Guang is not impulsive. I know that some young people’s emotions are always inevitable. They can be understood, but it is important to think about the overall situation. It is not important to position high places. It is to contribute to station. Since Comrade Ye Guang has emotions, we can’t help but take care of little comrade emotions. So, I can agree with chief Li last plan, the program is revised, and two people are on the show, but I think that the program revision is not a trivial matter, how can it be changed? In the change, in my opinion, this program will be hosted by two people in the future. So everyone is happy.”

Director Yang had to give in, and he knew in his heart that the success of Late night story was basically relying on Ye Guang’s “Ghost Blows Out The Light” novel. The original abacus he wanted was to hold the show in his hand. Ye Guang went to the editor and wrote a manuscript for the show. The person under his hand was Host. He saw Ye Guang Information, originally thought the general university just graduated not long young people, can not turn up any waves, rely on Li Delong relationship to enter radio station such a good institution, even if it is improper host will not willing to leave it, and he also has Li Delong backing, the chances of future comeback is more, but he did not think Ye Guang so staunch, a statement will resign. What if you quit the show? Can the Ghost Blows Out The Light’s late night story still fire? Ye Guang can’t go, can’t walk, it’s a joke to go and fight today!

Li Delong looked at Director Yang and seemed to be a little unwilling, but still nodded: “Director Yang’s solution is feasible, I agree with Director Yang.”

“I agree!”

“I agree.”



Everyone understands people. All the disputes on the field are gone for a moment, and the opinions are highly unified.

Director Yang is unwilling to say something, faintly said: “Since everyone agrees, then this thing…”

“Stop!” Ye Guang interrupted Director Yang. “All said that you are discussing my affairs. Shouldn’t you ask the opinions of the parties?”

Xu Rui snored again and snorted: “Do you have any opinions? As you like, we all agree, what do you think? ”

Ye Guang didn’t look at him, and said faintly: “What do you disagree with? I said it, I resigned.”

“Little Ye.” Li Delong frowned and his tone was harsh. “Don’t be impulsive, there is something to come to my office.”

“Without Uncle Li, I have already considered it.” Ye Guang waved his hand, “I resigned.”

The atmosphere in the entire conference room suddenly became strange.

Is this really going to resign? What is the mood like this?

Is it too tight to force, eating too ugly?

Young people are too impulsive.

This goods is still the Lord who is not bent?

Everyone has different ideas in mind. But they are all amazed at Ye Guang’s decision.

Ye Guang may have thought of what they think, and continued: “At the same time, I remind you, “Ghost Blows out of the light” all copyrights are in my hands, I resign, I can authorized the copyright of “Ghost Blows out of the Light” for broadcast of to Radio Station, however, I have a request, Ghost Blows out the Light broadcast copyright I only authorize the use of Li Radio station chief, and, in accordance with the conditions, Ma Tao, the former assistant of Teacher Liu from late-night story group program, has priority rights.”

Ye Guang wants to resign, and someone has to take over late night story. He first thought of Ma Tao. Ma Tao is not bad. He has been with him for a few days. He has been with Old Liu for so many years, mature enough and stable. Originally, the staff in Late night story group had no major problems in terms of ability, but there was no chance. Ye Guang wanted to push him before leaving. The time he came was short, and there were not many acquaintances.

Ye Guang considered that he had to resign the Ghost Blows Out The Light to Li Delong when he resigned. He relied on Li Delong to enter Radio station and quickly became Radio Jockey. Li Delong cares for him, this is good, have to report! Ye Guang is a person who knows how to report.

Xu Rui looked at Ye Guang with some resentment, and the duck to the mouth seemed to fly like this.

Ye Guang glanced at him and pointed at Xu Rui. He added a faint sentence: “There is still a small request. The broadcast copyright of “Ghost Blows Out The Light” absolutely prohibits the use for Xu Rui, otherwise I will defend the rights through legal channels.”

Hum, let your kid get it!

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