MST Chapter 164 :

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Guo Shan mood has been calmed down, but the sorrow between words can’t disappear.

“Teacher Ding Xiang is a good person. She teaches children in our village. It is seven years in a village. Seven years later, the little lady in her twenties turned into a big girl of 30. Many people in our village advised her to go. They was afraid that she would be delayed, but Teacher Ding Xiang’s would worry about the children in the village and insisted on not going.”

There is a middle-aged man in the position behind Guo Shan who listened and said, “The seven years are not too long.” Because of his close proximity, his voice was clearly passed into the microphone.

There is a trace of anger on Guo Shan face. “Seven years is not long? Seven years! How many seven years are there in life, and it is seven years in the best youth!”

At this time, Liu Chiyan on the stage answered. “Seven years relative to a lifetime is indeed not long, but not short.”

The audience turned back to look at Liu Chiyan, and the camera was refocused on the stage.

Liu Chiyan slowly said, “Well, that is the life of Teacher Ding Xiang.”

The audience glimpsed together.

Liu Chiyan: “During the seven years of teaching support, Teacher Ding Xiang suffered from cancer and unfortunately passed away on 6.2 of last year. Not long ago, this Lilac, Ye Guang and the writers of Provincial Writers Association participated in the group activities. They happened to walk to Doutang Village and ran into Teacher Ding Xiang’s death day. After knowing the story of Teacher Ding Xiang’s, Ye Guang tell me about the trip to Doutang Village that day.”

“He told me that on that day, Doutang Village’s household doors and windows were all white, and the whole village is plain.”

“On that day, the trembling grandmother who walked in her 80, the baby waiting to be fed, and the pregnant women with big bellies, regardless of men, women or children in the village, more than 100 people, one of them spontaneously pays homage to Teacher Ding Xiang.”

“Teacher Ding Xiang was buried in a very distant mountain. Lilac is everywhere in the mountain. Teacher Ding Xiang likes Lilac most. Because her name is it, the villagers buried Teacher Ding Xiang’s on the top of the hill where the lilac blossoms are most colorful.”

“Mountain roads are not easy to walk. Old people can’t walk, so they should be carried by the young and strong. Pregnant women are inconvenient to support, and children and adults are holding them. No one has a complaint.”

There was some silence on the scene, and there was a feeling of mourning spreading.

Liu Chiyan: “On that day, Ye Guang and the writers also went to worship Teacher Ding Xiang and presented a bundle of Lilac to Teacher Ding Xiang.”

That day, when the children in the village worship Teacher Ding Xiang, they sang a song to Teacher Ding Xiang. It is a great honor to be my song. The children said that Teacher Ding Xiang was my fan during her lifetime, and I am honored.”

“Ye Guang’s feelings on that day were very big. It was at that time that Lilac was made. Every word and every sentence of this song is what Ye Guang saw and heard that day. This song is Teacher Ding Xiang’s life for a long time. Today’s proposition is a teacher, so I thought of Teacher Ding Xiang, so I insisted on singing this song. This song is for you, and even for my fan Teacher Ding Xiang. I am honored to be able to sing this song for her. ”

Guo Shan bowed deeply to Liu Chiyan, “Thank you! Thank you very much! I believe that Teacher Ding Xiang will be very happy to know that her idol will sing a song for her. Thank you very much!!”

After listening to the story of Teacher Ding Xiang’s, the audience at the scene was a little sad, and some sentimental girls quietly wiped their eyes.

Several judges and teachers were also sad, and the oldest Old Zong spoke up. “Teacher Ding Xiang is is indeed a teacher worthy of admiration, a small woman, but she has done things that countless big men do not have the will to do.”

Sui Si’s eyes are a bit red, women always more sentimental. “Teacher Ding Xiang is gone, is there anyone in the village to teaches?”

Liu Chiyan nod: “Yes, there is a teacher named Zhao Lei who teaches children in the village. He was originally Teacher Ding Xiang pursuer. Because he pursued Teacher Ding Xiang, he stayed in the village with Teacher Ding Xiang. After Teacher Ding Xiang’s death, Teacher Zhao Lei took over the burden of Teacher Ding Xiang’s and has been teaching in the village.”

“Teacher Zhao Lei is also a very admirable teacher. Ye Guang has seen him. He once asked him if it is worth it. Ye Guang told me that Teacher Zhao Lei’s answer was not completely remembered, but some words I remember very clearly.”

Liu Chiyan paused and continued. “Teacher Zhao Lei said, ‘I have to be here with her’, ‘the children must have been taught. Before is her, now it is me’, ‘someone has to do this.’”

After Liu Chiyan finished, the audience was quiet for a few seconds.

Then the audience shouted, “Goddess Liu, sing Lilac again!”

In an instant, the studio was lit.

“Sing it again!”

“We want to listen to Lilac!”




Ren Keling: “Everyone please calm down, there are restrictions on the time of the show. Please calm down. Friends who like Lilac can watch the replay online after the show ends. Our program is live, the time of this game has arrived, and there may be no way to satisfy everyone’s wishes.”

Ren Keling tried to stop the audience who were calling out loud, but the audience did not hear it, but the shouting voice became neat.

“Encore! Encore!”

“Encore! Encore!”

Ren Keling and Yi Shan looked at each other and turned their attention to the director.

The program director is also very aggressive. He can’t be the master of the show. However, if you look at the audience, if you really refuse the audience, they will not give up, so the director directed the audience on the scene.

The director looked around the audience with a week of enthusiasm and sighed, “Let’s delay.”

So, Liu Chiyan re-sang Lilac again on stage.

You say you love lilac flowers the most, Because for your name the word is her.


When the flower shrivelled, When the painting surface is fixed


Just this kind of hasty you’re gone. Leave to me a lifetime of hanging.


That grave, full of fresh flowers. Is how much you are thirsty for beauty


You listen, ah, there’s someone singing. That song you love the most, huh?.

The world is more, less, more and less, From this not necessarily again involved” [X-N: Lyric is here]

Listening to Lilac again gives the audience a different look and feeling.

Originally, I only decided that this song is good, but after listening to Teacher Ding Xiang story, I went to listen to this song, but it was not just good.

Every sentence in the lyrics, every paragraph, like a picture, appears in the minds of the audience, and more of them are moved and sentimental.

Ye Guang is in the lounge, his hands crossed over his chest, leaning on the Sofa, his eyes open, his thoughts don’t know where to fly.

A lot of sentimental girls at the scene have already had pears and rain tears in their faces.

In front of TV, countless viewers listened to the song.

Or silence, or grieve, or gently wipe the corners of your eyes.

On this day, countless viewers watching The Strongest Voice in front of TV set a tear for a stranger.

Emotions can be transmitted.

Doutang Village.

The old stubborn guarded in front of an old black and white TV set.

“Girl, have you heard it? Did you hear it?”

“You listen, your favorite celebrity is singing your song, have you heard it? Boo hoo hoo…”

This night, if you walk into Doutang Village, you can hear the cries everywhere.

After a song was finished, someone in the judges spoke.

“The program group, some of our judges may have made mistakes.”

“We asked to vote again!”

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