BTC Chapter 370 : Dark Network Information

Edited: XiaXue

Two days later, the discussion on homicide in the society has almost disappeared, but the topic of illegal use of virtual projection technology is still being debated.

As for the producers and beneficiaries of the illegal games, the police still did not find them, but it has been determined that these people are not in the country.

At this time, the 10 million rewards of Red Letter played a role. In front of 10 million, some people can’t resist the temptation and provide some effective clues to Red Letter Group.

In front of a computer, Red Letter’s staff is in contact with the person, and Lu Zixin and other high-level people are staring behind.

“Hello, may I ask you if you can provide information on the activities of criminals? Is it true and reliable?” asked the staff of Red Letter.

“Absolutely true. Because I used to trade with them before and bought their games.” The person communicated with them by mail. The nickname of the mailbox owner is a bunch of messy symbols, which is a random fight. The mailbox is a foreign address, and the network address is also difficult to check.

“Did you find anything?” Liang Song asked the staff next to him.

“No!” The staff shook his head. “This person is very cautious. It should be a hacker. His address is abroad, and it is still fictional.”

“Continue to talk and see what information he has.” Lu Zixin commanded.

Prior to this, this person provided some information to them, which is part of the sales channels of the game, which made them believe that this person really knows something.

“Hello, please provide us with the necessary information, we will pay you according to the importance of the information.” Red letter staff sent an email again.

The other party replied: “No, I want all 10 million. I also took a lot of risks, this information will definitely work for you!”

The staff looked at Lu Zixin and Lu Zixin said directly: “Promise him.”

“We agree with your terms, but only if your information is useful.”

“Absolutely useful! I will save these emails. If you don’t pay me for my promise, I will send it to the Internet! Let everyone see your credibility!” The other stressed.

“You can rest assured that our Red Letter Group has said it.”

“Well, the information is in the attachment. My 10 million must be given to me via Bitcoin. The sooner the better!” The other party sent a data attachment directly.

He was very wary. Through digital currency, Red Letter Group could not know who got the reward and then inquired about his information.

“Open the data and be careful not to be hacked!” said Liang Song.

The staff is ready to download the data for viewing.

There is not much content inside, but it is really useful. The other party gave them some sales channels for the behind-the-scenes team, which are not yet detected by the police.

And they found that in addition to the previous three games, they also have some other erotic, crime, gambling games, and even virtual projection video!

Simple estimates, the funds involved are far more than the billions mentioned before, it is possible to turn up several times!

The most important of these is that he provides a dark net address, which is one of the games where the beneficiaries of the game are often active, and there is important information on it.

“Go to this dark web! Be careful, you can’t be found!” Lu Zixin confessed.

“It is being cracked.” Red Letter network information security staff started work together, ready to visit.

The dark network is not one or a few special network addresses, but all networks hidden under the bright surface of the Internet. No special channels, completely inaccessible.

The deeper the involvement, the more complicated the dark net is and the harder it is to find it.

The dark network of the clue provider is one of the most complex ones, and it is very difficult to access its data.

Fortunately, the staff of Red Letter is already the world’s top computer master, and Lu Zixin is staring behind, and soon obtained the qualification to enter the dark network.

When the website is opened, it is a weird clown screen, smiling at the people, the dark color and the environment rendering make people look uncomfortable at first glance.

Lu Zixin directly cracked the external network defense, and then entered the dark web home page, jumping out of a row of English subtitles “Welcome to the night house, the wanderers in the night!”

Inside the night house website, there are malls, forums, chat rooms and so on.

Among them, Lu Zixin saw illegal virtual projection games and video resources.

In the shopping mall industry, its sellers also made a detailed introduction to the goods.

“These games are carefully crafted by our team, and everything you can’t imagine is there…”

“At present, we have put several games in the market in China and surrounding countries, and achieved very good response…”

They also posted some transaction records, all of which are digital currency transactions. No wonder no one can find out that through the decentralized digital currency, the official can’t find these private transactions.

In addition, the merchants also exposed a pile of watches, gold ornaments, and mosaic photos of beautiful girls who have earned through this game.

Behind the introduction, it reads: “We will provide the virtual projection game resources and equipment resources you need!”

“Is it?” Liang Song suspected. “If they are just one of the channels?”

“That’s also a big fish!” Lu Zixin said. “They definitely know the behind-the-scenes production team, and even they are those people! These virtual projection games, no high-level team can’t make it!”

“Especially for the modification of the smart products we sell, they definitely have advanced technical talents.”

“President, now we are handing this information to the public security department, or…” Liang Song asked.

“Check it first!”

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