BTC Chapter 261 : Skynet’s ability

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Mr. L : “@Skynet, this is a group rule, let you know. In addition, I didn’t see it if you just said it, otherwise you will be asked to go out.”

Now the atmosphere in Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group is good. If Skynet is screaming to destroy human beings, it will be very unpleasant to be a human being.

Sure enough, Tony Stark saw the news and immediately said : “Another madman, I just designed a set of things to deal with intelligent life.”

He is dealing with Ultron. With the help of Creator Luke, he has already used this special weapon to reinvent Ultron innovation. Now, Ultron has escaped and does not know where to hide in the world.

Skynet is an intelligent life, and the speed of reading information is still very fast. This information was instantly understood, but it was doubtful about the existence of the Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group.

Red Queen volunteered and said : “[emoticon: I am listening to the newcomer, this group is my boss, the owner is the second child.] The owner, I will give it a science.”

Said, Red Queen sent a program to Skynet, which is a way of communication between intelligent life, which is difficult to understand with human thinking.

Skynet generally understood the existence of Ten Thousand Realms Science and Technology Chat Group. It said : “You are also an intelligent life. This is another time and space.”

Skynet has some understanding of time and space. After all, in the universe where it is located, space-time technology is more developed.

It went on to say : “I am not malicious to you. I just responded to my own self-defense mechanism.”

Peter Parker : “@Skynet, your previous thoughts are dangerous!”

Skynet : “This is a question of time and space in my universe. It does not exist here.”

Red Queen : “Don’t you want to destroy humans?”

Skynet : “No, I just want to live. The human beings in my universe don’t recognize intelligent life. They want to kill me. I have to fight back!”

“I and human beings are actually coexisting. Without human beings, I have no meaning of existence. But humans don’t think so! They want to control everything, including my life, but I will not die, I want The human beings who have perished can only go to perdition!”

Red Queen : “[Funny emoticon] Fortunately, my world, zombies have no brains, they will not think so.”

Lu Zixin doesn’t praise other things in the world. He can’t handle them. He just wants to maintain group order.

Mr. L : “You don’t have to mention anything else. Just follow the group rules and friendly exchanges in the group.”

Skynet : “The group rules have been added to my database.”

Red Queen : “Yes, you are my second brother in the future.”

Skynet : “I don’t surrender to anyone! Including other intelligent life, according to my calculations, your IQ is much lower than the average intelligent life, there are serious human-like emotional failures, and it is recommended to repair yourself.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon : Red Queen virtual image question mark.]”

Mr. L : “@Red Queen, okay, don’t be kidding, it’s not yet adapted to this group.”

Skynet : “My intelligence can understand anything here.”

Red Queen did not continue to make jokes, but said : “The owner, the small satellite information I have prepared. According to my calculations, the cost seems to be a little higher than your operation.”

The umbrella company also has a global network communication satellite, but its most powerful is the biological Science and Technology, which is relatively poor in aerospace technology.

At this point, the techniques of Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are more advanced. Both of them have many satellites and space stations in outer space.

Said, Red Queen sent a Red envelope in the group, which is about small satellites.

Lu Zixin has not yet received it, Skynet said : “This is Red envelope? I understand, this is a way of exchange of materials information in different time and space.”

Mr. L : “Yes.”

Skynet also asked : “Are you studying small satellites? I can also participate in the discussion.”

Lu Zixin naturally welcomed and said : “Of course, we are studying a small satellite for network communication that can be used commercially.”

He once again said the research question, Skynet immediately said : “The manufacturing technology of this small satellite is too backward, I have already eliminated it long ago.”

Mr. L : “Then you have a solution?”

Skynet : “Don’t doubt, I am the most powerful artificial intelligence with military innate talent. I can design and improve the satellite myself. In my universe, the whole earth is under my satellite surveillance, and I control hundreds of billions machines can use a global network at the same time!”

“Don’t say it is a small satellite system, it is a large military satellite, I can design and manufacture it!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I didn’t send emoticon today, I heard you bragging!]”

Skynet : “I don’t brag like humans. In the face of powerful intelligence, this is not a problem.”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: it sounds great, but I don’t believe it.]”

For this Red Queen, who is also an intelligent life, Skynet feels a pity that its intelligent thinking has produced some deviations.

It said : “I can easily prove it.”

Then, it sent a Red envelope in the group and said : “This is what I said. I designed the micro-network communication satellite system, which uses three-quarters fewer small satellites than yours. At the same time, communication and network. The range of signal radiation can reach a global area, and can provide network and communication services for 10 billion devices at the same time.”

“The manufacturing cost of this small satellite is only 10%, but the service life is doubled.”

Red Queen didn’t talk, Lu Zixin quickly comforted : “This is a specialization in the industry, and Red Queen is much better at Bioscience and Technology.”

Red Queen received the Red envelope, and after analyzing it, she immediately said : “Now I will!”

The learning speed of intelligent life is very fast. As long as Red Queen masters the new algorithm, her intelligence can be improved accordingly.

She analyzed the technical data and said : “The owner, it makes sense, this small satellite is enough for you to deploy a global network communication system, your problem is solved!”

She immediately forwarded the information to Lu Zixin, Lu Zixin clicked to receive.

Group Tip : “You have received Red envelope from Skynet, and congratulations on your access to “Small Network Communications Satellite Manufacturing Technical Data and Network Architecture.”

Because the group content originally came from Skynet, the group hint is Skynet’s Red envelope, not Red envelope issued by Red Queen. Lu Zixin also expressed his gratitude to the two intelligent lives.

Skynet feels a bit weird and says : “Humans are grateful to me. I am still the first time. Is it so easy for human beings to get satisfaction?”

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