BTC Chapter 278 : Intellectual Property Debate

Edited: XiaXue

Consumers worry that entrepreneurs are more worried and want to communicate with American companies, but with little success.

As American companies, they are naturally willing to charge higher intellectual property fees and get the support of US government. They are too happy to be there!

One of the most important ones is Qualcomm. In addition to Red Letter mobile phone, more than half of China’s smart products are equipped with Qualcomm chips, and not limited to mobile phones, other smart products, such as computers, drones, smart home appliances and cars have their smart chips.

A few years ago, Qualcomm’s intellectual property fees were higher, and it was the intervention of relevant departments in China that lowered the price. Now it seems that they have to rise again!

For a time, Qualcomm’s share price went up!

United States, California, San Diego, this is one of eighth largest city in the United States, a fairly developed Pacific Coast city, where Qualcomm’s Headquarters is located.

In the Headquarters building, Taylor Walker is drinking coffee and lying on the couch. The opposite him, is a few high-level executives of Qualcomm.

“See it? Just a small wind, we can reverse the situation, the stock will continue to rise!” Taylor Walker said with a smile.

Although he resigned from Federal Communications Commission, he is one of Qualcomm’s shareholders.

“This is only a short-term fluctuation. We want the exact news!” said the opposite executive. “As long as we increase the intellectual property fees in Chinese market, the annual net profit can increase by more than one billion dollars!”

“My friends in Ministry of Commerce have already told me that the White House will continue to increase the trade pressure on Chinese side, and we have earned!”

In the eyes of Taylor Walker, the eyes of big capitalists are so easy to be defeated, and their interests are complicated. Red letter also wants to influence the communications industry in United States, it is a dream!

At the same time, Lu Zixin is reviewing the latest research results in the research institute of China Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology.

“This is an 6G network smart chip based on 6G communication technology!” said the developer. “In terms of performance, the biggest difference between it and the previous red core is that it can adapt to 6G network and run and process data more efficiently.“

“It can be said that the smart products that reprinted red core 6G network smart chip will once again improve the performance. With the 6G network, the artificial intelligence service will be more convenient!”

For 6G network, other aspects of performance improvement are trivial, the most convenient is the artificial intelligence system. With such chips and networks, smart voice can become more user-friendly, and information collection and processing can be improved again.

“When the domestic 6G network is fully deployed, our smart products can be updated with the latest 6G network smart chip, and it is exclusive in China!” said the researcher excitedly.

“Domestic?” Lu Zixin smiled and shook his head. “This is the world’s exclusive! It’s not good to operate, I am really sorry for our network plan!”


At night, at home. Lu Zixin is sitting on the sofa and watching TV. The host of the news channel is reporting different opinions on the issue of intellectual property fees between China and United States.

“Today, White House spokesperson said that US side insists on a resolution to increase intellectual property fees and is preparing to file a complaint against China in International Trade Organization.”

“If they really raise the cost, you will have to starve a quarter of the mobile phone market!” Su Zhirong came over with the washed grapes and commented.

She wore white short sleeves with a vacuum inside, clearly revealing some shapes. The lower body is loose shorts, and the two jade legs are directly stepped on the sofa, stacked together, like a stack of tender tofu.

“Ah.” Su Zhirong used a green onion to send a grape to Lu Zixin’s mouth.

“They are afraid of thinking too much!” Lu Zixin said as he ate. “I want them not only to not raise their costs, but also to reduce the costs!”

Su Zhirong looked at him curiously and asked, “How?”

Lu Zixin said with a mysterious smile: “You guess.”

“Do you want to develop Red Letter mobile phone system?” Su Zhirong speculated, “If you open the Red Letter mobile phone system, then many domestic manufacturers will use Red Letter System, which is very large strike for US operating System!”

“This is also under consideration, but not just that,” Lu Zixin said.

Su Zhirong squinted his head, thought for a while, and guessed a few, Lu Zixin was shaking his head.

“Hate, what is it?” Su Zhirong sneered, grabbing the grapes that were sent to Lu Zixin’s mouth.

“Chip, 6G network smart chip!” Lu Zixin said with a smile, “Can’t use Qualcomm or other company’s chips, but also use our red core chip!”

“Chip?” Su Zhirong’s eyes lit up. “The latest chip has been researched? Great, and now we have the initiative!”

When she thought of, immediately took a laptop out of the room and started working.

“It’s time off work, it’s forbidden to work overtime!” Lu Zixin closed the laptop.

“Just a bit, I will adjust my work tomorrow!” Su Zhirong wants to get the laptop back.

“No! Things can never be done, we have better things to do.” Lu Zixin looked at her provocatively.

“But…” Su Zhirong was hesitant and looked at him pitifully: “We are not in the daytime… Is your physical fitness a bit too good!”

“So I have to help you exercise together!”


The issue of intellectual property fees is still heating up. A spokesperson for US Trade Representative Office asked China to comply with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights in the World Trade Organization and request consultations.

Domestic enterprises are even more aware of the crisis. In the smart phone industry, some big entrepreneurs are ready to negotiate together to see if they can get along with some countermeasures to deal with this crisis.

The place of negotiation was in Pengcheng, and those strong brands and suppliers were invited. Almost all of the top ten companies in the mobile phone industry in China were present.

They soon encountered a problem, do you want to invite a red letter? It can be said that the least affected by this incident is Red Letter Group.

However, as far as the mobile phone industry is concerned, Red Letter is already the largest enterprise in China. Without the participation of Red Letter, this Association of Commerce is not quite complete.

“Invite them to do?” Someone commented, “The current situation is too good for Red Letter. Our costs will increase, and Red Letter will be able to compete for the market further. It is useless to ask them to come.”

“I think it is necessary.” Tian Xiangshan said, “In the core technology field, Red Letter Group is the company with the most control among us. If they can cooperate with us, the positive effect will be great.”

“Do they?”

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