BTC Chapter 252 : Air Traffic Management

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General Lu change to President Lu

“Thank you very much.” Shunfeng staff said their thanks, take their faulty machine, and keep this small flying saucer firmly in mind. When they are ready to go back, they will tell their leaders that Yinjiang has developed such a powerful product.

When he left, Hou Xinghua and others all surrounded it, and looked at the little flying saucer with a different look. The tone was full of emotion.

“It’s really unappealing! It’s so small, it’s just a matter of jet power to achieve such a high carrying capacity, I took it!” Hou Xinghua said with emotion.

Other researchers are equally convinced. “I have heard that the R&D team of Red Letter has been so powerful. We didn’t believe it before. I saw it today. How did you research this kind of thing?”

“With this miniature electric jet device, the world can’t find more advanced than it?”

“It’s really Black Science and Technology!”

“With this thing, it’s no wonder that you don’t need a rotary-wing drone or eight-rotor logistics drone from Shunfeng, the performance is not better than this!”


After seeing the flight test scene of the small flying saucer, the Yinjiang team have to accept it, but at the same time, there was some frustration in their hearts. They studied the things for half a year. Compared with the red letter, it is simply a pediatrics!

Lu Zixin felt this emotion and comforted: “It also took us a lot of effort, don’t look this things be small, but burn money!”

“This is just the first test product we have made. We have to rely on your help in practical functions such as logistics and management.”

Hou Xinghua quickly said: “This is our work, President Lu is assured, we will definitely cooperate fully.”

“After all, researching this is of epoch-making significance for the logistics industry all over the world!”

The fighting spirit of everyone has been motivated. Although this small flying saucer seems small, it represents a profound meaning.

Since it is possible to make such small-scale logistics drone with good performance in terms of power, load and safety, medium-sized and large-scale can also be made from the gourd.

If you are equipped with a suitable intelligent system, the labor distribution will become intelligent distribution after a long time. It is not impossible to enter the urban logistics system.

On the same day, the two teams began to coordinate with each other to develop new research directions and goals.

Hou Xinghua said to Lu Zixin: “President Lu, with our current technology, can be said to have completed the requirements of the previous Yinjiang logistics. This small UFO-type logistics drone can meet 95% express parcel delivery.”

“If you make a large drone and use tons of materials, then the most important load capacity is no longer a problem. The most important thing is safety and intelligence. If you get a flight business license, you have to go to the relevant department and prove our strength in this area.”

In this respect, the UAV is now attributed to the management of civil aviation department. However, due to the late emergence of logistics drone, the relevant management methods and operation methods are still not perfect, so there are some omissions in the rules and regulations and need to be improved.

Lu Zixin said: “Our intelligent system does not have to worry, Red Letter will develop a smart program that closes the logistics management drone, and realizes functions such as automatic distribution, returning, and security warning. The most important thing is that we can manage it yourself, and you should also manage it.”

Hou Xinghua thought a little and said: “President Lu, so to speak, then we have to get the logistics drone flight permit in remote areas and inaccessible areas. It is not a problem. If you want to settle in the city, you have to come up with a feasible solution. The program is given to the relevant departments in order to promote the generation of new policies.”

Lu Zixin nod, there is no experience in this area, they can also cooperate with relevant departments!

In Nankang City, there is a pilot office for logistics drones, which is a deliberate office set up by Civil Aviation Administration, which is dedicated to coordinating and managing the pilot flights of logistics drones in the region.

After staying here for two days, Lu Zixin found it here, hoping to see the management and make some comments.

As the president of Red Letter, Lu Zixin’s idea is still very weighty. Mr. Xiao, the mayor of Nankang City and the director of the office of Civil Aviation Administration, discussed with him.

“I still don’t know. The original Red Letter Group also joined the logistics drone project. On behalf of the Nankang Municipal Government, I welcome you!” said Mayor Xiao.

Since the Red Letter Group came here to research and develop, it is natural to invest funds, which is beneficial to the construction and development of the region. He naturally welcomes it.

“I heard that Mister Lu has some suggestions for our work. I don’t know what advice?” Director Wang asked.

Lu Zixin said in a clear and concise manner: “This is the case. We have formed a cooperation with Yinjiang Logistics to develop a logistics drone project. Not only the network just in remote areas and inaccessible areas, but we also intend to make it a national logistics drone, and has some specific policies and implementation plans, and I want to discuss it with you.”

Listening to him, the two leaders first expressed their affirmation, and then Director Wang said: “Mister Lu, you must have learned about these aspects. We are naturally very supportive of the application of new technologies in civil logistics.”

“It’s the current logistics drone, not very suitable for our densely populated areas…”

He said some difficulties, Lu Zixin was naturally prepared, he had already discussed with Hou Xinghua and the team of Red Letter.

“What? You already have this level of logistics drone?” Director Wang was surprised to understand.

At present, the logistics drones approved by major logistics companies are all rotary-type, so they consider the scope of application of such rotary-type drones. As for the new drones manufactured by Red Letter, the applicability seems to be Radiation to other areas.

“Yes.” Lu Zixin showed him the information and said: “We can guarantee the safety and intelligence of such an electric jet drone. Similarly, it is different from ordinary drones. We will install our smart chip and management system.”

“We hope to cooperate with civil aviation department to establish a complete intelligent air traffic management system. This will facilitate the operation of logistics drones and facilitate your supervision.”

When I heard Lu Zixin say this, Director Wang’s eyes glowed with enthusiasm and said with great interest: “Good thoughts, this is our biggest headache now.”

“The drone has always been a problem in supervision. Air traffic is not as well controlled as road traffic. We can’t arrange personnel or cameras to supervise in the sky. This idea is very good! However, I still need to report it. Listen to the comments above.”

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