BTC Chapter 92 : Big Newcomers

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After Lu Zixin smashed machine brother and he controlled the Mini Iron Man to fly back. He looked at it and the power display showed 70%. It seems that the energy device is also very advanced.

He put the Mini Iron Man in the way, maybe there is a place to come in handy for this gadget.

In the next few days, Lu Zixin rested for a few days and focused on the research of mobile phone chips.

The R&D team led by Dai Liang, with the help of Lu Zixin, has a faster development schedule than the previous decade!

R&D is just like doing high-level questions. When you can’t find the direction, there is no progress in research for several years. But if someone points the direction, then they already know the answer in their heart, and then understand it, it is easy countless times!

And this kind of manufacturing has to rely on high-precision equipment, and Lu Zixin has also received support from Red Queen.

After mastering the technology, they can make it themselves in the future.

It is like the invention of the first steam engine needs several generations of improvements, research, but when the steam engine research is successful, the second one may be produced, which may only take a few days.

The R&D lab is not in Jiangcheng, but in Pengcheng, a large city on the south coast. The manufacturing industry is developed here and there are many electronic technology industries. The original site of Wangtang Science and Technology is here. Because of the inconvenience of relocating equipment, the R&D site is still here, and the whole block has been acquired by Red Letter.

In the lab, Dai Liang was excited in front of computer, and the top file is the structure of the chip.

He said: “We have fully understood the basic structure. The next thing to do is to make the chip!”

Next to him, several of his students, as well as some newcomers to the R&D team, were excited and said: “Great, as long as it is done, the performance of this chip is definitely more higher than the one we used to do!”

Lu Zixin asked: “How long does it take to get samples?”

Dai Liang thought for a while and said: “Design concept is one thing, actual production is one thing. There may be no small difficulties to overcome, I guess, at least until New Year’s Day can make samples.”

It is now more than a month away from New Year’s Day. In other words, the sample took more than a month to produce.

“Then it will be hard work for you, and when the sample is developed, the company will send you a big Red envelope!” Lu Zixin said.

“Hahaha, everyone is looking forward to it, it will definitely be made as soon as possible!” Dai Liang said with a smile.

The development of this chip, their significance is not only money, but also their level of research. Get a Science and Technology award, or become a well-known professional professor, absolutely no problem!

Lu Zixin looked at them and remembered Tony Stark’s advice. Building a high-scientific and technology research base is the foundation of development!

But now, with the technical information, the chip that develops a smart phone has to take so long, and there is a long way to go!


Lu Zixin stayed in Pengcheng for the time being, and he planned to wait for the chip samples to be made and then go back to Jiangcheng.

In the past few days, in the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Red Queen, Tony Stark and the little spider didn’t have any news, and they didn’t go online for a few days.

On the fourth night, the option to randomly invite group members was finally refreshed, and Lu Zixin was ready to invite new members to join the group.

Group Tip : “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…”

“Who is it this time?” Lu Zixin is looking forward to it. There are currently only three members in the group, and the popularity is still not enough.

An hour passed, and there was a group reminder : “Bruce Wayne has joined the group!”

In the group member list, add a new member, the avatar is Bruce Wayne is bat logo!

Lu Zixin hurry to open the group information and view it.

“Bruce Wayne, from DC Universe. The only heir to Wayne family in Gotham City, the super rich, knowledgeable, proficient in detective, tactical, disguise, language, interrogation, tracking, etc. With human ultimate physical fitness, master 127 fighting style in the world.”

“Genius scientists, with the world’s most developed Science and Technology. Characters are dark and paranoid, but stick to the bottom line.”

“It’s Batman, the legendary ‘Master’!” Lu Zixin was overjoyed, and the big man was heavyweight even in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

In some ways, the other members in group than Bruce Wayne are even stronger!

Lu Zixin hurriedly said : “Welcome newcomers to join the group!”

Later, he sent the group information again. A few minutes later, Bruce Wayne spoke.

“Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, there is such an information exchange platform, is it a Krypton technology?”

Krypton is the hometown of Superman, another highly developed planet of Science and Technology.

Mr. L : “No, the group members are not in the same universe as you.”

Bruce Wayne : “This is beyond the scope I can understand with scientific knowledge, but as long as it has no threat to my world, there is no problem.”

Mr. L : “Harmony, freedom, equality, justice… has always been our group purpose!”

Bruce Wayne : “In this case, maybe I need a self-introduction?”

Mr. L : “No, your group information is on list. Our information group is the same on the business card, you can view it.”

Needless to say, Lu Zixin’s own message reads : “Mr. L: the mysterious figure of the parallel world, the owner of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, with owner rights.”

Bruce Wayne read all the information and said : “This Tony Stark, the experience seems to be very similar to me, just like my piracy, make a joke.”

Mr. L : “Maybe it’s gen.”

Bruce Wayne : “And this Red Queen, it seems dangerous.”

Mr. L : “The danger is not that she may have a different circuit in the electronic brain than we humans. She like to make some spoof emoticon bags.”

Bruce Wayne : “Oh, it turned out to be.”

After he finished, the group suddenly fell into a fascination, Lu Zixin did not know what to say.

Bruce Wayne jokingly said : “I said, you have no rituals? Welcome newcomers and the like?”

When he finished, he saw an extra picture in the group.

Red Queen : “[emoticon: welcome to the base exchange group, newcomers]”

Mr. L : “Tell Cao Cao!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: Cao Cao who climbed out of the coffin: ‘Who is calling me again?’]”

Bruce Wayne : “You are right, she does have such a hobby. Hello, I am Bruce Wayne.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: worship me!]”

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