BTC Chapter 369 : 10 million rewards!

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The evaluation of China People’s News is relatively pertinent. It does not directly refute virtual projection technology. Instead, it suggests that the regulatory authorities should improve the supervision system for new things, and guard against the use of new technologies in the hands of criminals.

Affected by this, the number of players in Red Letter game and the sales of game equipment have all dropped significantly. Even the sale of virtual projection equipment by Red Letter Electronics has experienced different degrees of decline.

However, the police still did not find any clues. The source of this black game industry chain is very good. All they can do is to seal up some bar and equipment.

Red Letter Group was affected by the storm and immediately responded to this.

Red Letter Group announced: “All the virtual projection contents of Red Letter Group will cooperate with the review of relevant departments to blur or reduce the projection content that may cause psychological discomfort.”

“Any user who uses Red Letter’s virtual projection design software should abide by the usage specifications. Once it violates, Red Letter Group will cooperate with him for legal responsibility.”

“Red Letter Group rewards 10 million for finding clues to the producers of “Crazy Me”, “Escape”, “Devil Chamber”. If there is a clue, you can contact the official hotline or network channel staff… 10 million rewards!”

This statement is a good reputation for the Red Letter Group. Strictly speaking, this is not the responsibility of Red Letter Group, but Red Letter Group has still set an example, especially the 10 million rewards, so that the masses are more interested.

“10 million! I am going to get rich and rely on this wave! I am going to take time off to be a detective!”

“Who made this game? Come out, you can’t run, just tell me, I will divide you five million, I will take five million!”

“Tell me, I only have one million, and the other nine million are yours!”

“Red letter is good, there is power!”

“Everyone is scattered, how can I find it? No information, no reason, I don’t even know where to play these games!”


Because of 10 million rewards, many media have quickly rushed, forwarded or published reports. For a time, there were a lot of clues on the Internet, most of which were fabricated, and some were clueless.

Red Letter Group, this matter has been treated as the most important thing in the group. Not only is a subsidiary of Red Letter Games, but other subsidiaries are also mobilized to handle this.

Jiangcheng, in Red Letter Virtual Entertainment Co., Ltd., the high-level representatives of each subsidiary gathered here to discuss the solution of the matter.

“President, we thoroughly checked our game platform overnight, and we can be sure that these games did not appear on our game platform from the beginning.” Liu Tong said first, “In addition, we checked the sales channels of the equipment, which is very complicated. I can’t find a clue.”

“How did the game come out? Is there any clue?” Xue Yao asked, the Red Letter game was already ready to be included in red letter virtual entertainment, and it was under her jurisdiction.

I didn’t think of it, but it also affected the company’s plan.

“No.” Liu Tong shook his head. “Our virtual projection design software is open source and can be used as long as it is downloaded. The technology used to make the game is not very clever, but they deliberately add to the bloody, violent and erotic content to the game.”

When the virtual projection design software was first introduced, Red Letter Group was designed for the purpose of mass use. This is the same as the mobile phone system. Why do you want to use a certain system, not because the commonly used software is based on the System?

The same is true for games. The more virtual projection games appear, the better it is for Red Letter. Previously, there were no illegal games, but they were all banned.

This event is not because the other party has mastered the high technology, and has changed to some other game companies, but also has the strength to make such games.

The worst thing is that they are the most daring, the game has the largest scale, and it has been successfully spread to the whole country.

“Liang Song, what progress has you made over there?” Lu Zixin asked.

“We cooperated with the public security department to track the source of the game and found some fake websites and download addresses, all of which were foreign servers and could not trace the source.” Liang Song reports.

“According to the information currently available to the public security agencies, this black industry chain involves more than one billion yuan in funds! They checked from the source of funds and found that money has been transferred to overseas, and there is no way to track it in detail.”

“We suspect that the beneficiaries behind the scenes are not at home.”

Liang Song said that it is not unreasonable. Many black-handed people on the Internet have deliberately lived abroad in order to escape legal sanctions. Some countries with imperfect legal systems and not much cooperation with China.

In this way, even if there are some clues in the country, there is no way to continue to investigate, and they will still go unpunished.

“It’s just abroad, let me find them out!” Lu Zixin ordered. “You can’t count on others this time, and invest more resources.”

In fact, after the crackdown by the regulatory authorities and the public security department, these illegal entertainment and games are no longer a weather.

But in any case, there will be a few residuals, which will repeatedly undermine social stability and endanger the reputation of Red Letter Group.

The most important thing is that you can’t be inspired by other people with ulterior motives! If these people see these criminals making use of new technology to make money, and they are still at large scale, it is certain that these black industries will grow like weeds and have more patterns, except that they are not clean!

Lu Zixin’s goal is to kill chickens and monkeys, so that these people can see that it is not easy to use new technology to break profits. It must pay a heavy price! This is why he issued a reward of 10 million.

“Okay, I will arrange a few more teams to conduct an external network survey and try to find their information!” Liang Song immediately arranged.

Lu Zixin looked at Xue Yao again and asked: “What are the useful clues provided by the masses?”

Xue Yao shook her head helplessly and said: “There are too many clues, almost all of them are trying to make money. We can’t sort out the details, too many false information, and delay us and the police.”

“Continue to stare, tell me if there is news.”

After Lu Zixin arranged, he also went to Red Letter Software Development Co., Ltd. to conduct network tracking together.

But even with his big master, there has been no progress. First of all, the other party is not at home, and it is difficult to track the external network. Moreover, they have cut off the network channels they used before and erased the traces. Lu Zixin also feels quite troublesome.

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