BTC Chapter 277 : Game

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Red Letter news made the members of US Federal Communications Commission almost mad!

From the establishment of the committee to the present, it is the first time I have encountered such a situation! In the past, in the communications industry, what they said was what!

In order to achieve dazzling achievements in other markets, Huawei has come to US market and said that the ban is forbidden.

But when it comes to red letter, it is not the same thing. When the ban was issued before, the plan for Red Letter to enter North American market was indeed frustrated.

They thought that the ban would be lifted, and red letter would enter US market and bring 6G mobile communication technology to United States.

Who knows, Red Letter actually refused! Yes, Red Letter does not bird them at all, refuses to enter US market, and has technically blocked them!

This is simply a shame! In the communications industry, they have only been technically blocked by companies in other countries. This is the first time that technology has been blocked!

“Damn red letter!” The committee chairman couldn’t help but yell in the office. “What do they think they are? Actually refused our kindness!”

In his thoughts, red letter should be grateful to them, and the result was replaced by a dismissive attitude. The Fed’s cancellation of the ban became a joke!

Other members were equally arrogant. It is said that one member had smashed red letter for an hour, but there was no use for it.

“Mr. Chairman, Mr. Flynn sent us an encrypted mail.” The female secretary said.

“The old thing, before he was trying to promote the ban, now wants us to draw red letter!” the committee chairman complained.

After he complained, he still had to formally face the rejection of Red Letter. According to the requirements of Red Letter, unless United States reduces damage to China’s consumer electronics and other related interests, they will consider entering US market.

But these are not what they can decide. This is a matter for the politicians in White House, they can only give their opinions.

Within the committee, a meeting was soon held to discuss the matter.

“Since they refused, it was their loss!” one member stressed, “We can also master sixth generation of mobile communication technology, do not need to rely on them!”

“But that takes time!” said another member. “We now only have 5G core technology, and it takes at least five to ten years to use 6G.”

Most people are silent, five to ten years, the relationship is too big. Now that Science and Technology is evolving, this time is too long! Enough to make a transformation in the whole industry.

“The White House will not compromise!” said the vice chairman. “This is not the scope we can handle.”

“But you must let them know the seriousness of the problem!” concluded the committee chairman.

Comments from Federal Communications Commission were submitted to White House, and the opinion stated that the state should relax some restrictions on the Chinese communications industry and give them fair treatment.

“It’s a bunch of ridiculous guys!” In White House, the Secretary of Commerce and White House chief of staff saw the report but did not agree.

“I really doubt that these people have received the money from Chinese people and actually speak for them!” The chief of the aides said, “They have made such unreasonable opinions.”

“Ignore it, every day, the opinions I receive here can be piled up in the mountains, let it be placed.” The Minister of Commerce said.

“It’s ridiculous small Chinese company dare to protest against us. The trade restrictions on China are not enough, so we should take more actions.”


Red Letter Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Lu Zixin sat in the office and watched the latest news from United States.

The US side did not make any compromises on Red Letter. Instead, it announced that some companies are developing sixth largest mobile communication technology, and it is expected that the application time will not be slower than that of China.

Not only that, they also affirmed that China does not respect the relevant intellectual property rights in United States and should increase the cost of intellectual property.

As soon as this news came out, everyone in the communications industry was at risk. If you really raise the cost of related intellectual property, many small businesses are estimated to close down directly!

Now the upstream companies in United States have already charged a high amount of intellectual property fees, and then the promotion is the blood of Chinese companies!

The communication industry, 4G, 5G core technology, chips, processors, mobile phone operating systems such as Android, IOS, etc., and some application software are developed by US upstream companies, Chinese companies have to pay high intellectual property fees.

“President, this news, the stocks of the relevant industries in United States will rise against the trend, and the stock prices of some companies in China are falling,” the assistant said.

“Many companies are now worried about the impact of rising intellectual property costs on them.”

“How is the impact on us?” Lu Zixin asked.

“The impact is not big, but it is definitely influential, reducing our certain profits.” Assistant said.

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin thought, most of the technology of Red Letter is self-developed, so the dependence on this is small.

However, if the American plan is successfully implemented, it will affect the entire Chinese communications market. The market is not healthy, and the red letter can’t develop healthily.

Red letter must not sit idly by, and take certain measures to let them know that the communication market in China is not easily affected by them!


Because the US has asked for additional intellectual property fees, the Chinese market has already had some impact.

In the media, experts have carried out a specific analysis of this matter.

“Once the intellectual property fees of related industries increase, the cost of the entire industry will increase in the current situation of China’s communications industry. Some small companies may face the risk of bankruptcy!”

“Large companies are also uncomfortable. Even some companies that claim to have many independent intellectual property rights will also increase costs. These increased costs are either borne by the companies themselves, they are subject to losses, or they are transferred to consumers. Products and services must increase in price.”

“In the long run, this is extremely unfavorable to China’s economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards. It is hoped that relevant departments can negotiate with US to suspend the implementation of this plan.”

People don’t know anything else, but they know one thing. If the cost of the company increases, the cost of buying mobile phones or telecommunications services will increase!

This is unwilling to see for any consumer.

Many people protested on the Internet: “Which price increases? They charge too much!”

“This is robbery! Too shameless!”

“Can’t you use their technology?”

“No, because the core technology is in their hands. Chips, mobile systems, software, these are theirs, but fortunately we will have 6G network soon, or 4G network fees will also increase prices!”

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