BTC Chapter 136 : Thrown pot?

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Creator Luke : “For me, there is no mechanical problem that can’t be solved! You give me the battery information and the existing production process information, I will get it soon.”

He was once known as the existence of Hebron planet creator, and his creation was his innate talent. A small battery production line is really not a problem.

Lu Zixin still can’t do it. Tony Stark sent the information to him. He has artificial intelligence as an assistant. It is much more convenient to collect data than Lu Zixin.

After a while, Luke said : “I have already understood, I can get it in a day or two, and send you a production line.”

“A production line!” Lu Zixin was surprised, he only wanted a few key devices. However, Luke actually wants to send him a production line, you know, a complete lithium-air battery production line, worth at least 300 million! And now no one can make it at all, it is priceless.

He quickly said : “Thank you! I will reissue you a Red envelope next time!”

The Creator Luke simply replied to two words : “Mutual assistance.”

Tony Stark : “OK, things are solved. Withdrawal, I can’t wait to study the big mechs.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: bye bye.]”

Lu Zixin also went offline, and his mood was very good. The problem of battery production should be said to be solved halfway, and Luke will send the production line. By then, the red letter will be imitated and assembled according to this production line, and the production line will be built. The battery capacity will not be a problem.

The only trouble is that such a large production line suddenly came out, I am afraid that it will cause other people’s doubts. So he needs to be prepared early.

There are always ways in the world to do something. Explaining the origins of a production line, Lu Zixin is difficult to do on his own, but someone can reasonably round the past.

Lu Zixin found a web virtual account and sent a message to a person.

At this moment, a young man with red hair color is sitting in front of the computer and quickly controls the computer. Suddenly, a message popped up on the desktop of the computer, which shocked him.

“Where, fuck, how can this person find me?” Red hair surprisedly said that he was a member of the Octopus hacking organization that had previously attacked Red Letter game.

Lu Zixin had cleaned him up at the time. He thought that Lu Zixin could not find him, but who knows Lu Zixin news has appeared again.

Lu Zixin sent a message to him and said, “Help me find someone.”

Lu Zixin exchanged a few words with him, and the red hair was relieved. It was not for him.

He replied: “No problem, there are quite a few organizations on dark network.”

Soon, he gave a contact with the organization code-named MasterCard. After the cipher, Lu Zixin explained what he was going to do.

Everything says: “Yes, we don’t care about the origin of things, we will ‘package’ for you, and will not leave any problems. But you have to pay 50% commission first, and then pay 50% commission afterwards.”

“OK!” The two sides agreed that it was a trouble in advance.


Luke news has to wait, Lu Zixin has not given up on solving the existing equipment problems, sunny umbrellas, prepared, if you can solve it yourself, is there more than one production line?

The next day, he went to Kun Peng Battery Factory to see if the technicians of the French company were able to solve the current equipment problems.

France Schneider company has a total of four people, three professional and technical personnel, and a translator.

The leader, called Florent, is said to be an expert in electrical engineering and mechanical equipment.

As soon as the three technicians arrived, they routinely checked their equipment. The factory also produced a batch of lithium air batteries, testing the pass rate.

“Three times of production, the pass rate is below 60%.” Bi Bosi said, “The lithium-air battery can’t pass the factory inspection.”

Florent shook his head and said a lot in French. Several people looked at the translator. The translator was a middle-aged man with glasses. He explained: “Mr. Florent said that he regretted the product qualification rate.”

“But he stressed that after their testing. There are no problems with the production equipment manufactured by Schneider Electric Co., Ltd.”

Tang Gang asked: “There is no problem? Why is the product qualification rate so low?”

The translation translated his words to Florent, and Florent still denied it. The translator said: “Mr. Florent said that the pass rate is low and has nothing to do with the equipment. It is because of the defects in your production process. “

“He said that Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the top 500 companies in the world and the top electrical equipment manufacturer in Europe. It manufactures large electrical equipment for many countries and enterprises. It is the world’s top technology in terms of technology. ”

“Mr. Florent believes that your lithium-air battery technology is still immature.”

After the translation was finished, Tang Gang was puzzled. He didn’t understand these things and didn’t know why. But Lu Zixin, Yao Li and Bi Bosi are all angry.

Yao Li said to Tang Gang: “The whole production process has been repeatedly tested by us. Professor Luo Hanshan and his team also specially directed the factory to confirm that there is no problem.”

Bi Bosi also nodded: “I have be staring at the things in the factory, no matter whether it is production process or worker operation, there is no problem!”

Lu Zixin also saw the production line himself, and there was nothing wrong with the manufacturing process that Tony Stark passed. The reason for the comparison is that the production equipment designed by Schneider Electric Co., Ltd. does not meet the requirements.

He immediately said to the translator: “You tell them that we can confirm in the factory that there is no problem with the production process. Instead, their equipment does not meet the production standards.”

“We demand that Scheider take back these non-compliant equipment, redesign the production, and be responsible for delaying the delivery of the equipment.”

The translation said that the three French people suddenly became eager, and one of them said a lot, and it seemed to be emotional.

“What did he say?” Tang Gang asked with a frown.

The translator said: “This Mr. Anto said that these devices are the designs they are involved in. They are world-renowned top electrical equipment experts and there can be no defects!”

“He also said that your company’s problems need to be borne by themselves, and you can’t give responsibility to them. They refuse to recognize equipment problems.”

“If you need to design new equipment, you can improve your production process and submit your order to Schneider Electric Co., Ltd.”

When he finished, Tang Gang suddenly said: “Damn it, this is just a few million yuan for a piece of equipment, expensive more than 10 million, they have problems in design, and want us to buy again?”

Lu Zixin is also angry: “Impossible, they must be returned to the factory to redesign, or they will terminate the cooperation according to the contract and let them bear the responsibility for breach of contract!”

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  1. What GAME is the Creator Luke from anyway?
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