BTC Chapter 190 : The ultimate goal of a dead house

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“Why would it be the song that I sang?” Qing Qing asked. “Did I become so famous?”

The Xiaoyu smart speaker talked to her, “Master, when you enter the house, the face recognition system on the smart security door has already recognized your identity, so I played the song you sang. You can also choose other version.”

“So high in Science and Technology?” Qing Qing made a surprised expression, netizens have swiped the screen: “I don’t believe it! Qingqing, thunderstorm appliances give you how much? I give each double!”

“My sea otter gives ten times!”

“What’s the fuss, isn’t it face recognition? Now the train station has this feature.”

“SB? Recognition is one thing, but it is one thing to automatically retrieve the song that plays Qingqing. Do you understand smart?”


Netizens are still arguing on the barrage, and Qingqing can’t wait to experience other features.

She lay on a soft sofa, and Xiaoyu smart speaker said: “Master, you have worked hard, need a cup of hot coffee? Or freshly squeezed juice.”

“Give me juice.” Qing Qing said, the intelligent controller of the automatic juicer on the other side received the order and started working automatically. Soon, a glass of fresh orange juice was made.

Of course, there is no robot here to send fresh orange juice to Qingqing, so she also need to take it by herself.

She sat on the sofa and the massage sofa started to massage her back. Qing Qing lay leisurely on the sofa and said: “It’s so comfortable!”

“Master, do you need to turn on the smart TV?” Xiaoyu smart speaker asked again.

“Open.” Under the command of Qingqing, the smart TV on the wall will be turned on, and her voice can be selected.

And the Xiaoyu smart speaker also prompts: “Master, Smart System can connect your smartphone and operate directly on the phone.”

“How to connect?” After Qing Qing asked, open the wireless device and download the “Xiaoyu Smart Home Butler” app, which can be directly controlled by the mobile phone. Of course, it is more convenient for voice control.

Her live video was also transferred directly to the smart TV through intelligent transmission. Now, she doesn’t have to hold her mobile phone to face herself, but lies directly on the sofa. The TV is the picture of the live room, and the netizen can see her through the 360-degree transmission of the smart camera.

“6666! This smart home is really cool, I feel that the whole home is smart!”

“What brand of these appliances are there? Is it so high for Science and Technology?”

“My family is going to renovate the house recently. If you buy such a home, it’s cool at home!”

“This is the smartest smart speaker I’ve ever seen, my ding-dong smart speaker, not even its 10% intelligence!”

“The anchor, don’t worry about the massage sofa, let’s experience other features!”

Netizens have been completely attracted by the function of this smart home display, eager to know more.

Qing Qing did not live up to everyone’s expectations, said to the Xiaoyu smart speaker: “Xiaoyu, what other functions do you have, introduce yourself.”

Xiaoyu intelligent speaker said: “Xiaoyu smart home housekeeper can intelligently manage home appliances and circuits.”

“It has intelligent control console, intelligent lighting, electrical control, home background music, home theater, remote intercom, surveillance security, anti-theft fire system, smart access control, smart sunshade, HVAC, flowers and plants, pet care, sports and health Monitoring more than twenty categories System.”

“Each of these systems can be voice-activated or automated, even if the owner is not at home. You can remotely control everything in your home with smart devices.”

When Xiao Yu said it, Qing Qing couldn’t help but say to netizens: “I used to be ignorant, I can’t think of Science and Technology actually developing to this point!”

Xiaoyu intelligent speaker said: “Now the world, our smart home system is the most complete and perfect! Just install our smart controller, no matter what brand of home appliances can use our smart home System!”

On the smart TV screen, the pattern and introduction of the intelligent controller appeared.

“It’s amazing, I want to buy it too!” Qing Qing said. “No, I have to experience it.”

She also visited other rooms in the Smart Home Experience Hall, where the desk’s desktop touched the reader, lighting adjustments, automated bedroom wardrobes, curtains and folding beds.

In the bathroom, you can automatically turn on the water heater and even play music while you are taking a bath! Voice-activated flush toilet, water valve switch.

In the kitchen, microwave ovens, range hoods, rice cookers, multi-function cooking machines, dishwashers, etc., all have intelligent controllers that can be controlled directly by voice. Only need to prepare the materials, cooking, cooking, washing dishes, all can be automated!

In particular, there is also a gas detection device, which can directly notify the owner of the odor or fire warning, and automatically dial the fire if necessary.

Other places, but also filled with a variety of intelligent control devices, all connected to each other by the smart home management System connection management, just rely on voice, you can control all the feelings of the home!

After the experience, Qing Qing could not help but say: “My new house must be equipped with this System! My God, this is the life of man!”

“Everyone thinks about it. Now the work pressure is so big. If you go home, you want to lie down, but the housework can’t do it. If my family can do the same, then we can be a dead house with peace of mind!”

On the barrage, brush up a piece of 666 and a small gift.

“As a dead fat house, my goal is to buy a house like this! Of course, I hope they can launch a smart maid, which is even more beautiful.”

“Served, I heard that Gates’s home is all intelligent, and that’s almost the case?”

“Compared with this, I feel that the brands before are slag! What is this brand?”

“Thunderstorm appliances? I haven’t heard of it before! But I saw it today!”

“Playing with a mobile phone can control the whole family, mother, I also buy!”

“Sell bamboo rat, three yuan, ten yuan got three.”


Qing Qing is still reluctant to stay in the experience hall for a while, but unfortunately her experience time has arrived, and curious tourists are waiting outside.

Qingqing has not yet broadcast, and can’t wait to find the staff of Thunderstorm Appliances, ask how to buy these appliances, and install the Intelligent System. Thunderstorm home appliances smart home experience museum, has completely conquered her.

The other customers who come to experience it are similar to her. Some experienced tourists, after coming out, talked about it and spontaneously promoted the situation here.

“Husband, come to Hall 3, there is a thunderstorm smart home experience museum, you come, we will buy this in the future!”

“Xiao Li, where are you? Also line up in Hall 1. What are you going to, in Hall 3, there is a special fun, you will know when you come!”

“Fan Peng, come over the third hall, there is news material! Hurry, there are so many people waiting in line!”

The organizers of the Smart Home Expo have gradually noticed this situation. They found that the traffic in Hall 1 seems to be less, and more and more people are going to Hall 3.

They arranged a limited staff and originally arranged for service in the first hall. The on-site command immediately asked in the intercom: “Is there more audience in third hall now?”

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