BTC Chapter 229 : Thief Bad Luck

Edited: XiaXue

The thief locked the parked Pengyun electric motorcycle at glance. Because this electric motorcycle is the latest, the style is worth a lot of money.

He touched the Pengyun electric motorcycle by the light road, and he took out a pair of scissors from his pocket. This is the first step in his crime. Cut off the alarm wire of the electric motorcycle, so there will be no sound when stealing the motorcycle.

However, Pengyun electric motorcycle design, there is no external line, he did not find the power supply of the alarm, can only use other methods.

Pengyun electric motorcycle immediately issued an alarm, the parking position is in the open air, not in the community downstairs, and no one came over to see it in a short time.

And it is deeper in the middle of the night, the owner is estimated to be sleeping.

The thief began to prepare for the shackles, but he looked up and down, and did not find electric motorcycle lock. Even if he learned a hundred shackles, he could not find a place to start! The wheels are locked and can’t ride at all.

Su Zhirong saw this, giggled and said: “The smart lock is inside the motorcycle, unless he smashes the motorcycle!”

The thief did not give up, he disappeared for a while, and after a few minutes, he brought two companions. The two companions could not find the lock position, and they gave the rear wheel of the electric motorcycle a wheel frame, and the frame was placed on it so that it could be pushed away.

However, at this time, their behavior has touched the security alert System. Pengyun electric motorcycle sent a strong warning signal to the owner’s mobile phone, awakened the sleeping motorcycle owner, and the owner directly activated the alarm.

Pengyun electric motorcycle comes with a positioning alarm. The nearby Public Security Bureau immediately captured the thieves by the system positioning. Not only that, but also smashed a thief den.

The video also interviewed the motorcycle owner. The owner is a female office worker. She said: “Our community security is not very good. I work far away, and the bus line is not convenient. I can only ride an electric motorcycle. I lost three motorcycles last year. It took me two month’s salary.”

“This time I heard that Pengyun’s electric motorcycle can be connected to my red letter mobile phone, smart anti-theft, I bought one, and it is much better than the previous electric motorcycle!”

Below the comments, there are quite a few netizens who liked it.

“Hahaha, I saw that the thief was looking for a lock for a long time and couldn’t find it, make me laughing!”

“This motorcycle is good! No matter where you are, you will know the situation of the motorcycle. If stolen, you can find it again!”

“Cattle fork, our thief stealing motorcycles are all alarms, destroying the circuit. The motorcycle’s outer casing protection is so good, the thief can’t move, I want to buy one!”

“Pengyun electric motorcycle, this is what the red letter company made? It looks okay!”


“Sister Jiang just told me that the business manager of Shunfeng Express will go to the factory tomorrow and want to order our electric motorcycles. The first batch is thousands!” Su Zhirong reports to Lu Zixin’s the latest business conditions.

“There are also several express companies such as three links and ones, and they are also interested in finding us to order electric motorcycles.”

“Hungry, no, every group, thousands takeaways, and a few entrepreneurial teams sharing electric vehicles are also preparing to order our electric motorcycles. If these orders are all reached, they will not be in business for a year!”

Lu Zixin said with a smile : “That said, our electric motorcycle is already successful!”

“Yeah!” Su Zhirong nodded seriously. “The latest data on our pilot sales in Pengcheng shows that our brand of electric motorcycle sales has reached the third level in the local area. Second only to Emma and Yadi, this is because our price is more expensive!”

“That’s good. When our electric motorcycles are stable, we can start research on other electric vehicles.” Lu Zixin said that electric motorcycle only try water, and the car is the high science and technology he has to do.

At that time, electric vehicles had larger carriers and more functions, and were no longer limited to the functions of electric motorcycle.

“What kind of electric vehicles do you want to do?” Su Zhirong asked curiously.

“You can think of the best car!” Lu Zixin looked at her clear eyes and her shoulders, and couldn’t help but hold her on his lap and sit face to face. Su Zhirong’s long legs hug his waist like an octopus tentacle.

“The best? Unmanned? Can you fly?”

“You can think of it, we can do it in the future!” Lu Zixin’s hands were placed at her waist and slowly climbed.

“Blowing, if the car can fly, it is the plane!” Su Zhirong’s eyes are blurred.

“Not necessarily an airplane, but it can give you a feeling of flying.” Lu Zixin showed a meaningful smile, and then leaned back, so that she could not say a complete sentence.


When Pengyun electric vehicles were welcomed by the market, other electric vehicle brands were sad.

Emma electric vehicles, the company’s CEO is pressing the temple.

“Boss, there are some of our agents, are secretly selling Pengyun’s electric motorcycle, how to punish?” Pengcheng’s Emma electric motorcycle director asked.

“What do you think should be done?” asked the boss.

“Heavy penalty!” said the director. “This kind of behavior must be divided by a fine and a serious direct cancellation of agency qualification!”

The boss shook his head and said, “No.”

“The brands of Yadi and Green Park did this? As a result, do those stores stop selling Pengyun electric motorcycle?” the CEO asked.

“This…” The director said, “Is it still a bit useful?”

“There is not much use.” The boss said, “Businessmen are profitable, what do dealers see when they make money. Now Pengyun’s electric motorcycles sell well, you force them not to sell, they will secretly sell!”

“But without penalty, they will sell it on the bright side!” said the director.

“Penalty is penalty, but you can’t be punished too much. You are urging people. He doesn’t directly use our electric motorcycle to do Pengyun’s agent!” said the boss. “The most critical thing is to find a way to study their technology to improves the quality of our products.”

“Right, I heard that a battery factory has also developed a lithium-air battery. Although there is no good as Kunpeng, the performance is doubled compared with the ordinary one. I want to work with them to improve the life of our electric vehicles. Intelligent System Also keep up, we will cooperate with Keli to access their Keli cloud intelligent transportation system.”

Not only are Red Letters innovating, but other companies are also studying. After so long, some technologies have also improved. Especially when the red letter is made, even if the technology is lost, others can imitate some results according to the finished product.

Lithium-air batteries are one of them. Companies in the island countries, the United States and China have announced the commercialization of lithium-air batteries. However, the performance is still much worse than that of Red Letter, and it does not constitute competitiveness for the time being.

For Science and Technology, no progress is a step backwards and Red Letter has always been at the forefront of innovation.

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