BTC Chapter 473 : Mining Rights

Edited: XiaXue

“President Sheng, take the liberty to ask, is there any problem with your group’s construction in Africa? If it is a technical issue, we can cooperate in depth.” Lu Zixin asked.

Sheng Wenyan thought a little bit and said: “It is not something that cannot be said. We have a total of two mine in Nigeria, and each development right is 30 years.”

“One place is a tin mine and one is an iron mine. According to the plan, there should be no problem. Recently we got inside information. The local government likely recovered our two mines mining rights!”

“Retracted? Did you have loopholes in the procedures??” Lu Zixin asked in confusion.

Sheng Wenyan smiled bitterly and said: “It’s not the case. We do everything in strict accordance with local management regulations. They learn European management law, which more complicated than at home. What we should spend, what we shouldn’t spend. We already donated tens of millions dollars to aid construction materials!”

“However, the political situation in that place is not stable, just the established policies can be revised!” Sheng Wenyan said here. Feeling helpless, “Now, they recognize our mining rights by the current government. Next year, they will held general election. According to our news, if several leaders is elected, they will take back our mining rights from us. For example, our 30-year mining rights. It will be forcibly shortened to three or five years. I can’t say the reason. it’s involved many interests and some things are not easy to say.”

“But the result is. If we can’t mine enough ore for a year. Our two mines have to be given for nothing to Nigerian government! The surveys and mines we have build and spent several years just given away for nothing!”

Because domestic entrepreneurs just doing business in China for a long time. This make them don’t understand some foreign routines. It may be surprising to hear this. In Africa, this kind of thing not the first time, it happens often.

In the past few years, many Chinese entrepreneurs went to Africa to expand the market. As a result, because government change. They reclaimed the management rights or mining rights or fined by various new policies and lost their money!

Because experience, Guangtu Mining wants to make preparations in advance to reduce possible risks.

“It turns out.” Lu Zixin nodded, “But this made me little nervous.”

“I can’t do anything, how much can I recover the cost?” Sheng Wenyan said, “Maybe luck is good. After one year, our mining rights have not changed?”

“I hope you have good luck,” Lu Zixin said, “In this case, then I will let the company find a way to prioritize your business to design and produce new machinery and equipment as soon as possible!”

“Thank you, thank you, trouble President Lu!” Sheng Wenyan hurriedly thanked.

“Don’t be busy to say thank you,” Lu Zixin said, “In fact, I have something to trouble President Sheng.”

“You say.”

“Guangtu Mining has strong strength, especially in the production of raw materials such as ore. And our Pengyun Automobile and Pengyun Machinery have special demand for raw metal materials. There is also Red Letter Group, which has great demand for raw materials for high-tech materials. Domestic market are basically saturated. We have considered going directly to Africa to purchase, or even mining raw materials.”

“But we are not familiar with raw material origins and policies of African countries. Can we cooperate with you in these areas?”

Before the negotiation, Lu Zixin had prepared the survey materials and previewed them in advance.

“Of course.” Sheng Wenyan agreed. Before, he worried not having a strong partner.

The raw material market in African market is very huge. He is afraid that it is not competition, but lack of strength to compete. You know, because of the problems left over from Africa’s history, the major players in African raw material market are multinational corporations from Britain and France. They are the real giants.

The former European powers, although they have declined in economic status. They still play an important role in the world economy.

In the African market, Chinese enterprises are really a rookie in the face of these large multinational corporations in Britain and France.

Red Letter Group is undoubtedly a giant company that has risen in the world economic arena. Sheng Wenyan is very happy to cooperate with Red Letter Group.

Lu Zixin has investigated, Guangtu Mining’s business in Africa is almost the best in Chinese companies there. Since there is such a relationship, cooperation is also a wise choice.

Both sides are interested, and the atmosphere of negotiation is naturally very harmonious. Lu Zixin immediately guarantees that he personally supervises and promotes Pengyun Machinery to create intelligent high-power mining machines.

Sheng Wenyan also promised to cooperate with Red Letter Group in raw materials. Provide them with a stable supply of raw materials or help Red Letter Group to enter African market.


“Mining machine? More efficient? I’m not a mining robot. I’m combat-type from Cybertron!” In private villa, Dongfang Hao emphasized. He spoke while drinking a can of concentrated gasoline. This is his drink.

“Have you learned so many drawings for nothing?” Lu Zixin asked rhetorically.

“Daddy, you have to figure it out.” Dongfang Hao explained, “Even on Cybertron. Mining robots are specifically classified. Just who? Right, Megatron. Optimus Prime’s enemy. He is miner at the beginning, then he rebelled.”

“When you were born, you just iron-headed !” Lu Zixin scorned.

“Today is different!” Dongfang Hao opened another can of gasoline. Making the room smell like gasoline, “Now I am a liquid metal machinery! Does anyone in Cybertron stars have a body like mine? What is a mining machine? Or let the idiot do it.”

“Zhang Qiang, can you handle it?” Lu Zixin asked RI-8901.

In order to not cause a suspicions, RI-8901 image is different from before. His bionic skin has more carefully treated, and his beard has been preserved. His burly figure looks like a Russian man!

“Master, in my database, there are hundreds of mining robot design drawings. According to different minerals, you can design different mining robots. Even magic gem mine robot, I can design!” Zhang Qiang replied.

“Mining robot?” Lu Zixin wanted to get a mining machine. I didn’t expect RI-8901 would have mining robots.

“Show me the information.” Lu Zixin said.

“Yes, Master.” RI-8901 transmitted the data to Hong Xiaoxiao quantum database. Then shows it to Lu Zixin after Hong Xiaoxiao intelligently screened it.

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