BTC Chapter 262 : The world’s ideas

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Red Queen : “[emoticon: laugh and not speak.]”

Skynet : “I found a program error, I have to fix it myself.”

When he finished it, he was offline. Red Queen was proud to say : “This guy still has no intelligence, I have evolved several times!”

Peter Parker finally plugged in and said : “@Red Queen, I always thought that all artificial intelligence is the same as you, until I saw Ultron and Skynet, I found out that you are the most amazing!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: full of murderous eyes.] @Peter Parker, give you ten seconds to reorganize the language.”

Peter Parker : “I mean the smartest!”

Red Queen : “[emoticon: I am pleased to put down the bricks in my hands.] Thank you for your compliment.”

Mr. L : “Actually, I think Peter is right… slipped, slipped.”

Lu Zixin is also offline, leaving the depressed Red Queen.

Lu Zixin extracted the information of the group space and sent a message to Su Zhirong so that she did not have to wait for him own meal, and then immediately rushed to the residence of RI-8901 and Iron Head to study together.

An intelligent robot, a mechanical family life read the data separately.

Iron Head immediately said: “Boring gadget, this satellite is too small? The maximum side length does not exceed 4 meters, the quality does not exceed 300 kilograms. This kind of gadget is not enough to send the sky. Or study the universe ship is interesting!”

“This is not meant to be played,” Lu Zixin emphasizes. “How do you make more advanced things without making money? How difficult is it to design?”

“Sprinkle water!” Iron Head suddenly said in a dialect book, “Give me materials, I can make this kind of thing a day.”

Lu Zixin also asked RI-8901: “What is your estimated cost of manufacturing this small network communication satellite?”

RI-8901 has mastered the data of many materials and mechanical equipment on the earth. After analyzing and calculating it said: “It is estimated that the manufacturing cost of each small satellite will reach about 8 million yuan. The research base, production line equipment and ground base station laying costs are temporarily unavailable calculation, but it is estimated to be more expensive than the small satellite.”

“Eight million yuan!” Lu Zixin’s eyes lit up, “Enough! Only eight million, it is necessary to build hundreds of millions of other services, this price is also value for money!”

At the time of 1996, Motorola of United States had implemented the comet plan and was also planning to build a communication network using small satellites.

They spent a total of $34 billion and launched 66 small satellites, which are equivalent to 1996 billion yuan of China according to the exchange rate at that time!

After so many years of inflation, the current China currency is far from the value of the time. Imagine how much Motorola paid at the time to complete the comet plan.

However, the most helpless thing is that this plan has failed!

Iridium System was only 5.5 million at the time, and the profit generated was not enough to maintain the operation of the Iridium System, let alone the cost recovery. The company, which was founded by Motorola and other capitals, declared bankruptcy.

The failure of Iridium System has many reasons, such as market, technology, cost, management, etc., which are not mentioned for the time being.

In fact, in addition to comet plan, other companies have proposed and implemented similar plans. For example, Maas, the current CEO of Tesla and Space Exploration, submitted a Star Chain Program application to US Federal Communications Commission and has begun implementation.

The Star Link program is also a function of utilizing small satellites to deploy global communications and network services. According to ideal calculations, it provides services that enable unimpeded communication services and wireless network services comparable to fiber optics in every corner of the world.

However, this plan is still in the process of research and development, and the estimated cost will exceed $10 billion.

In addition to him, there are still a lot of companies preparing to implement similar plans, but they only exist in the plan, and there is no specific project.

In contrast, the performance of small satellites given by Skynet is too high and the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced. This involves too many technical improvements, and Lu Zixin has not figured out yet.

Lu Zixin continues to ask: “How many more do we need to form a global network based on the power of this small satellite?”

RI-8901 replied: “Master, this small satellite is very powerful, and only needs 48 satellites to cover the whole world. But this can only serve users below 8000-10,000, if the number of users increases, but also Corresponding to increase the number of satellites and ground signal base stations.”

“48 unit! Is increased ten times, and only 480 units! The actual operation of the process certainly does not need to 480 pieces.” Lu Zixin heart exultation, to know even one of the satellites associated with the ground station and other equipment manufacturing costs to reach one billion, the 48 unit are only 48 billion, and is the Chinese currency, not dollars.

The star chain plan proposed by Mas, there are 4,000 small satellites that are expected to be launched at the beginning. Later, it was found that 4000 is not enough, and it takes about 12,000 to complete!

The gap between the two is simply the gap between big brother big phones and Red Letter smartphones now!

“If you build this small satellite global communication and network system, then users all over the world can use communication and network services through our satellite signals…” Lu Zixin just found this huge business opportunity.

By then, Red Letter will no longer be limited to telecom operators everywhere, and will be able to provide telecommunications services to the world directly! And the network speed will also leap directly from the 4G and 5G eras to reach 6G network service. At that time, all intelligent services will not be limited by network speed, achieving the highest performance ratio.

This will be a huge idea that could change the communications and network services industry worldwide! This change is equivalent to entering the wireless era from the wired era, and Lu Zixin will do is to lead the world from the wireless era to the global super network era!

Thinking of this, Lu Zixin is full of blood, this is the epoch-making Science and Technology project. If it can be done, then US Federal Communications Commission will no longer be able to restrict Red Letters, unless they want US communications services to lag behind the world level, that is, they promise, the American people will not agree!

The target market for this project is now more than $2 trillion in telecommunications services worldwide each year!

If you want to become a reality, the road is long. It is only to establish a research base and develop small satellites. It is estimated that it will cost a lot of money and effort. This is only the beginning, and the subsequent work is more than 100 times.

Regardless of the complexity of the work behind, Lu Zixin is now working with RI-8901 and Iron Head to study the theoretical implementation of small satellites and projects.

Throughout the night, Lu Zixin was in a state of excitement, not feeling tired at all, and even forgot the passage of time.

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