BTC Chapter 362 : Shadow?

Edited: XiaXue

The nanny took Lu Hai to take care of him. Fortunately, there was no major event, it was some bruises.

“How did this kid do it?” Shen Man asked Lu Jun, “Have a fight with someone?”

Lu Jun nodded and said: “When I went to see him, I was blocked by a group of small gangsters in the alley next to old middle school. If I hadn’t gone early, it would be more serious.”

“Why don’t you call the police and grab the few punks?” Three aunt complained, “Make my children like this!”

“The few little bastard ran too fast, and there was no monitoring in the alley.” Lu Jun reluctantly said, “There is no way to catch them.”

Lu Hai was bandaged and went to the table. Three uncle immediately asked: “Why are you fighting with others? Is it something that you have troubled? I have told you long ago, concentrate on studying, don’t do anything bad. Don’t talk to those who are messy, you just don’t listen.”

Lu Hai screamed and shouted: “It’s not that I messed with them, they are too much!”

“You still talk back?” Three uncles are going to pack him, and Lu Hai retired two steps.

Shen Man quickly advised: “The child also said that it was not intentional. Let’s eat first.”

“I don’t want to eat!” Lu Hai went away with enthusiasm.

“Give back to Old man, you little bastard!” Three uncles scolded, the child is so rebellious, not giving him the face of old man in front of everyone.

“Forget it, forget it.” Three aunt said, “I will talk to him later.”

Lu Zixin also advised: “Three uncles, let’s eat first, and then he will eat when he is hungry.”

“Go back, I must pack him! There is no evil in the evil!” Three uncle coldly snorted and said.

After eating, Lu Hai was still hungry, and the three uncles were going to educate him.

Shen Man said to Lu Zixin: “Children are rebellious against adults. You are going to ask your younger brother.”

“Well, I will ask. You will drink tea with my dad and uncle, and let me do this little thing.” Lu Zixin said.

“I am going too!” Three uncles daughter, Lu Hai’s younger sister Lu Lan also keeps up. Lu Lan is now also in high school, more lively than before.

In the room, Lu Hai did not eat, burying his head in the game. The virtual projection game console he used was last sent by Lu Zixin.

“Xiao Hai, what’s wrong?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Nothing.” Lu Hai is more respectful to Lu Zixin. After all, Three uncle and three aunt teaches him to study with Lu Zixin every day, and brags about how much Lu Zixin is, and he also sees it.

“I know!” said Lu Lan next to him.

“Do you know what?” Lu Hai gave her a glance, but Lu Lan was not afraid at all. She said to Lu Zixin: “I believes that he must be beaten because of his girlfriend.”

“Tell you not to talk nonsense!” Lu Hai suddenly stood up and said to Lu Lan.

His aggressive manner frightened Lu Lan, hiding behind Lu Zixin in grievances.

Lu Zixin frowned and shouts at him: “What is fierce to your younger sister, sit down for me!”

He gave Lu Hai a press at once, and Lu Hai wanted to resist, but it did not help.

“You have a girlfriend, and I won’t say anything about you. You have made this clear. Today is being beaten like this. If your brother Jun didn’t go, would it be worse?”

Lu Zixin educated him and asked Lu Hao to figure things out.

It turned out that when Lu Hai’s younger girlfriend went to school, she was harassed by the few gangsters. Lu Hai went to find the few punk theories, and the results were cleaned up.

This is not a major event. Find someone to solve the few punks. But Lu Zixin noticed a problem.

“You mean, they are usually gathered in that alley, playing a bloody and violent virtual projection game?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Yeah! Our school knows!” Lu said, “There is a black shadow there, a lot of gangsters are playing there. There are people in our school who go there to play, all those who like to smoke and fight! Everyday there some people fighting. Last month, there were individuals in the next class who were interrupted and they have dropped out of school.”

“Shadow?” Lu Zixin heard the word for the first time.

“It’s the shadow, the place to play the projection game.” Lu Hao said.

Lu Zixin remembers that their virtual projection game devices are sold directly to regular Internet cafes. Even the project of the virtual projection experience room, Xue Yao has just begun preparations, has not yet been established, actually there have been similar places.

This may be a kind of entertainment venue that is spontaneously opened by the people and is also normal.

But one thing, how did the movie bar become a place for fights? He noticed a slight flaw, and perhaps there were some problems that he ignored.

“Take me a look!” Lu Zixin said.

“Ah?” Lu Lan hesitated. “Our teacher won’t let us go.”

“Lu Hai, gone!” Lu Zixin pulled Lu Hai.

“Hey, where are you going?” Shen Man and Three aunt asked at the door.

“Nothing, go out for a walk.” Lu Zixin did not elaborate.

“Come back soon!”

Lu Zixin drove a car at home and took two people to go directly to the alley near the school, Black Dog Lane.

Black Dog Lane originally had no name, because there were residents in the house with tall and fierce black wolf dogs, so the nearby talents called it Black Dog Lane.

This black dog alley is an old house. Few people go there. There are only a few students and young people in the community. Because there is a black internet cafe and KTV, a small hotel or something.

But in the past month, there have been more and more social youths in Black Dog Lane. It is said that it has opened a lot of people, attracting a lot of people, and there have been several hits in recent times, and there are fewer normal people coming.

“Second brother, let’s not go. The people there are fierce!” Lu Lan was a little scared, with a little worry on his face. “There are two big wolves, I don’t dare to go there.”

“There is a brother, don’t be afraid.” Lu Zixin comforted. “You can lead the way.”

“Brother, do we want to call the police?” Lu Hai was also somewhat guilty at this time. “They have many people!”

“We are not fighting, nothing.” Lu Zixin did not worry at all. With his current physical fitness, as long as the other side has no hot weapons, he will not worry if it comes to dozens.

Besides, in order to be on the safe side, he put on the mini Iron Man, and he can handle the trouble with the air discharge.

Soon, they came to the black dog lane. The alley was too narrow, and there was a van, a three-wheeled electric car, and the like. The car couldn’t get in, so Lu Zixin found a place outside and stopped the car, with Lu Hai and Lu Lan.

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