BTC Chapter 272 : Launched!

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Twenty-five days, the various partners of Sky Net plan are coordinating in a tight and orderly work. The news of the upcoming test launch has already been spread all over the world, and countless people are staring at the launch.

Whether the plan of Sky Net can succeed, the legendary sixth-generation mobile communication technology is really true or false… everything will be announced.

At the National Satellite Launch Base, three Star of the sky test satellites have been installed on the launch vehicle. According to calculations, they are sent to low Earth orbit and the radiation range is part of the northern China.

Although this was a commercial launch, it was not a national test, but the national TV station still sent a media team to broadcast live on the launch scene.

Whether it is a web platform or live TV, viewers across the country can see the launch site for the first time.

The wind is beautiful and the clouds are cloudless. This is a good weather for rocket launches. Lu Zixin and others have long waited in the command room. This launch is the first step of Sky Net plan. Once it is successfully commissioned, it means that the completion of Sky Net plan is only a matter of time!

“It’s a bit nervous!” Tang Gang took a deep breath and said, “A rocket launch will cost hundreds of millions, plus R&D and satellite costs, failure can’t afford it!”

“It will succeed!” Su Zhirong said, “The ground base stations are all ready, just wait for the satellite to take off and launch the signal.”

Lu Zixin is also a bit embarrassed. He has some confidence in the function of the small satellite, but he is afraid that the rocket launch will fail! This kind of thing is also very probable.

At this time, in Red Letter Group, tens of thousands employees are also staring at the live video, nervous and excited.

“The launch must be successful, and the satellite must also operate successfully!” Many people prayed that this is a historic step for Red Letter. As long as it succeeds, Red Letter will officially rise on the international stage!

“Buddha bless, Jade Emperor bless, God bless, bless everything!”

“The star of the sky must fly to the sky!”

“As long as the small satellite runs successfully, I would rather not eat braised pork for a month!”


On the live webcast platform, the live broadcast room launched by the live rocket is also popular. The homepage of the large-scale live broadcast platform is all the same, but it still attracts millions of netizens to watch it live.

The anchor is introducing to you: “The rocket also has 15 minute launch. This time, it will carry three small satellites into the low-earth orbit once. Once the satellite and the storefront base station are successfully docked, people in the test area can use the satellite signal mobile network communication!”

“Note, this is 6G network! Legendary 1TB 6G network for one second!”

On the barrage, the comments brushed non-stop: “Great, 6G net, then the seeds of my 1T, can you get off in a second?”

“Brother in front, borrow one to talk!”

“I didn’t mean that this plan could not be achieved before? How do you launch the satellite now?”

“Others, I don’t want to know, I want to know if we can use 6G network in our village? Mom, our village 4G network can’t use it!”

“Wait, wait for the Star of the Sky to run successfully, let other countries see, our country’s Science and Technology is not bad!”

“Quickly launch, I haven’t eaten anything, wait a long time!”


Domestically, the top executives of many large Science and Technology companies are waiting for the results before the live video.

China’s three major telecom operators, Huawei, Rice, Tencent, Kerry, Thousands, VI, OP… As long as companies involved in high-tech industries are paying attention, there are a large number of financial institutions, and are also concerned.

On the whole, if Red Letter is to operate 6G network, it will have a positive effect on China’s overall economic market, and most people want to see it succeed.

However, foreign entrepreneurs don’t think so. The US telecom operators, the Federal Communications Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and even the White House, those with high weights are concerned about this.

“China people will fail, God will not bless them!” Some people cursed, such as Taylor Walker, his personal main asset is the stock of Qualcomm. Once the red letter is successful, Qualcomm’s stock price will definitely fall, no doubt.

The capitalists on Wall Street also suspended other activities and paid attention to it.

Japan, Korea, the European Union, Russia… No one dares to ignore this!

Beijing, Shanghai, in these two large cities in China, Red Letter has set up a total of 30 signal test points.

At each signal test point, a person carries a network signal that the test equipment waits to connect to the test satellite.

These testers are also waiting, not knowing if they can detect the infinite network signal from the satellite here.

The time is approaching a little bit, less than a minute from the scheduled launch time.

In the rocket launching base, everyone’s nerves are tight, and then, it is time to send a small satellite to heaven!

“Everything is normal, you can launch! Countdown starts, ten, nine…”

The commander shouted the password and echoed through the sounding equipment throughout the base, and the TV could be heard clearly.

“Three, two, one, ignition!” With the commander’s order, the carrier rocket suddenly burst into flames.

The rocket whistling, flying into the sky, straight into the sky!




“Ah!” Countless people screamed at the same time, but the people in the command room did not relax, and this was just beginning. The most important thing is that there can be no accidents in the next process. The small satellites should be sent to the scheduled orbit and the signal docked successfully!

In the command room, everyone tried to stay stable, and even the breathing was deliberately slowed down. The ongoing launch is successful, and it will take another ten minutes.

Small satellites do not have a high orbit, and they operate in low Earth orbit, so the process is very short.

Lu Zixin looked at the picture and the rocket rushed out of the atmosphere. Fortunately, Aerospace Engineering’s commercial rocket technology was still relatively mature, and there was no accident. All feedback data was normal.

The first Star of the sky test satellite was sent to the scheduled orbit and began to self-start and make orbital adjustments.

Then there is the second and third, the process of this series is very fast and does not require more time. The orbit of a small satellite is much lower than that of a normal satellite. When the third test satellite was also sent to the scheduled orbit, the launch vehicle completed its mission and began to fall off.

In the command room, the employees of Aerospace Engineering Department cheered, and for them, their mission has been completed.

But for everyone in Red Letter, this is just the beginning, and then satellite orbit adjustment and signal testing will be carried out. This is the top priority!

At the ground signal base station, Red Letter’s staff is connecting the Star of the sky test satellite to correct the satellite orbit.

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