BSI Chapter 193 : Deadly Toxins

Edited: XiaXue

The poison ball will touch Soi Fon, a long bandage flies, tied to Soi Fon, and carried Soi Fon flew to the distance.


Askin looks at the direction in which the bandages left. I saw a man wearing a fisherman’s hat, wearing a green plug, and a foot on the raft appeared in the distance.

“Kisuke Urahara?”

Soi Fon saw someone coming, some accidents.

“It is Xia Yan who asked me to save you.”

Kisuke Urahara said softly, a potion appeared in his hand and pierced Soi Fon’s shoulder.

“Is Xia Yan coming?” Soi Fon slowly recovered, then stood up and looked into the distance, a figure standing next to Yamamoto Genryūsai Shigekuni.

Kisuke Urahara looks at Askin in the distance, smiled and asked Soi Fon: “I heard that you have an Ability.”

Soi Fon picked up the eyes and said, “Well, Xia Yan helped me drive.”

“Use that Ability.”

Kisuke Urahara said softly.

Soi Fon turned red and looked at Xia Yan in the distance. She bit her teeth and decided to use it.

This Ability is not created for battle.

But on the contrary, this Ability is best for the battle at this time.

Soi Fon took a deep breath, the thunder flashed around, and finally gathered into a cat’s ear, a cat’s tail, and Soi Fon’s body slowly squatted, opened her mouth, and thunder was filled with an electric tongue.

“Shunkō: Raiju Senkei: Flash God White Cat Warrior Princess.” [X-N: this for black form so for white form anyone can help for japaness name this technique?]

This is the way that Xia Yan teaches Soi Fon to fight. Of course, the essence is to increase the fun, and now it is just used.

But Soi Fon, who became a cat, did not fight, but ran to Xia Yan in the distance.

Seeing this scene, Kisuke Urahara was helpless. Finally, the right hand took out a gun-like object and aimed at Askin.


Bullets are fired, directly shot in Askin.

The latter glimpsed and said: “The power of goodness.”

But the next moment, a taste of nothing.

Soi Fon in the distance, slammed back and slammed open, snorted and leaped towards Askin.


The claws formed by Thunder caught on Askin’s body, leaving five blood marks.

“How is it possible that I should be immune to her Reiatsu?”

Askin showed a look that he couldn’t believe.

In the distance, Kisuke Urahara explained: “It’s very simple. In this form, her Reiatsu is not stable. You can analyze Reiatsu of the opposite side in a very short time and establish a perfect epidemic. But her Reiatsu has changed forty-eight times a second, you have no time to analyze.”

With the words of Kisuke Urahara, Askin was several times by Soi Fon Attack and the body was constantly injured.

The last thunder burst, Askin was knocked down to the ground and fell to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Soi Fon moved all fours and headed for Xia Yan in the distance.

But at this moment, a black light curtain spread and instantly enveloped Kisuke Urahara and Soi Fon.

Soi Fon fell heavily on the ground, but Kisuke Urahara was not too bad.

“A change of forty-eight times a second really makes it difficult for me to analyze. But after I use Vollständig, I can analyze all the changes in one second and infect them.”

Along with the words falling, a figure slowly came out, the body was covered by molecular-like structures, the top of the head was the aura of the molecular structure, behind the molecularly broad, wearing protective glasses, the clothes changed.

His looks at the front of Kisuke Urahara, smiled and said: “I can change the toxicology in essence, as long as the essence is the same, no matter what kind of change, can not hurt me. Change the style you can understand, that is, you have failed.”

Upon hearing him, Kisuke Urahara tiptoed and leaped towards Askin, and his long knife slashed at him.

But Askin was slightly retreat in one step and easily escaped.

Then Kisuke Urahara body turned around and there was a Liuling light shield in front of Zanpakuto.

“Awaken, Benihime.”

The next moment, the light shield shoots countless red light arrows, shrouded Askin.

But after the light arrow flooded Askin, it didn’t work.

Askin smiled and said: “It’s useless, your damage has no effect on me. However, to my surprise, you can actually be active in my range, it seems that you are immune to lethal dose.”

“Since the amount of immune death, then change the move.”

Askin waved his hand and flew out in a ring, instantly reaching Kisuke Urahara and holding the right eye of Kisuke Urahara.

The next moment, Kisuke Urahara eyes directly shot a blood, the vision of the right eye disappeared.

“This trick is called Gift Ring. For those who are immune to lethal doses, I will hit all the toxins at a point, accurately destroying a certain part of the enemy and letting them die.”

“Is it?”

Kisuke Urahara coldly asked.

Askin said: “I blame you for being too strong. The general lethal dose is useless, so I can only destroy every part of your body and let you die.”

Askin said, raising his right hand, countless halos appear around the body.

But at the next moment, Kisuke Urahara shouted softly: “Bankai, Kannonbiraki Benihime Aratame.”

Along with the words of Kisuke Urahara, a female figure rises behind him. She has a gentle and dignified appearance, dressed in classical shackles, wearing sleeveless blouses and extending her arms like a shackled joint.

When the female figure appeared, Akin’s right arm split a gap.

“This is?”

Askin’s right arm slowly healed, but it did make a damage to himself.

“You should understand this attack. My Ability is that you will restructure all the objects I touch.”

Accompanied by this words, Kisuke Urahara leaped to the opposite side, bloody blooms, and Askin’s body showed a huge scar.

But the scars are slowly to heal, Askin said dissatisfied: “What I hate most is the use of brute force in fighting. However, you should not forget the Ability of the Poisonous Ball, and no one can leave the scope of the poison ball.”

Along with Askin’s words, the black poisonous ball suddenly shrunk and became a seed-like ellipsoid.

The next moment, Kisuke Urahara’s figure swayed and almost fell to the ground.

“You can be immune to lethal dose, but when I increase the lethal dose, it will reduce your mobility.” Askin said with a smile.

Kisuke Urahara coldly snorted, although he can change the structure of the body through Bankai, but after the change, it will be in power again.

In other words, Kisuke Urahara is always in a weak state.

“How long can you hold on?”

Askin said, there was a ring in his hand, looks at Kisuke Urahara.

“No, I don’t have to stick to it.”

Kisuke Urahara said softly, the next moment, a hand running through Askin’s chest and pulling out his heart.

He saw behind him, Soi Fon stood there and stretched out her arm.

“How… how come.” Askin is surprised by this.

Kisuke Urahara said: “You said you can’t leave the poison ball, but didn’t say you can’t invade. And I just attack you, just to adjust the position, let your back face Soi Fon. When you didn’t pay attention, I modified Soi Fon and made an safe road.”

Soi Fon pulled her arm away and Askin fell from the air and squatted on the floor.

The poison ball disappeared, and Soi Fon sighed and looked at Kisuke Urahara and said, “Many thanks for your help.”

Kisuke Urahara took back the Bankai and said with a smile: “I just listened to Xia Yan’s order.”

Soi Fon looked at the giant in the distance and said, “I am going to help the three Arrancars.”

Soi Fon’s gaze at Gerard’s huge figure in the distance.

Nelliel, Ginjō Kūgo, and Ulquiorra, who besieged Gerard, are still in the doldrums.

Kisuke Urahara shook his head and said: “Your goal is not him, but to go to see a person, borrow an item, then take the item, go to the ridge, help Head Commander, kill a person.”

Kisuke Urahara told Xia Yan’s plan to Soi Fon, who went through the black chamber to Seireitei.

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