BTC Chapter 187 : We have to set standards!

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The promotion of intelligent controllers was not as smooth as expected. Thunderstorm appliances have not yet announced this product, but first contact several major manufacturers to sell this product.

For the company’s development, Su Shi even personally became a salesman and went to those companies. The first thing he went to was Haier Group, which ranked first in domestic appliance brands for more than a decade.

Haier Group not only has many domestic users, but also sells its products overseas.

Su Shi went to Haier Group Headquarters with the newly developed smart home appliance “Universal Controller” and an executive vice president received him.

“Su General, long time.” In the reception room, Haier executive vice president Tao Shuyi and Su Shi shaking hands, said with a smile: “I heard that Red Letter has invested in Thunderstorm appliances, Su General has become a CEO, and later Thunderstorm appliances are promising!”

Su Shi showed a smile and said: “Compared with Haier Group, we are still just a pony, we can only catch up.”

Tao Shuyi followed his words and said: “You study the smart home directly, is it ready to overtake the corner?”

The two were laughed and entered the formal topic. Su Shi personally introduced Tao Shuyi to the latest intelligent controller of Thunderstorm Appliances.

He said: “Haier Group is one of the largest home appliance companies in China. You have hundreds of products. From large appliances to small appliances, the coverage is very wide.”

“If these major home appliances are equipped with our intelligent controller and connected to the smart home management system, then it can be a complete smart home system! This will greatly increase your brand competitiveness and expand the market. !”

Mentioning this, Tao Shuyi is also very interested, personally installed some home appliances intelligent controller to experience its effects.

“It’s not simple, it’s not simple!” Tao Shuyi immediately realized the huge potential. These intelligent controllers can turn an ordinary household appliance into a “smart home appliance”, which directly upgrades the grade of home appliances by several layers!

Su Shi’s temptation asked: “Tao, what do you think of this product?”

Tao Shuyi did not answer directly, but said: “Su, you are not in a hurry for a day or two? I have to discuss with other bosses.”

“No hurry, these two days will do.” Su Shi said.

For the intelligent controller, Haier Group also set up a small meeting for this purpose. Everyone agrees that this is a very creati product.

However, on the intelligent controller of whether to purchase Thunderstorm, there was a difference.

Tao Shuyi said: “I think there is a need to buy, some of our products, as long as this intelligent controller is added, the intelligence can immediately improve a lot, greatly improve the competitiveness of the product, but also improve our New Eco Smart Home System.”

A vice president objected: “I think such intelligent controllers are not high in technical content. We have more than a dozen large research centers around the world, and we can develop them ourselves. We don’t need to buy their products. ”

Several colleagues agreed, but the head of the technical department frowned. “We have been experimenting with this kind of intelligent controller research. However, we have not reached their current technical level, and it is not necessarily possible to study it quickly.”

“You can make a compromise, study the samples they provide, and try to add some of these smart controllers to some products to see the actual feedback.”


Su Shi received a reply from Haier Group, who agreed to buy a small number of intelligent controllers. Basically, it is to maintain a wait-and-see state. If they can study it themselves, this purchase agreement will definitely end soon.

However, Su Shi is not worried at all, because the core chip of the intelligent controller is researched by Red Letter Electronics. They want to understand it is not easy.

Moreover, the intelligent controller is only an auxiliary means, the core of the smart home is the smart home control system!

This control system will include remote control, telephone remote control, timing control, centralized control, scene control, network remote control, full house mobile phone control… especially Red Cloud intelligent voice control System!

Out of the red cloud intelligent voice, no matter how good the intelligent controller can not achieve the real humanized intelligent effect! The Red Cloud Smart Home Voice Control System will be firmly in the hands of Red Letter Group.

By then, these appliance groups will find that they still have to rely on Red Letter. Unless their level of artificial intelligence can exceed Red Letter.

Su Shi visited those home appliance companies and some home appliance sales platforms one by one, and the responses were different.

The Midland Group directly rejected the intelligent controller of Thunderstorm Appliances. They believe that such products can also be manufactured. Not only that, but their own company has its own smart home control system, so they don’t want to use the smart home system provided by Thunderstorm Appliances.

And they also consider that if their home appliances use the smart home system of thunderstorm appliances, then users are loyal to their brand or smart home system? Probably the smart home system, the market initiative will be in the hands of thunderstorm appliances.

Each force group is also a home appliance group with rising performance and market value in recent years. Their current CEO, Zhu Xing, talked directly to Su Shi and rejected him with a clear attitude.

“Excuse me, your smart controller is actually a burden. Our smart home appliances can be used for wireless network connection, so we don’t need to do anything more.” said Zhu Xing.

“General Zhu, we are doing this intelligent controller. The goal is to use different brands of smart appliances and unified standards on the same smart home network.” Su Shi explained, “You also know that a family cannot be only Using a brand of smart home appliances. This leads to smart home appliances that can’t always be connected to a unified intelligent management system.”

“We are here to solve this problem.”

Zhu Xing smiled and said: “There is competition between different brands, production and intelligent standards are different. It is too difficult to connect to an intelligent management system.”

“And you should know that even the company has united hundreds of related companies, including domestic and foreign companies, and has developed a relatively uniform standard. I think their standards are far more credible and influential than your smart controllers. Be much stronger.”

“We will re-customize this standard!” Su Shi from the channel, “If you join forces now, you want to be one of the first companies to enjoy the Smart Home Management System.”

Zhu Xing still shakes his head, not at all. In his view, in the field of home appliances, thunderstorm appliances are really not enough for him to see. The development standards? This is not something that small companies like them can afford. Even if the Red Letter Group is behind them, can the Red Letter Group compare with them in the field of home appliances?

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