BTC Chapter 13 : We are Very Strong

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Zhu An came in with Liu Tong, he had the same short hair, and was wearing a suit and tie. He looked like he was a strong figure full of confidence.

His pace is steady, with a smile, Zhu An and him were standing together, their temperament is obviously better.

“Hello, Mr. Lu, I am Liu Tong.” Liu Tong came over and reached out Lu Zixin to shake hands with him: “Welcome.”

In the office, the two sat face to face. Lu Zixin is looking at Liu Tong, and Liu Tong is looking back at Lu Zixin.

The CEO of this Red Letter game company looks very young, just like the newly graduated student, he thought.

Before leaving his job, he was a middle-level employee of the operation department of NetEase Company, with an annual salary of nearly one million yuan.
He can be said to be an elite person, the reason for leaving his previous job was because the career development has reached a bottleneck, and he was forced to leave due to various  other factors such as the family members that had been hospitalized because of illnesses.

Now he is looking for a job, and naturally he hope to find a better job than before. After all, his resume and work experience are both very good.

Some companies had already contacted him, and said they would of like to invite him to work. But Liu was thinking about, that he wants to go to an entrepreneurial company, so that the development potential is even greater.

So, he came to the Red Letter game under the introduction of the headhunting company.

When he arrived, he felt a little disappointed. He thought that it was just a startup company, but not really a company! Could you even call it a company ? It’s just like a game studio.

With their ability, whether or not they are able to make a game is a problem. The employees, and the boss also look so young, that they look like they had no experience.

Liu Tong began to doubt that this company is a rich second generation’s, for him to play with? If it is he will refuse it, this is not the place he wants to work in.

Lu Zixin has already seen Liu Tong resume, which is quite satisfactory. He asked: “Mr. Liu, I still want to ask a few questions. Why did you leave your company?”

Liu Tong answered truthfully, following which Lu Zixin asked: “How do you think a new game company operates?”

Liu Tong though for a moment, his opinions and answers were somewhat higher than Lu Zixin own opinions. Which was enough to show his rich experience, and areas were he is talented in.

After several questions had already been asked, Lu Zixin was left quite satisfied. The start of the new company had a need for such an experienced and aggressive old driver (veteran) to manage and drive (motivate) other employees.

Lu Zixin nodded: “Very good, if you are willing, our company’s operations manager position is yours!”

Liu Tong : “Thank you, Mr. Lu is optimistic. But because of my own personal reasons, I may have to consider it for a while.”

He said that he was considering it, but in fact, he did not want to work at Red Letter.

Lu Zixin knew what he meant, and some of the other interviewers had the same thoughts before. He smiled and said: “Do you feel that our company is small and has no room for development prospects?”

Liu Tong said in a polite tone: “It may be offensive to say it. I personally think that your company is not ready to open a decent game company. There are also some conflicts with my career planning, a million annual salary, is not that attractive to me.”

“What do you think a decent game company is?” said Lu Zixin.

To which Liu Tong replied: “A company that can develop and operate games by itself. Not the kind of inferior web game, at least it has to be a mobile game, or even a large online game.”

“Do you think Red Letter Game Company can’t do it?” Lu Zixin continued to ask.

Liu Tong shook his head: “I have been in this business for a long time, and I have seen many companies. Red Letter Game Company, in my opinion, has not yet produced ‘fine’ game for strength.”

“Then you will be proven wrong!” Lu Zixin said, “Our company has only just started, but we have already developed a sophisticated mobile game, and as long as it’s released, it will be successful!”

His tone did not gain Liu Tong trust. Instead, he secretly shook his head, many newcomers felt that their own things were very good. However, as soon as it was put on the market, it would immediately be shot down.

Look at Lu Zixin appearance, it should be a young man with only radical (interval) feelings. It’s a pity that he has to go home!

“I know that you may not believe it, but you can try our game first, and make a decision after.” Lu Zixin said.

The Red Queen eat chicken (pubg) mobile game that was given to him, is already a complete product. He also had professional computer and rented a server, although not yet fully operational, but for closed beta it wasn’t a problem.

“Is there a finished product?” Liu Tong asked since he wanted to refuse. He didn’t want to play.

However, Lu Zixin has already handed him the phone and said: “This is the “Desolate Battlegrounds”, a “Battle Royal” genre of mobile game. Yes, Mr. Liu, have you ever played chicken (pubg)?”

“Of course I played it!” Liu Tong affirmed, “As an insider, how can I not care about the hot chickens (pubg) now?”

He took Lu Zixin’s mobile phone, but keep in mind that Lu Zixin did not have time to change his phone. It’s a regular mobile phone with a price no more than 2,000 yuan.

Liu Tong was a little surprised that Lu Zixin actually uses this kind of mobile phone, which does not match with his identity!

He clicked on the game and said: “There are a lot of follow-up games in the market, and with the intervention of several major game giants, the competition is getting more and more intense. To be honest, I am not optimistic about such works.” The game interface has been opened already, proving that it’s running fast.

Lu Zixin said: “Because the game has not been released yet, the players inside are all A.I , you should try it first.”

Liu Tong points in, in the registration and login interface, the screen and the graphics is not bad. He commented in his heart: “The appearance is OK.”

In general, the follow-up works of such small companies usually draw a few posters. Once in the demo, there were all kinds of bugs, and the fluency was not satisfactory for all kinds of reasons.

Liu Tong casually created a match and started loading. He was a little surprised when he just entered the game.

The picture in the game is as clear as the ultra HD movie. The artist has done a considerable amount of work on the details, not to say anything else, at least it looks very comfortable!

Liu Tong wondered,  looking at the picture, just for this type of graphics you have to spend a lot of money, does this company have a team of graphic designers?

When the game is started, various operation keys were also displayed on the screen. Liu Tong tried to operate it. Here, to his surprised.

“Huh? This… this sense of control!”

“How is it?” Lu Zixin asked.

“Fluid!” Liu Tong said with a surprise. “It’s very smooth. I didn’t expect it to be so smooth. The keys are simplified and it’s very convenient!”

As an industry person, he knows the importance of these aspects. Mobile games are not better than computer games. The simpler the learning curve, the better, like the King of Glory that made Tencent come to the top!

But eating chicken (PUBG) mobile game is different, because it’s a shooting game and often you need to turn around in the game, so the operation is more troublesome. Even if a big game company makes it, there will be various problems with it.

But the one he played on is the best optimization! He is someone with a good eyes, but he still could not find any defects!

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