BTC Chapter 471 : Chief, they have secret weapons!

Edited: XiaXue

Master Zhou will naturally not be stupid. He controlled the robotic arm and turned the off-road vehicle several times on the ground. The driver inside was dizzy and the airbags popped up.

He did the same action. It’s easily overturned another off-road vehicle blocking the road.

Construction vehicle continues to drive towards another off-road vehicle. Several blacks holding guns against the security team saw it. They called out a few times, get in the car, stepped on the accelerator and ran away!

In this way. Black people who didn’t enter the car has been abandoned. A guy ran slow, actually caught by the Sky arm!

The intelligently controlled Sky arm can control the strength. Make him unable to break free without squeezing him suddenly.

Seeing his companion being caught in mid-air and being swayed by the Sky arms, the others were already scared! Which is construction machinery? This is a machine monster! Compared with other civilians, they are already more knowledgeable. But never seen such strange and powerful mechanical equipment in their lives!

“All put down the gun, kneel down, or you will end up like him!” The captain of security team shouted with a loudspeaker.

Only some black people are not honestly obedient. Only a few chose to raise their hands to surrender, and several others continue to escape.

Under Sky arm and security team cooperation. The security team caught a total of six troublemakers.

For these people, Guo Chu didn’t need interrogation. He knew they are from Gora tribe, and they were personal guards raised by Chief Henry.

Guo Chu and other workers sighed in relief. They thought they were going to suffer. Who knows, with the combination of special engineering vehicle and sky arm. Compared security team with guns, it’s more effective .

This robotic arm can’t be destroyed, even the other party wants to destroy it. Even hundred people come with excavator and forklift. It is estimated that, it will be easily overturned by Sky arm!

“Too awesome! Is domestic mechanical technology developed to such a point?” The workers curiously went around to watch.

“It feels like I saw Transformers!”

“Master Zhou, you can make a great contribution!” Someone complimented said.

Master Zhou looked happy and looked at sky arm with his eyes shining. Like seeing the treasure, he said: “This is the credit of this machine! Powerful, domineering!”

“Master Zhou, are you okay?” Guo Chu asked with concern.

“Nothing, President Guo! I’m very good, there is no problem.” Master Zhou said, suddenly remembered something, quickly went to check the location of engineering vehicle that was fired, fearing that the engineering vehicle had problems.

“Look, how Master Zhou looks at this machine now. It’s look more precious to himself!” Someone joked and the workers laughed.

“President Guo, what about these people?” The security captain has already controlled the people he caught.

“First shut up, wait for the military police to come over!” Guo Chu said, “Check the scene to see if there are any problems.”

He asked the workers, “Everyone, let’s take break. First, see the situation in these two days. After two days start working.”

Guo Chu has some concerns, there will be follow up problems.

Unexpectedly, a worker said: “President Guo, everyone are all fine. We have no problem with the equipment, we can start work now!”

“Yeah, boss, we can start work now! We are all fine.” The workers want to continue working. If there is no work, there will be no bonus, which is closely related to their income.

“With this Sky arm, I don’t think those people dare to come to trouble again!” Seeing the sky arm. The workers felt more relieved compared seeing the local military police.

“Yeah, they come one, I am packing one!” Master Zhou is more confident.

The security captain said too: “They shouldn’t come again. If, they want to make trouble again. Unless they could send a troops!”

Guo Chu knows that he is joking, and how Chief Henry is noisy, he can only steal people in private. If they dare to armed looting, without them, the local government will use means to clean him up.

“Well, anyway, waiting for military police to come, everyone will work hard.” Guo Chu agreed.

On the construction site, the machine roar was heard again.


At this moment, in Gora tribe, Chief Henry mansion, Henry is waiting for the good news from his men.

Among the black employees recruited by Zhongnan Construction Group, he has his eyeliner. Today, he learned they dared start work, Henry lost his temper. This group of Chinese people dared to ignore his authority on his site and had to give them a lesson!

So, he gave orders to his men this time. It is to make the other party completely unable to work. The equipment to be robbed or destroyed. If the workers dare to resist, they will be injured and wounded.

Now, he is waiting for the good news from his subordinates. According to the time, the other party’s construction site is estimated to be a mess!

“Chief, the news is coming!” Steward Connor put his customized diamond-encrusted red letter smartphone in front of him, and a virtual projection appeared.

Henry thought it was a picture of his subordinates asking for credit. Who knew he saw the panic faces of several blacks in the off-road vehicle.

“Chief, we are guilty, we broke it!” the subordinate reported with a guilty conscience.

“What’s wrong?” Henry frowned and asked.

“When we make trouble. Who knew they had robot hand. They smashed our car with it!” explained the man.

“Robot?” Henry couldn’t understand what they were saying, “What robots? You idiots, can’t you do such a simple thing?”


“They are all caught!”

Hearing this, Henry became furious and cursed: “Trash, can be caught! Are none of your guns loaded?”

The subordinates were aggrieved and said: “The mechanical monster is not afraid of bullets. It can easily pinch us to death! Chief, we can’t beat it!”

“A group of pigs!” Henry shouted. “What robots! Actually come up with such ridiculous reasons to deceive me, do you want to rebel?”

“Chief, we really didn’t lie to you, it’s a real robot hand, we have videos on our mobile phones!” These men are not stupid. When they escaping. They knew, they are going to be punished for running back. So, someone secretly record a video.

He opened the video.

Henry saw a huge mechanical arm-like object loaded on a large engineering vehicle.

The robotic arm can catch the off-road vehicle and throw it away, and it can easily catch people! This scene looks like watching a movie!

If it weren’t for the railway construction site of Zhongnan Construction Group and his subordinates that appeared in the scene, he really suspected that these bastards went to the special effects artist to make a picture to deceive him!

Even after watching this, He asked suspiciously: “Is this true? You are not lying to me? How could there be such a thing?”

“Absolutely true, I take my life to guarantee!” The man swears quickly.

“Connor, what do you think?” Henry asked the housekeeper.

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