BTC Chapter 472 : Guangtu Mining Industry

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Connor was confused. He is not only Henry’s butler. He has rich personal knowledge and experience, but he never see a machine like that.

Connor said: “Chief, this may be a new type of equipment. Anyway, we must quickly get our people back.”

Henry face was stern, his mood was extremely unhappy. He commanded: “You go to deal with this matter.”

After few hours. Military police from Kaduna State have reached the construction site. I have to say that their efficiency is very low. If accident really happen. Now the corpse have been sent to crematorium.

Even if dissatisfied. Guo Chu asked the security team to hand over the arrested persons to military police. The military police just made record and said that they would maintain construction safety. After that, they took the people away.

This incident did not end there. Because it caught Chief Henry’s handle. Through the embassy, Zhongnan Construction Group defended their rights.

For this reason. Kaduna local government had to beat Gora tribe. Those arrested people, all sent to prison. Chief Henry couldn’t get them out.

Because the presence of sky arm. He couldn’t interfere with the construction using the previous methods. So, it’s rare quietness for Zhongnan Construction Group. Taking advantage of this effort, they rushed and strive for an early completion.

In China, Lu Zixin just learned about this. Guo Chu sent a special message to express his gratitude to him, and said that he added an additional order of tens of millions.

“It’s a bit interesting, our Sky arm has this function.” Lu Zixin is naturally very happy to see that his group’s machinery has this ability.

“Sky arm has this function, that mechanical technology and with the maturity of smart technology, you can create truly complete robots.”

“In addition to thanking and ordering. He want to introduce a friend to me?” Lu Zixin saw behind, Guo Chu explained to him, would like to introduce a business friend, maybe they will cooperate.

“Sheng Wenyan, male, 53 years old this year, the current CEO of Guangtu Mining Group.” In front of Lu Zixin, Sheng Wenyan projection data emerged.

Hong Xiaoxiao continued to display other materials: “Guangtu Mining Group has been established for 18 years. Mainly engaged in the exploration and development of mineral resources, one of top 500 Chinese companies…”

“At present, Guangtu Mining Group is actively expanding the African market and has several mines in South Africa and West Africa…”

According to Guo Chu, Guangtu Mining Group mine is located next to the construction site of Zhongnan Construction Group in Nigeria. After learning about their latest machinery. Sheng Wenyan is very interested in it. He want to order large-scale mechanical equipment for mining from Pengyun Machinery.

In general. Lu Zixin can just hand it over to Pengyun Machinery manager. But, this time. He was very interested in meeting Sheng Wenyan.

In Red Letter Group industrial system, technology has always been a strong point. However, it is its weakness in the production of various machinery or raw materials for high-tech products.

As we all know, Africa is one of the important raw material producers in the world. If Red Letter Group can occupy a hole in African market and stabilize it’s raw material supply chain, the future industrial system can be more indestructible.

Lu Zixin and Sheng Wenyan agreed on the meeting date, just like an appointment.

The place where the two met was at Pengyun Machinery Co., Ltd. Sheng Wenyan has dark skin and deep wrinkles. He is more than 50 years old, but looks like someone in his 60 or 70. In terms of vision and thought, he is stronger compared with most young people.

Upon arrival. Sheng Wenyan visited some of Pengyun Machinery’s products and was full of praise.

“When we in Nigeria, we had to work hard for a mining right. We have encountered problems like Zhongnan Construction Group. In the end, it was heavy bleeding to get a little peace. If we have your machinery, I can see which one dare to mess our mines!” Sheng Wenyan looked at the mighty and domineering arm, sincerely said.

“President Sheng, the strength of our Pengyun Machinery is more than this.” The person in charge of Pengyun Machinery proudly introduced.

“Regarding large-scale mining machinery, we have the ability to design and manufacture. If you have an order, we can accept it all!”

“And there must be mechanical equipment as powerful as this sky arm.”

“The feelings are good. I’m here to place an order.” Sheng Wenyan laughed.

After a polite greeting, Sheng Wenyan and Lu Zixin went to private meeting room to discussed the real purpose of his trip.

“President Lu, you are doing high-tech Science and Technology, I know that you young entrepreneurs like to talk directly, I don’t sell off.” Sheng Wenyan simply laid a word and continued: “In fact, I came here, except to order your company’s products, I would like to ask if you can use your company’s technology to improve mining equipment.”

“For example, intelligent control for construction machinery. Can intelligent mechanical control system installed on our existing mining equipment to realize intelligent management of quantum computers? Or to make a more powerful mining machine…” Sheng Wenyan has a unique vision. After he learned about Sky arm and the special engineering vehicle. He not only wanted to buy and use it. And He thought about the technology represented by this construction machinery!

Intelligent control and high-power output. These are the core technologies of Pengyun Machinery, which other heavy industry companies do not have! As long these two available, no matter what kind of construction machinery, Pengyun Machinery can greatly improve its efficiency!

Lu Zixin smiled confidently and said: “There’s no problem with what you said! We can customize different machines for our customers.”

“Can it be accelerated? President Lu, what I mean, we have no problem paying the deposit now. I hope these machines can be designed and manufactured within this year.” Sheng Wenyan said.

Lu Zixin didn’t immediately agree, he asked: “President Sheng. You must be know as well. Design and manufacture of such large mechanical equipment and intelligent systems are quite responsible. It can be said that we are the first in the world! If you want to design in a short period of time. It may be very difficult to manufacture.”

Sheng Wenyan is smart person.  Seeing Lu Zixin didn’t immediately refuse. He hurriedly said, “In terms of funding, we will never be in arrears. I can pay first. As for the goods, it will be received later! I believe in Red Letter Group strength and technology!”

He didn’t say Pengyun Machinery. But did mention the name of Red Letter Group. Using Red Letter Group reputation and credibility as a guarantee. And what he said to pay first made Lu Zixin very surprised. The larger the enterprise, the lower the liquidity. Typically engineering construction. It is commonplace to be in arrears with the balance payment. They never have to pay in advance. Sheng Wenyan said that there must be some reason.

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