BTC Chapter 182 : This goal is too high?

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Soon, Red Letter Company released the wind and is talking about cooperation with Thunderstorm Appliances. It wants to invest in Thunderstorm Appliances and enter the field of smart appliances.

Just a wind, it has been paid attention to by many people.

“Red letter is going to enter smart homes? Well, it’s possible that their company is always doing smart products.”

“Thunderstorm appliances? This company seems to be general. Is Red Letter wanting to acquire them?”

“Red letter company has not been listed, but Thunderstorm home appliances is a listed company. Red letter company has developed to the present, almost what is done always strong. So it seems that this company has a future! You can invest!” In Capital market, some savvy investors smelled the smell.

However, this news is only a rumor. The Red Letter company did not officially declare this matter, and this incident is only an intention and has not been implemented. But some people have learned through the relationship that this matter is indeed talking.

Immediately, those investors saw the stock of Thunderstorm Appliances. Now buy the stock of Thunderstorm Appliances. If the Red Letter invests in this company, will it not rise after that, and then take the opportunity to make a profit?

There are not many people who have this idea.

When the stock exchange holiday was closed for a few days in the Spring Festival, people suddenly discovered that the stock of Thunderstorm Appliances became a hot stock, and the increase was amazing.

The shareholders of Thunderstorm Appliances found that the shares they held in their hands suddenly became valuable!

And all this is just because of a wind blown by Red Letter! If Red Letter really has shares in them, the value of these stocks will skyrocket!

Even in accordance with the acquisition agreement, they want to transfer part of the shares to the company, but the value of the remaining shares is far more than before.

This time, these shareholders are heart-warming. I don’t even have to say it to Su Shi, I will take the initiative to ask about it and even want to promote it.

Nie Guanglin, who has been hesitant, has also noticed the wishes of everyone. If he opposes, everyone will not agree.

Fortunately, he took advantage of the trend. After the Spring Festival holiday, Thunderstorm Company held its first meeting to discuss this matter.

Almost no obstacles were encountered. Everyone agreed to transfer some shares and let Red Letter enter the Thunderstorm Appliances Company.

These things, Lu Zixin are handed over to Su Zhirong.

After the agreement between the two parties was reached, Su Shi, the old man of Lu Zixin, naturally became the new CEO of Thunderstorm Appliances. The original Nie Guanglin, was served as the vice president, was in charge of traditional home appliances business.

The management of the company also joined some of the employees of the original Red Letter Group. At the first meeting of the management of the new company, Lu Zixin also attended.

More than 20 people in the room, most of them are the old employees of the original Thunderstorm appliances, they are the first time to see the helm of the Red Letter Group, Lu Yan.

Seeing that the legendary Lu Yan was so young, everyone was a little surprised.

Lu Zixin briefly introduced himself and began to talk about the company’s key development issues.

“A lot of people should be very confused. Red Letter’s acquisition of Thunderstorm Appliances, why is it? Is it the potential of this company?”

“No, no. To be honest, in the field of home appliances, the potential of Thunderstorm Home Appliances is not excellent. The following decision of Red Letter is to see a group of people with a forward-looking vision in Thunderstorm Home Appliances. For example, the current CEO, General Su, There are still some employees.”

“Smart home is the trend of the future! The development direction of our thunderstorm appliances is smart home! Whether it is air conditioners, washing machines, TVs, microwave ovens, etc., we must strive to be intelligent.”

“Even a smart home system that can make a smart service life. Let Thunder Household Appliances become an internationally renowned big brand!”

When they heard him say this, many people are still confused. Some of them, although they know about smart homes, are still not very professional in this field.

The biggest problem with Thunderstorm Appliances is that they don’t have their own R&D capabilities. Many of their core technologies are from other channels of authorized cooperation, a smart speaker development has no achievements in two years.

“Do you have anything to say?” Lu Zixin saw that everyone did not understand, asked.

Everyone looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. Simply look at Nie Guanglin, Nie Guanglin also asked on behalf of everyone: “General, the direction you said is very reasonable, but I have to ask according to the actual situation.”

“You said.” Lu Zixin said.

Nie Guanglin said: “Our company has almost no core technology at present. It is already costly to study ordinary household appliances. There is no extra money and technical strength to invest in research and development.”

“You mentioned that Thunderstorm Appliances has become an internationally renowned big brand. Then I would like to mention each of the Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.”

Nie Guanglin said, looking at the data on his laptop.

“In the field of home appliances, they should be regarded as domestic giants and have a certain international reputation.”

“The data released by each electric appliance last year is that they have more than 10,000 researchers; two national-level technical research centers, one national industrial design center, one provincial-level enterprise key laboratory; nine research institutes, Twelve institutes and more than 700 laboratories… In addition, they have the world’s largest air-conditioning R&D center and the only national energy-saving and environmentally-friendly refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center in China’s refrigeration industry.”

“They invested more than four billion yuan in research and development a year! It is almost the total market value of our Thunderstorm Appliances company in the first half of the month!”

“Compared to them, our company’s research and development strength is almost zero, and research and development funds are also stretched. These ambitious goals, I think it is a bit too far.”

His words basically represent the views of some old employees in the company. Although Red Letter entered the Thunderstorm Company and let them earn in the stock, many people still hold a conservative concept in the internal business philosophy.

Lu Zixin smiled and said: “It seems that everyone still doesn’t know much about the strength of our red letter. I will tell you something practical.”

“We are not talking about playing smart homes, but taking out real guns.”

“This year, we plan to invest an additional 5 billion yuan in research and development!”

Lu Zixin’s opening is five billion, which scares everyone. An additional five billion investment will definitely dilute their shares to a smaller size, but the actual value will increase.

“There are five billion?” Nie Guanglin asked in amazement.

“If 5 billion is not enough, you can continue to add funds.” Lu Zixin said calmly, anyway, the company almost became his, and he did not feel bad about investing in research and development.

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