BTC Chapter 186 : Intelligent Controller

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These technical materials are closely related to each other and are indispensable. One of them is missing, and the other two are no use.

So Lu Zixin decided that the three technologies were developed together.

I have invested in Thunderstorm Appliances to establish several laboratories to study the improvement and intelligence of home appliances.

Then the research and development of the smart home control system was handed over to Thunderstorm Home Appliances and Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. for joint research.

Third, the chip and processor of the intelligent controller were developed by Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Thunderstorm Appliances.

The three R&D lines are linked together, and all the R&D projects are completed. Thunderstorm appliances can launch a preliminary intelligent home, and even use intelligent controllers to unify the manufacturing standards within the smart home industry!

The following time, he has been busy with this matter. Lu Zixin even contacted Xue Yao specifically, so that she should not be busy decorating the house. He planned to design a smart home system. The first one was used in his own house.

During the period of R&D, several major subsidiaries of Red Letter have developed very well. The Red Letter game, although the popularity of the Eat Chicken mobile game and online games has dropped a lot, but gradually developed other games, using the red letter game platform and online game accelerator, also has a lot of income.

Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd., with the help of Cloud host. It has become a well-known network of Science and Technology, and basically a Red Letter computer butler will be installed on 70% of computers. Thanks to the traffic bonus brought by the huge user base, it can make more than one billion yuan in profit a year, which is deducting Lu Zixin’s profit after investing in research and development funds on new projects.

Kun Peng Battery Factory, using relatively mature rational air battery technology, orders can not be completed. Not only the second factory is under construction, but even the construction plan of the third factory is ready.

Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology Co., Ltd. itself has become the most profitable of these companies by relying on Red Letter smartphones. Not to mention the user traffic brought by smartphones, and constantly generate new sources of profit for Red Letter.

The only thing that has not yet been discharged is the thunderstorm appliance, and Lu Zixin is changing this situation.

The smart chip lab of Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, the chip of smart home controller has been successfully researched. This kind of smart chip is lower in technology than the chip of the smart phone, and the function it needs is only to respond to the instructions of the smart home system.

With the chip, other related hardware and facilities are designed. Soon, a “universal” smart appliance controller was built.

This controller has only one eraser size and can even be smaller. Its function is to install on any smart home appliance or home circuit network, let smart home appliances of different brands and functions, or circuit network switches, accept the unified management of “smart home control center”.

In the lab, Dai Liang is testing its function. In front of him, there are several commonly used smart appliances. Smart switches, smart lights, smart TVs and smart refrigerators, washing machines.

The manufacturers of these home appliances are different, and in general, they can only achieve the “simple intelligence” of individual products. For example, the smart TV connection manufacturer separately developed the APP, using the mobile phone as a remote control.

Or the washing machine sets the washing process and automatically cleans. In the concept of Lu Zixin, this is not at all intelligent.

Now, the staff has added this small smart controller to their critical line or control center.

On a simple version of the smart home control software on the phone, the options for these appliances are displayed, and each has its own controllable functions.

Dai Liang launched the Red Cloud Intelligent Voice Assistant and ordered: “Lights up.”

Red Cloud automatically executes voice commands to help users run the software, and the light bulbs illuminate.

“Laundry, half an hour, wash three times, dry once.” After Dai Liangcai issued the instructions, the internal intelligent controller of the washing machine turned the command to receive the mobile phone into an electrical signal, and one could not understand the integration of voice commands. The washing machine actually started the command according to the voice command!

A staff member from Thunderstorm Home Appliances was surprised: “This is really a change of something rotten into something magical! A small controller is equivalent to installing a brain for home appliances!”

Lu Zixin said: “These controllers are just simple signal receivers and converters. Real brains is Red Clouds.”

“That’s quite amazing! With this stuff, different products can be connected to our smart home Internet of Things!” the staff said.

Lu Zixin continued: “This controller, in terms of material and processing costs, is less than forty yuan. With the cost of research and development and technology, large-scale production, the price can be controlled below 100 yuan.”

“The price of such a civilian can make it more widely used in every smart home appliance.”

“I have a hunch that it will definitely become a best-selling product! Even the future home appliances, essential components!” Dai Liang said.

“In this case, you can start selling it.” Lu Zixin said, “This kind of intelligent controller must be installed by professional staff. For some old-fashioned old electric and home circuits, there is no way to install it. So it is directly popularized. It’s definitely a little troublesome for thousands of families.”

“So first of all our users are those home appliance manufacturers!”

“All big home appliance brands must install our intelligent controllers and use our Red Letter’s smart home control system! In this way, all new home appliances can be intelligently controlled, and smart homes are truly successful.”

“But those home appliances, will they agree to install our smart controllers in their home appliances?” someone asked.

“Now the home appliance market is already playing a price war, adding an intelligent controller, for them, it is a huge expense, they are afraid not willing.”

“They don’t want to?” Lu Zixin smiled and said: “Then wait for it to be eliminated! Again, intelligent products, of course, are more expensive to sell, consumers should accept it. After all, we also paid a lot of research and development. And production costs.”

“Now you will return to shanghai, and will report this matter, and promote this intelligent controller to all the major brands in the market.”

“Okay, I will go back!” Thunderstorm home appliances staff excitedly said that with this weapon, thunderstorm home appliance company can not rise? In these days of staying at Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, he really felt the power of Red Letter. Such an intelligent controller was developed in a short period of time and it was too strong!

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