BTC Chapter 358 : Little white face?

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Rejected by Xue Yao, Feng Youan’s face could not be hanged. A celebrity next to him said with a smile: “Jump a dance, it will take a long time. General Feng did not invite us, invited you, it seems to appreciate Miss Xue.”

Feng Youan also took the opportunity to say: “That is of course, Miss Xue is such a good person, anyone must take a high look. In fact, the project you just mentioned, I think we can discuss it later. Now, relax first.”

He made an invitation again, and the words gave people an illusion. It seems that as long as Xue Yao promised to dance with him, the talks would be like a play.

Ding Yi gave Xue Yao a look and gestured to her promise, how can she miss such a good opportunity? It is a matter of course for a pretty woman to take advantage of her own strength. Anyway, dancing will not be a piece of meat.

“Sorry, my friend is coming soon.” Xue Yao did not see Ding Yi’s eyes, and refused directly.

Feng You’an’s expression suddenly fell cold, although he did not say anything, but his heart has decided that Xue Yao’s proposed cooperation does not need to talk, and directly refused.

“General Feng, is it better to teach me to dance? People always want to learn!” There is a model next to him took initiative to invite, her cheongsam is split to the thigh root, some look.

“Yeah.” Feng Youan nodded. At this moment, he saw Xue Yao’s eyes lit up. She said hello behind the ultra: “Here!”

Her eyes and tone are not like when she refuse Feng You’an, but the surprise and enthusiasm, which makes Feng You’an feel a little uncomfortable.

He looked back and saw a young and handsome young man coming over. He was unfamiliar with this person. He looked too young and handsome, like a male model.

“Isn’t it a little white face?” Feng You’an thought in his heart that the rich women had long been familiar with this kind of thing. I just didn’t expect Xue Yao to be one of them. I have to say that this little white face is really delicious, and several women around him are showing a very interesting look.

He is cold in his heart, isn’t he a duck? What counts, this Xue Yao is too ignorant, actually because the duck licked his face.

“Good guy! Who is he?” Ding Yi asked curiously.

“Well, a very good friend.” Xue Yao can only say this, in fact, she would like to say that this is her boyfriend, but thought of Lu Zixin and a true girlfriend, had to hold back.

“This beautiful lady, can you please a dance?” Lu Zixin walked up gentlemanly and reached out.

“I am honored.” Xue Yao extended her jade hand with a big smile on her face.

Lu Zixin gently kissed her back and pulled her into the dance floor. With the music, the two shook gently.

Feng You’an was next to them, and his unfriendly eyes swept Lu Zixin several times.

Lu Zixin whispered in Xue Yao’s ear and said, “How do I feel that the person is hostile to me?”

Xue Yao whispered with a smile: “Don’t care, just talking to him about business is not very enjoyable.”

“What’s wrong?” Lu Zixin asked.

“A project, looking for cooperation with Dayuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., he is the deputy general manager of China District.” Xue Yao said.

“You said earlier, I just talked to the president of Dayuan. He really wants to cooperate with our company.”

“Well, you will recommend it for me.” Xue Yao said.


The look of the two relatives makes Feng You’an feel more jealous. When he got to this identity, the average woman was a good skin, and it was difficult to get into his eyes.

If he is the kind of feeling brought about by the status, such as Xue Yao, the president of red letter virtual entertainment, the female president. The female CEO of business world is originally few, she is still beautiful, and she is single and uninformed. Xue Yao is absolutely unique.

And this woman, actually like a little white face, is really a waste!

Ding Yi was also surprised to see this scene, she contacted Xue Yao for a few months, do not remember Xue Yao has a boyfriend and other people. This person, is it her little lover?

Looking at Feng You’an’s face, it is estimated that Xue Yao’s project is not good.

A dance jumped down, Xue Yao’s face was reddish, almost intoxicated here.

“President Xue, this is your friend, introduce it?” Ding Yi asked curiously.

“His name is Lu, we are colleagues and good friends.” Xue Yao said briefly, she did not say all to Ding Yi.

Lu Zixin is just said with a slight smile : “Hello.”

Ding Yi saw that Xue Yao did not introduce the position and identity, and her heart was more determined. This must be her little lover, and it was inevitable that she would despise a few points, but only politely returned.

The reception was held for a while, and soon it was going to the main body – charity.

This charity party is a relatively private event and there will be no media coverage, but the amount of the donation will be announced.

As the honorary president of the charity association, Pang Mingyuan, president of Dayuan Real Estate, has already arrived at the venue. As soon as he arrived, he immediately became the center of the reception. No matter who is going to ask for a good or a good drink.

In addition to him, Zhang Dezhang and Zhang Kaile have arrived.

“I went to bathroom,” Lu Zixin said.

“Yeah.” Xue Yao nodded.

When Lu Zixin left, Ding Yi poked Xue Yao and said: “Sister Xue, Zhang Kaile is there!”

“Let’s visit him! Your project may be able to talk to him!”

“Wait for my friends.” Xue Yao said.

“Sister Xue, don’t bring him together. We are talking about business, he went to bathroom. Young master Zhang not pay attention to it, we go to the best.” Ding Yi suggested.

Xue Yao smiled and said: “No hurry.”

The event is about to begin and the guests are starting to take their seats. This charity reception will not only donate money, but also donate some items.

The guests are all seated, the business elites are sitting together, they are the main force, the star models sit on one side, sitting on the periphery without a reputation, being an audience.

“Miss Xue, today our President is coming, and he should stay in Shanghai for a few days.” Feng Youan came over and said to Xue Yao, “If you still want to talk about the previous project, you can contact me after the meeting, if not question, I may be able to introduce you to him.”

“Thank you.” Xue Yao said thank you, but did not “seek” him. Once again, Feng Youan touched a nail. He originally wanted to show his strength.

At this time, Lu Zixin came out of the bathroom and was ready to sit. Next to Xue Yao, he was given a position.

He is about to take a seat, Feng Youan is one step ahead, said with a slight smile: “Friends, there are people here. You can go there.”

He pointed to the seat on the outside, the position of the three or four line artists and small entrepreneurs, the meaning is very obvious, he thinks that Lu Zixin is not worth sitting here.

After that, Feng Youan sat on it, and the scene was awkward.

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