BTC Chapter 444 : Our owner dare…

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Pengyun Auto is willing to invest, and naturally there are construction companies willing to take over. Among the numerous bids, Pengyun Automobile selected a large road construction company.

This first experimental magnetic levitation intelligent road, in which the electronic and mechanical equipment will be jointly manufactured by Red Letter Electronics and Pengyun Automobile, will be built in Red Letter Industrial Park in Pengcheng.

Pengcheng Red Letter Industrial Park is an industrial park invested by Red Letter Group in the past two years, including various industrial factories such as Kunpeng Battery, Red Letter Electronic Equipment Factory and Pengyun Automobile Parts Factory.

Here, every day there are a steady stream of trucks and private cars coming in and out, Lu Zixin decided to let the magnetic levitation smart road test here. It is intended to establish a logistics system combining magnetic levitation and unmanned driving.

If the logistics trucks here can also be transported through maglev containers, then from now on, not only passenger transport, private transportation, but also the freight system can be carried on the maglev road, which is of great significance.


In Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group, Lu Zixin is discussing the issue of maglev road construction with Bruce Wayne.

Bruce Wayne said : “If you just lay a common magnetic levitation induction board, you can use metal materials such as aluminum, which are widely found in the earth’s crust. The cost is small, and it should not be difficult to apply to the whole country.”

“But you have to add wireless charging, and smart control, which requires charging boards, road sensors, various intelligent management systems, security systems, etc. The cost is too high, and any company can’t bear to afford it.”

Lu Zixin agreed : “You are right. Now the budget per kilometer has reached more than 100 million. There are not many cities in the country that have the ability to build such a road. So I am going to classify the magnetic levitation road, the most advanced wireless charging, intelligent control, etc., and the lowest level, only need to lay the magnetic suspension sensor board.”

In economically developed areas, the construction of advanced magnetic levitation intelligent roads, and the underdeveloped areas, the transformation of magnetic levitation induction boards, in this way, can save costs.

At the same time, the amount of such HTC’s engineering will bring a lot of job opportunities and jobs, which is why Lu Zixin is determined to launch a magnetic levitation car.

Because of the emergence of various intelligent devices of Red Letter Group, some jobs in the society have been eliminated. The survey shows that the unemployment rate has risen significantly in the last two years. So, sometimes Lu Zixin doesn’t mind spending more money on big projects.

Bruce Wayne : “Grading management is a good way. Maglev Road System, yes, I can also set up such a road for Gotham City. After that, Batmobile can fly all the way, even directly control the criminals vehicle through the Road Management System.”

Tony Stark : “It’s too much trouble, it’s more convenient to use flying mech.”

Peter Parker : “Mr. Stark, I have always had a question to ask you. I haven’t been very embarrassed to say, you know, can I speak…”

“I know you are embarrassed, what is the problem?” Tony Stark interrupted him without waiting for the words he had finished.

“Mr. Stark, isn’t your steel shirt controllable? Then why do you have to go out in person every time you fight? You know, I don’t mean anything else.” Peter Parker finished this time.

Bruce Wayne smiled and said : “It’s a very interesting question. I think it’s a very windy thing to show steel shirts in front of passers-by.”

Lu Zixin is also laughing, this is not easy, of course, for the sake of comparison! The ancient Chinese language is good, rich and not returning home, such as Jinyi night.

And every time Tony Stark made the latest Science and Technology, don’t go out and show off, how to achieve a sense of accomplishment?

Tony Stark was a little embarrassed and said : “That is to ensure that there is no accident in the steel shirt. I personally control the situation on the spot. I say, can you understand?”

“And, I don’t have any small things right now. But there are some troubles, I still have to personally go out.”

Peter Parker believed it and said : “It turned out to be the case. I thought it would be cool.”

Mr. L : “It will be cool.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: At this time, a windy group of friends is riding on a crawler.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: old driver, bring me.]”

Red Queen : “[emoticon : Please show your ticket.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: drip, child ticket.]”

Red Queen : “[Reject emoticon: Sorry, don’t care about children.]”

Mr. L : “[emoticon: traffic police, please stop!]”

Red Queen : “I am riding a crawler, not a car. [emoticon: I am riding my biochemical beast]”

Peter Parker : “I have saved dozens of emoticon packs.”

Red Queen : “[Intimidating emoticon: Do you try to steal my picture?]”

Peter Parker : “[Emoticon with a bruised face: I won’t dare next time.]”

Seeing the little spider admit defeat, Red Queen was satisfied with the topic and asked Lu Zixin : “Owner, how is Hong Xiaoxiao?”

Mr. L : “That’s it, no big change.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: you are perfunctory.]”

Mr. L : “Oh, remember, she will also do the emoticon package now, but she doesn’t like it. She prefers to pretend to be a human being and chat with other netizens on the Internet.”

Peter Parker : “This hobby is much more normal than Red Queen.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon holding a scalpel: I am going to dissect a person who can’t talk.]”

The little spider quickly disguised to dive, but Lu Zixin agreed : “I think too.”

Red Queen was angry and started the emoticon offensive against Lu Zixin. At the beginning, it was a killing trick : “[emoticon: our group owner dare to immortal!]”

However, Lu Zixin used only one trick to easily resolve her offensive.

Group Tip : “The group member Red Queen has been changed by group owner to a group nicknames.”

Peter Parker : “666!”

Bruce Wayne : “Cough.”

Tony Stark : “I didn’t see anything.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: You seem to tease me.]”

Red Queen quickly changed his group name back and decided not to use this series of emoticon packages anymore.

When they talked with joy, Reed Richards also appeared, and said : “It is fun to watch your chat, just like I was still studying at university.”

Mr. L : “Mr. Fantastic, did you learn second gear?”

Reed Richards : “Of course, I am a genius. Now I can switch to second gear at will.”

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