BTC Chapter 20 : New Group Members

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The people ofTencent game left with dissatisfaction, and their cooperation with the Red Letter game naturally broke down.

Liu Tong was a bit happy with Lu Zixin decision and was somewhat worried. Fortunately, Lu Zixin actually resisted the temptation of money. The worry is that Tencent game will really start to suppress them?

“General Lu, there are still some channels to contact us, or do I have to contact?” Liu Tong asked.

Lu Zixin nodded and said: “Cooperate with other channels, but our company and products must maintain complete ownership! These things will bother you.”

Tencent games, Kong Lin and others brought back Lu Zixin refusal to accept investment news, which makes the company’s top management very dissatisfied.

“How did you talk about it? There is not much room left?” asked a senior executive.

Cemetery shook his head and said: “.. You do not see that red-letter game’s boss, is a young man in his early twenties, proud and arrogant, and a little small achievement, thought he was invincible.”

“We proposed A few investment projects, he refused. He did not want us to intervene for a penny, and he was determined to do it alone!”

The top executive frowned: “Is he already signed a contract with other companies?”

“No!” Kong Lin affirmed, “We have investigated and other companies have contacted them. Similarly, any investment and acquisition are rejected by them!”

“So, it is really a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers!” High-level laughed, “Now This year, don’t rely on capital, do you want to go it alone? Oh, that is to find death!”

“Yes!” Kong Lin nodded. “Since they don’t cooperate, we don’t have to be polite.”

So, after a meeting. Tencent Game Company issued several instructions internally.

One: stop to promote “Desolate Battlegrounds” game on Tencent platform, and vigorously promote their own chicken game.

Second: in advance, we have already made a good quality chicken game, and grabbed “Desolate Battlegrounds” market!

Third: set up a new project team, in the shortest time (cottage) to develop a similar mobile game similar to “Desolate Battlegrounds”.

The three strategies, the goal is to fight the “Desolate Battlegrounds” and seize the mobile game market!

These actions, Lu Zixin have not yet known. But he just knows, and he doesn’t care too much. This is the case in shopping malls, and competition is inevitable.

On a busy day at the company, Lu Zixin returned to his home with a tired body. He has moved out of the small rental house and changed to a more spacious single apartment.

“Call, originally founding a company is so tired. I really want to find a secretary, there is a secretary, and there is nothing to do with the secretary.” Lu Zixin was lying in bed with a “big” character.

His ideal life is not a workaholic. It’s just that the company is starting now, and there are so many things.

Just take a break and his mobile phone pops up a message prompt. Those who can contact him at this time, except his parents, are the employees of the company.

Since the start of the business, he and his former classmates and friends have had little time to contact, and the relationship has faded a lot.

But this time, it is not imaginary situation to contact him. It is someone in Black Technology Chat Group.

Lu Zixin is very surprised, Red Queen will actually take the initiative to find himself to chat? Is artificial intelligence also lonely?

He clicked on it, Red Queen a top him, and with a doubtful expression as usual, asked: “Mr. L, you said, if I made a judgment, for the most part, sacrifice a small part, but violated The core ban, is this judgment correct or wrong?”

Mr. L: “[Emoticon: face-lifting] What have you encountered?” Lu Zixin really did not understand what he wanted to say to Red Queen? However, it can be seen that she must have encountered problems, and it is difficult to judge with her intelligent criteria.

Red Queen: “[Emoticon: baby is tired] Yes, I made a judgment. It is judged according to the priority level set by the program. I thought that it might be the wrong choice.”

Mr. L: “There is no absolutely correct choice in the world. From our human point of view, the choices we make are in line with our own bottom line and follow our own heart. That is the right choice.”

Red Queen: “[Emoticon: baby bowing] very Difficult to understand, thank you Mr. L, I will think about this problem.”

She finished, it shows then when offline.

“Thinking?” Lu Zixin is a bit strange. “Red Queen seems more and more humanized!”

At this moment, a group prompt appeared in his mind.

“The group activity has reached 100/100, and a random red envelope is obtained. The next activity is 0/200.”

A random red envelope is stored in group resources, and Lu Zixin can send it to the group members.

As the group activity increased, Lu Zixin found that the option to invite the group members also became brighter.

This means that he has begun to invite the next group member to join Black Technology Chat Group!

“Too good, finally can add people!” Lu Zixin was overjoyed, and quickly chose to randomly invite members.

Group Tip: “Inviting group member from Ten thousand realms, please wait…

“Don’t know who can I invite this time?” Lu Zixin was full of expectations, and the first group member was given a huge help.

Group Tip: “Tony Stark has joined the group.”

In the list of members of the group, there is a member named Tony Stark.

Lu Zixin opened his head and found it a steel helmet logo. He was so excited that he actually invited the legendary Iron Man?

In the member information, it reads: “Anthony Edward Tony Stark, from the Marvel Universe. The heirs of Stark Industries, inventors, playboys, billionaires. In military, machinery manufacturing, computer intelligence, There are outstanding achievements and inventions in the fields of new energy and energy!”

In fact, Lu Zixin has been worshipping this big brother for a long time. The most famous of Tony Stark is steel armor he developed, commonly known as Iron Man.

In the Marvel universe, superhero, alien world, the man who can occupy a place with technology!

When Tony Stark entered the group, he expressed doubts: “Black Technology Chat Group? What is this?” Lu Zixin quickly introduced the group to him, but this time there is no newcomer to introduce the task.

After a while, Tony Stark read and wrote: “Although I don’t know who you are, such a bad lie, can’t lie to me.”

Mr. L: “…”

Lu Zixin did not expect Tony Stark didn’t believe it. I really don’t know how this group is invited. Do you not explain before the invitation?

Tony Stark continued to speak: “My computer has Jarvis protection. You can come in black, it’s a bit of a skill. But what I want to emphasize is that I work very busy and don’t have time to pay attention to such a prank. Who are you?, what are the goals, hurry up!”

“Otherwise I will trace your information!”

Lu Zixin mind appeared: “Group mission – win trust.

Mission goal: win the trust of Tony Stark.

Mission reward: group space is on.”

“What is the group space?” Lu Zixin asked, and a group prompt appeared immediately.

“Group space is a sub-space between earth and ten thousand world. It can carry out physical storage and transportation functions. After the group space, the members of the group can exchange physical objects other than information.”

Lu Zixin understands that the previous Black Technology Chat Group can only exchange information. For example, he exchanges information with Red Queen, but there is no way to exchange goods.

After the group space is opened, they can use the group space as an intermediary to exchange physical objects.

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  1. This translation is starting to get better in the early chapters it was choppy like a kid just learning how to talk but i can see with every chapter it is getting better keep up the good work

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