BTC Chapter 189 : Magical Experience in Hall 3

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“Small brand?” Su Shi is not happy. Thunderstorm appliances were also second-tier brands before they were acquired by Red Letter.

He said: “Thunderstorm appliances in Hall 3, I heard that they want to display a fully intelligent home system, perhaps more worthy than these big brands.”

“Thunderstorm appliances?” Fan Peng said, “I know this, it was acquired by Red Letter. It is said to study smart home. But this is only a few months? It is good to research a new product, and I have not seen them in the news. I am too lazy to go.”

“Then you may have to miss a piece of information.” Lu Zixin said with a smile.

Fan Peng reveals the confused expression, but Lu Zixin and others have left, and he whispered: “Inexplicable.”

After that, Fan Peng continued to photograph the smart housekeeping robots in front of him. Around him, some tourists were also curious and surrounded, and went on to experience it for themselves.

In Hall 1, there were 60% of the audience, and in Hall 2, there were only about 30% of the audience. Here are some exhibitions of first-line home appliance brands, and the flow of people has dropped dramatically.

It is because the public’s interest in smart homes is far less than that of animation exhibitions, game shows or auto shows. At least those exhibitions can also play games, look at the girls, and leave a photo.

The Smart Home Show is too boring for most people. Only practitioners in the media and related industries will be interested to visit.

In Hall 3, the flow of people is only 10%! Those who can visit here are some distributors of home appliances or real estate and decoration companies. They want to find out if there is any small brand that can cooperate.

Small brands of home appliances are not as big as big brands, but cheap!

However, when the audience arrives in Hall 3, they will immediately be attracted by Thunderstorm Home Appliance’s smart home experience museum.

Not only because of the best and largest layout of the thunderstorm home appliance experience hall, but also because at the entrance of the exhibition, a model robot equipped with the Red Cloud Intelligent Voice System was specially arranged. This robot attracted the audience at the door and attracted their curiosity.

The model robot is physically constructed and simple, moving on the bottom of the electric pulley, and there is no physical movement. Only one display can display simple emoticon and communicate with people.

An outdoor anchor carrying a selfie stick was first attracted. Her anchor name was Qingqing, and her skin was beautiful and long. It was a well-known anchor of nearly 100,000 people on the cat live broadcast platform.

Today, she just came over because she just heard about the smart home exhibition at the convention center. Because there are many people in Hall 1 and Hall 2, it is not convenient to broadcast live, so she first came to Hall 3.

In the live room, netizens don’t buy much.

“There is no meaning at all, not even a model. There is a small elder sister in front of the exhibition hall to see!”

“What are the miscellaneous cards, one has never heard of it.”

“This exhibition is not very interesting, green, change a place!”

“Look at the smart housekeeping robot just now, it looks like a good cow!”


Qing Qing explained: “There are too many people in the exhibition hall there, we will wait again. You see, there seems to be a robot here, we have a look.”

She walked over, at the door of the thunderstorm home appliance smart home experience museum, the robot’s induction system recognized someone coming, and automatically said: “Welcome the small elder sister to visit thunderstorm appliances! Xiaoyu will take you to visit!”

That’s right, this intelligent robot uses Red Cloud’s intelligent voice system, but in order to distinguish and promote Thunderstorm appliances, the name is called Xiaoyu, just like the Xiaoyu smart speaker.

Qing Qing curiously said: “Are you a robot?”

“Yeah, my name is Xiaoyu. It is the smart home voice service robot of Thunderstorm Appliances.” The robot responded, and the screen also showed a cartoon ridiculous emoticon.

Netizens were surprised: “Is this robot real?”

“Respond quickly, fake? There must be someone talking in the background!”

“There are people in the background, the voice changer used, the deep routine!”

Qing Qing also asked: “You should not be a backstage staff?”

The robot immediately responded: “I am just a smart program. If the little elder sister doesn’t believe it, you can enter our thunderstorm smart home experience experience, and you won’t be disappointed!”

Qingqing had some doubts, but when she saw that there were just a few people here, she said, “Oh, then I will go in and experience it.”

In front of her, it is a fully intelligent home experience pavilion carefully arranged by Thunderstorm Appliances. Qingqing arrived at the door, the induction door automatically opened, and there was a sound of Xiaoyu inside. “Welcome the owner to go home!”

Qing Qing looked at the robot at the door and asked, “Is there a robot inside, or is the staff inside?”

The robot replied: “The sound from inside is Xiaoyu  smart speaker, it is  Xiaoyu can communicate with you and complete your instructions.”

Qing Qing stepped into the induction door, and immediately the door was automatically closed. Although the light in the room is almost always turned on at the same time, the lighting is suitable, and the netizens in the mobile phone camera can see clearly.

Qingqing looked at the room, the overall decoration with Science and Technology wind, the wall is a large screen smart TV, clean floor, sofa with automatic adjustment and massage function, all kinds of home appliances are available.

At this time, the air conditioner in the room is automatically turned on and the room temperature is adjusted. The air purifier also automatically turns on and fresh the air.

On the table, the Xiaoyu smart speaker made a sound and said: “Master, welcome you to go home, need to play music for you?”

Qing Qing still did nothing, just just stepped into the experience hall, there are at least five kinds of smart devices in the room automatically run. She was surprised by this and said, “There is really a doorway here!”

Netizens also feel a little curious: “It’s a bit interesting, so smart!”

“Fake, definitely a set program!”

“Is there a staff member who is monitoring the camera through the camera?”


Qing Qing said to the netizens in the live broadcast, “I will try it, Xiaoyu, you play one, um, “Fairy Town”.”

She just finished, Xiaoyu smart speaker play up the “fairy town”.

“ I heard that Snow White ran away,  And Little Red is afraid ;  I heard that Mad Hatter likes Alice,  The Ugly Duckling will become a swan…”

The familiar music sounded, and Qing Qing’s eyes widened, because the song released by Xiaoyu was actually her own version recorded on the Internet!

As a female anchor, singing is the basic skill. She sang this song, and there is some play on the web, but it is not her original. At this time, Xiaoyu smart speaker played her version, which surprised her.

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