BTC Chapter 188 : Expo!

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These talks don’t talk about it, Lu Zixin didn’t matter. He is in charge of Black Science and Technology, what is Black Science and Technology? Is it leading you for years or even decades, negotiations? It can be done without success.

If it is not for the development a little faster, what is the first in the country, what is the world’s top 500, and one of red letters can be ignored, and one can play with it.

So every time they negotiate, Lu Zixin is fearless. He mastered the Black Science and Technology, and only others asked for his share. The talk was natural and good. For regret it will only be the other party.

Not all home appliance manufacturers have rejected intelligent controllers. The choices of companies such as Hisense and TC are similar to those of Haier, and some cooperation is waiting for development.

On the sales platform, Su Shi said that it accepts the sale of intelligent controllers on the platform, but does not provide services such as installation. With a deeper level of cooperation with them, they expressed their willingness to send special personnel to install intelligent controllers, even on smart home appliances in self-operated stores, plus the service of “installable intelligent controllers”. When the user purchases, he or she can choose whether to add money to buy a product with a lightning controller.

After the completion of the research on Red Cloud Voice Smart Home Control System, the smart home promotion plan of Thunderstorm Appliances officially began.

Their first step is the upcoming National Smart Home Expo in Shanghai. This time, more than 1,500 smart home related brands will be invited.

There are more than 20 associations such as Local Science and Technology Association, China Smart Home Association, China Digital Home Service Alliance, and hundreds of media such as Intelligent Network, Smart Home Network, Net One Digital, New Wolf Science and Technology, and Tencent Science and Technology.

The number of invited audiences will also reach tens of thousands. Most people like to know about the public of the smart home, as well as some of the company’s procurement staff, domestic and foreign distributors, related companies, real estate, decoration and other audience.

On the same day, TV and webcast exhibitions will be held. This is a good opportunity for Thunderstorm Home Appliances to showcase its smart home system to the whole country.

For this exhibition, Thunderstorm Appliances has prepared a complete set of smart appliances, even the switches and circuits are all intelligently controlled. Lu Zixin also personally checked and improved the Red Cloud Smart Home Management System, just to make it better.

However, when applying for the booth, Thunderstorm Appliances encountered trouble.

The organizer is an exhibition service company in this city. After confirming that  Thunderstorm  Household Appliances Co., Ltd. participated in the Smart Home Expo, they arranged the thunderstorm home appliance company to the third exhibition hall!

Hall 1 is the main exhibition hall. Those big brands and international brands are in Hall 1, and the first-line brands are in Hall 2. Hall 3 is actually equivalent to the sub-showroom, and the level of attention received will definitely be much lower.

To this end, the staff responsible for the exhibition of Thunderstorm Appliances also went to the organizer’s theory.

The organizer explained: “This fair was prepared last year and the booths have been set. You, thunderstorm home appliances can join and can arrange for the third hall. Many small brands can’t even enter the third hall!”

“Do you mean that our thunderstorm appliances are small brands?” asked the staff of Thunderstorm Appliances.

“I don’t mean this. That is, you see, the first few exhibition halls have already been set. We try to coordinate as much as possible, but those big brands will not agree. Let’s not have less passenger traffic in Hall 3. The staff will guide the visitors to visit.,” the organizer said.

The employees of Thunderstorm Appliances also know that there is no way to change for the time being. They have to say: “That’s it, other aspects can’t go wrong.”

“That is, we promise that there will be no problems.” After the employees of Thunderstorm Appliances Co., left, the organizers’ staff were disdained said: “Cut, really think they are big brands? Also ask Hall No.1!”

“That is the place where Haier, the United States, the various forces, Siemens, Samsung, and Panasonic. They are the products of Thunderstorm Appliances, which are not much stronger than the cottage! No one will look at it!”

“At that time, the main service staff will arrange for the first exhibition hall. The third exhibition hall will go to two people.”


The Smart Home Expo was held as scheduled. The day was just a good weather with good wind. Not only the invited audience, but also some citizens interested in this area came to the exhibition center to visit.

Along with them, there are also invited media workers who will conduct TV, webcasts and news reports on this.

In the main exhibition hall, the major brands are ready. Each of them has come up with their latest smart home appliances, and their smart home systems are arranged in their respective experience halls.

The strength of these big brands is unquestionable, such as sensor switches, smart lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, kitchen appliances and other smart appliances.

Even in the exhibition booths of Siemens and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., there have been intelligent home robots, which attracted everyone’s attention.

Lu Zixin, Su Zhirong and her father, Su Shi, also visited other brand’s products along with the general public.

Su Shi said with emotion: “On a single smart home appliance, we have a big gap between them.”

“Panasonic’s smart housekeeping robots, in addition to cleaning the home environment, regularly remind these functions, and even brew coffee, and communicate with the host in a simple language!”

Su Zhirong said: “It’s really amazing. But their smart housekeeping robot is just a laboratory product, and it can’t be mass-produced. I think its language interaction system is not better than our red cloud, and the action is stiff, only in Completing the instructions under limited conditions. When you encounter a complicated situation, it becomes a shovel and it is useless.”

Lu Zixin commented: “Intelligent low, mechanical arm movement coordination is poor. I see this smart housekeeping robot, which is fresh in the exhibition.”

The construction of this kind of robot is not eye-catching. For example, he has a RI-8901 industrial robot. No one has found that Zhang Qiang is a robot!

“Is this still low?” A man next to him couldn’t help but say, “You don’t understand this? How many in the country can do this? The reality is not a science fiction movie. It can be done at the top of the world. Technical level!”

Lu Zixin saw him holding a camera with a work card and asked, “Are you a reporter?”

“Yes, I am China

Smart Home Network, Fan Peng.” The man answered and showed pictures of the smart housekeeping robot displayed.

Lu Zixin asked: “You have been here for a long time, don’t you go to the back hall to see it?”

Fan Peng shook his head and said: “There are some small brands behind, there is nothing to look at, let’s finish the first hall.”

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