BSI Chapter 103 : Soul gathering area

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 ”Then we will leave.”

At the entrance of the warehouse, Yadomaru Lisa, Xia Yan, Yoruichi and Kuna Mashiro stood there and said to the people inside the door.

Today is Sunday, and it is also rest time of Xia Yan. As a reward for hard work every day, Yadomaru Lisa decided to take Xia Yan to the soul gathering area. Yoruichi and Kuna Mashiro also planned to go. The former wanted to buy a dress, while the latter planned to Buy a peony cake filled with cream.

The three men and a cat walked together, walking slowly, walking on the road, surrounded by an endless stream of pedestrians.

These people can’t see the four people, and even when they meet four people, they can only let them pass.

But in addition to humans, there are some souls. Some of them are squatting on the streets, some are squatting under the street lights, some are covered with blood, and some have lost some parts.

Most of the souls that wandered on the streets were accidental deaths, and a small part were disease deaths and natural deaths.

Seeing these souls, Xia Yan would like to take out Zanpakuto to purify them. This is the responsibility of Shinigami and his desire to help them.

But Yadomaru Lisa saw his thoughts and said: “These things are the responsibility of Shinigami. You are already not Shinigami now.”

Xia Yan was slightly surprised, yeah, now I can’t count as Shinigami.

Being able to own Visored is, in a sense, a combination of Hollow and Shinigami.

In the Central 46 was slaughtered clean, before the Aizen rebellion, the Seireitei judgment on the Visored Shinigami is Hollow, and the processing method is also killing.

So now, it’s hard to be a Shinigami.

Xia Yan gave up the idea of ​​purifying them. These things will naturally be done by Shinigami, not by themselves.

But at this time, Yoruichi suddenly said: “Hurry up and get away, Shinginami is coming.”

Xia Yan felt a sharp pressure approaching slowly, and quickly, Yadomaru Lisa and the others hid aside. After a while, an orange-haired woman Shinigami came to the soul and began to purify.

At the moment of seeing the opposite side, Xia Yan’s body became stiff and looked a little surprised.

“How? you know?” Yadomaru Lisa sharply discovered the change of Xia Yan.

Xia Yan nodded and said with a smile: “I know, she is my good friend, and I am also applying for her for Senkaimon.”

The comers are Kotetsu Kiyone, a member of the Women’s Shinigami Association, and Human World’s resident Shinigami.

Everyone did not speak, they could understand the sorrow of Xia Yan, met friends, but had to avoid.

After purification of Kotetsu Kiyone to these souls, they left this place.

Yoruichi said: “Let’s go.”

The four men walked toward the destination. Xia Yan’s look was somewhat unnatural. Yoruichi suddenly jumped over his shoulder and stretched out her claws and scratched Xia Yan’s head. She said, “Don’t care, just defeat Aizen, you can go back.”

“Thank you.”

Xia Yan looked at Yoruichi, the corner of the mouth showed a smile. In order to be able to return to Seireitei, he must kill Aizen.

The four men traveled a distance, crossed several streets, went out of the city, and came to a mountain on the outskirts.

The mountain is not high, only about 150 meters, there is a road in the middle of the mountain, just bypassing.

“Is it on the mountain?”

Xia Yan asked curiously.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “No, the soul gathers on the back of the mountain. Let’s go around the mountain first.”

After the four climbed up the mountain and entered the mountain range, Xia Yan felt a sneak peek of Reiatsu and asked: “What is this Reiatsu, Lisa senior?”

Yadomaru Lisa said: “This is an enchantment, preventing the adult person from entering the world of the soul. If human beings enter this part, they will have the idea of ​​wanting to leave. Of course, the power is weak, and it can only be directed to the ordinary person who is not determined. The will is a little firmer, and it will continue to orbit around the mountains, so in the city Legend, it has always been called Ghost Mountain.”

Xia Yan also found that the strength of the enchantment is not high, and he will not be disturbed by the enchantment when he hides his Reiatsu.

The four men passed through the enchantment and came to the back of mountain. Xia Yan saw an empty surface, covered with weeds, but nothing.

But at the next moment, he noticed the vision and slowly walked a few steps forward, and the wave slammed into a strange Space.

Then he saw the buildings of the row and the many souls and humans who walked through.

“Is this the soul settlement?”

Xia Yan looks at the lively scene, a little excited, staying at the Visored Legion station all day, it is a bit too boring.

I did not expect that there is a place where the soul lives.

“Hey, what about Kuna Mashiro?”

Xia Yan turned her head and found that Kuna Mashiro was gone.

Yadomaru Lisa said: “Mashiro went to buy peony cake, and the peony cake here tastes very good.”

Xia Yan nodded, and Yoruichi immediately waved her claws and said: “There is a clothing store over there, I am going to buy some clothes.”

Xia Yan and Yadomaru Lisa first entered the clothing store with Yoruichi. The boss was a middle-aged woman who was kind and introduced the clothes to them very diligently.

Yoruichi picked a suit and went to the locker room with Yadomaru Lisa. When she came out, it turned into two people, which made the owner stared big eyes.

Yoruichi changed her uniform and the white shirt on her upper body. The shirt was too small to pull over the chest, thus revealing a large gully.

The lower body is blue jeans, wrapped in rounded hips and slender boss legs.

She came out, crossed her waist, stood barefoot on the ground, and smiled and asked, “How?”

Xia Yan nodded,  said: “Yoruichi senior is very sexy.”

Yadomaru Lisa eyes sat on Yoruichi’s chest, eyes were picked up and there was a murderous spread.

Yadomaru Lisa chest is not small. From the side, you can see the obvious bumps, standing proudly.

But Yoruichi is different, her chest is full, she can squeeze out the deep gully, and the edge of the chest is beyond the scope of the body.

Of course, the biggest one is Matsumoto Rangiku, which is as big as a coconut and ranks first.

There is also one in this grade, the slim down Hikifune Kirio.

Their bust minus the lower bust can reach between 20 and 20 centimeters, which is the H cup.

The second grade is Inoue Orihime, Shiba Kūkaku, Tier Harribel and Nelliel, the chest circumference is about 20 to 20 cm, which is the G cup.

The third grade is Yoruichi, Unagiya Ikumi, three Harribel subordinate, Bambietta Basterbine, chest circumference difference of 20 to 20 four centimeters, almost F cup.

The fourth grade is Unohana Retsu, Ise Nanao, Kurotsuchi Nemu, the chest circumference is about 20 cm, E cup.

Yadomaru Lisa is probably the fifth grade, with a chest circumference of 18 cm and a D cup.

As for Soi Fon, even Xia Yan’s girlfriend is only B.

[A-N: The above is the author spent half an hour, carefully observed, the result of professional calculations.]

“Shoes, shoes.”

Yoruichi picked another pair of shoes and looked at the two and said, “Pay the bill.”

Xia Yan touched the pocket and there was nothing in it.

So the two looked at Yadomaru Lisa.

Yadomaru Lisa sighed helplessly and took out the money to pay the bill. It can be seen that her wallet has dried up a lot after paying the bill.

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