BTC Chapter 259 : Official results

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At the conference table, the chairman of committee, Siris, was sitting in danger and gazing at each representative. Everyone has no expression on their faces. Some people exchange their eyes with each other. It seems that they have already made a decision.

Siris said: “Before the voting begins, we will first announce the preliminary approval opinions. If you have different opinions, you can raise them.”

“China Red Letter Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. applied for cooperation of intelligent products with AT&T, VERIAZON and SPRINT-NEXTEL in China…”

“After a serious investigation, the chip data of Red Letter’s smart products is unknown, and it is impossible to prove whether it has security vulnerability. According to the requirements of US Department of Information Security, such suspected information technology products should be strictly controlled. Therefore, we initially believe that AT&T, VERIAZON and SPRINT-NEXTEL should abide by the joint request of Federal Communications Commission and US Department of Information Security to stop all cooperation with China Red Letter Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd.!”

“Is there any doubt about this?”

When Siris asked, there was no voice in the audience. Each of them is a representative of a certain interest group. Unfortunately, they all agree that Red Letter Group will harm their interests and certainly will not speak for them.

Taylor Walker is wearing a suit and looks serious. It seems that he is a representative of justice. He said righteously: “I fully support the committee decision. According to the investigation, there may be a secret agreement between Red Letter Group and China official, endangering information security in our country. Therefore, we must strictly enforce this ban!”

When he finished, everyone nodded. The vote was then started, and no accident was made. The ban was endorsed by Federal Communications Commission.

Officials from Ministry of Information Security are satisfied: “We are very supportive of such a wise decision, thank you for your contribution to maintaining national information security.”

Subsequently, the US Federal Communications Commission officially announced the news.

For the strategic plan of Red Letter to enter US market, countless companies and capitalists are paying attention, and even include the economic sectors of some countries.

This news has stirred up a thousand waves, and some people are fortunate that some people are angry.

American Telecom and Telegraph Company, John Stankey received the news before the news report.

He shook his head, said with a smile: “This Lu Yan actually did not compromise, the ban came out, and within a few years, it is estimated that it will not enter US market.”

“We have no losses.” In the office, another vice president said, “If Red Letter is bigger in the communications industry, it is a threat to the entire US communications and smart products market. Such a decision is wise.”

“It’s a pity.” John Stankey said with a smile, “Apple has lost two times in their hands. At this meeting, Apple has definitely spent a lot of effort to stop them.”

He guessed it right, at this time, Apple’s board members were sighed in relief. Unlike other companies, Apple does not have so-called individual shareholders, but collectively controlled by major capital groups, with more than 2,000 institutions with a certain amount of Apple shares.

Therefore, the fluctuation of Apple’s stock price will affect the financial market around the world.

The previous loss in Chinese market and Japan market has caused Apple to directly and indirectly lose a lot of benefits. This time, Red Letter has to enter US market, and they have not spent less time blocking it.

The speedy implementation of the ban on Red Letters is also the result of the joint efforts of major interest groups. In addition to the interest groups behind Apple, other smart product companies and related interests in the communications industry have also added a fire.

The ban did not cause any waves in US media, and there were not even a few media reports. The American people are very strange to Red Letter. Even if there is a small part of it, they will not change the big trend, and naturally they will not care about this issue.

However, in China, it caused an uproar.

The headline of the day is this one.

“Red Letter Group has been unfairly treated in United States and has been banned from cooperating with telecom operators!”

New Wolf News: “Red Letter’s US market plan is frustrated. After Huawei, it became the second brand to be banned by United States!”

Tencent News: “US department announced that it will ban Red Letter smart products from working with US carriers!”

UC News: “Red Letter is banned? What is going on?”


Many media have reported that when they saw the news content, netizens also felt that they were filled with indignation and they were in a hurry.

“It’s too shameless! They actually forbid Red Letter and telecom operators to cooperate. So Red Letter mobile phones can’t be sold in US? Why can’t American mobile phones be sold in our country?”

“What is this spam committee? Do you suspect that red letter has information security vulnerability? Do you have to come up with evidence? Just doubt if you decide?hehe!”

“Oh, I have already expected it. Red Letter’s products are too powerful, stronger than Apple, and Americans simply don’t dare to let it enter the market.”

“What do you guys say here? People Americans don’t even bird you!”

“I am an American student studying in China. The Red Letter mobile phone is so easy to use. Why are they not allowed to sell? Do they have water in their minds?”


The news media also made a specific analysis of this matter: “It is no accident that Red Letter is issued a ban in United States. It is inevitable. In this way, Red Letter Group will enter the North American market in no way, and their global expansion plans will be frustrated.

The North American market is the world’s largest market for smart products. As long as Red Letter cannot enter North American market to grab market share, it will be difficult to become a world-class Science and Technology company.

This matter, Red Letter will respond to this. It is also necessary to look at the next move of Red Letter. Here, Xiaobian makes a bold prediction. In all likelihood, Red Letter will temporarily abandon US market and shift its development direction to European market.”

The ban has had a great impact. Even Chinese diplomats pointed out in their speeches that they strongly condemn the unfair judgments made by United States on some of our enterprises, which will affect the economic exchanges between the two countries.

We must know that if Red Letter can succeed in US market, it will attract a large amount of US funds to China to contribute to Chinese economy.

However, the relevant US departments have simply responded to this matter and will still not make any changes to the judgment.

This matter is almost a nail.

The Red Letter Group is talking about this matter. For the first time since the expansion of the market, Red Letter encountered such great resistance.

The smart products of Red Letter can be said to be the backbone of the whole group. With smart products as the carrier, games, software, batteries and other products can also be sold to US market. Now US market has closed the door and all plans have become a bubble.

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