BTC Chapter 357 : Experience Room Projects

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In the corner of the reception, Xue Yao is chatting with several business elites, both men and women.

“General Feng, you can consider this project of projection experience room. We have piloted three areas in Jiangcheng, and the response is good. If we two cooperate, we should be able to become a hot game project.”

Xue Yao is marketing an investment project, Virtual Projection Experience Room, recently launched by Red Letter Virtual Entertainment.

This experience room will be able to play a variety of virtual projection equipment, a variety of virtual projection games, movies, and entertainment equipment. It is an evolutionary version of VR experience room, more attractive and entertaining than it.

“Well, it’s hard to say!” said the young man opposite her, pretending to be in a dilemma.

This person is deputy general manager of Dayuan Real Estate China District, named Feng Youan, who is mainly responsible for the commercial real estate of Evergrande Real Estate China District.

The virtual projection experience room that Xue Yao is going to promote, if you need to quickly roll out the country, you need a strong partner like Dayuan Real Estate. They have their own commercial real estate in major cities across the country and are best suited for such projects.

“General Feng, I can show you the data. We have conducted market research in all the first-tier cities and second-tier cities in the country. Most of the respondents expressed their willingness to go to such a virtual projection experience room for a play experience. In the pilot area, it is definitely a long-term profitable project.” Xue Yao tried to convince him.

“Like the current game hall, almost every commercial plaza has a game hall. What we have to do is to have another virtual projection experience hall in each commercial plaza!”

“This is just your subjective view. The real market industry is difficult to control. It needs to conduct all-round investigation and analysis.” Feng Youan is talking about something meaningless in the mud.

“I don’t want you to say that every day in my office, I can get a bunch of letters of intent for cooperation. Every one is blowing, but there are very few successes.”

“Red Letter’s games and movies have proved its appeal. The virtual projection experience room is not our decision, but has facts!” Xue Yao argued.

However, Feng Youan is still not interested in this, saying: “If Red Letter virtual entertainment wants to rent a store, we can talk about it. Others still have to be carefully considered.”

He is a “faithful” real estate agent. In Feng You’an view, what can be done to make real estate money? The land is in hand, whether you are doing well or not, you have to pay the rent for them. It is a steady profit, there is no need to cooperate.

As for other aspects of investment, he has never considered this issue. It is a matter for directors to discuss. He does not have the qualification to participate.

Xue Yao also wants to say something, Feng Youan interrupted: “Miss Xue, let’s not talk about this now, first drink, business, talk later. I am still very happy to be a friend with Miss Xue.”

When he spoke, his eyes were always staring at Xue Yao, with a look of appreciation and interest. Even in the occasion of this gathering of ladies, Xue Yao is also a bright pearl, which is eye-catching.

“Yeah, it’s more disappointing to talk about business now.” A lady next to me said, “Sister Xue also relaxes, drink a little wine, enjoy the singing and dancing vocals, and then dance to the dance floor.”

Xue Yao smiled politely and declined to comment.

“Miss Xue, you can hold up the big company like red letter virtual entertainment, it is really a hero. Come, I respect you a woman hero.” Feng Youan toast, Xue Yao symbolic one sip.

“General Feng, you only respect Sister Xue, do not respect us?” The next lady said.

“Of course, respect.” Feng Youan said with a smile, he enjoyed this feeling.

Taking advantage of Feng You’an and other socialites chatting and drinking, Xue Yao was pulled into the bathroom by a female friend next to him, then whispered, “President Xue, you are looking for the wrong person.”

This is a senior manager of a film and television company, Ding Yi, who often mixes circles and is more familiar with the elite than Xue Yao. Because their company is currently working with Red Letter Film and Television to invest in virtual projection movies, it is closer to Xue Yao.

“This Feng, it is more difficult to talk. Our company was looking for them to cooperate and invest in the theater a few years ago. I broke my mouth and didn’t convince him. I was still looking for another vice president to talk about cooperation.” Ding Yi shook her head.

“You don’t expect him.”

“Is it so difficult? When I checked it, he also made several big cooperations. Is it very powerful?” Xue Yao wondered.

“As a deputy general manager, of course, he has to do things. That is, that…” Ding Yi felt that it was inconvenient to say, and said in a vague way, “I don’t see hawk don’t eat rabbits, it’s costly, it’s not worthwhile.”

“Oh, I understand, thank you for reminding me!” Xue Yao knows, and simply said that this deputy general has to think carefully, to be good.

If it is a small interest, she does not care, but if the other party’s conditions are too high, she can only think of other ways.

“Sister Xue, I think your project is very good. You just don’t look for Dayuan Real Estate. You can also find Wan Family Real Estate! Today, this cocktail party is initiated by young master Zhang of Wan Family Real Estate, you can go to him.” Ding Yi suggested a road.

Xue Yao said, she said: “Wan Family Real Estate has its own business eco-chain, which has always been played by itself. It is estimated that cooperation is also difficult.”

“Try it, you are a subsidiary of Red Letter, this is a gold signboard, let go with 50%.” Ding Yi said.

“But it’s hard to see young master Zhang. It’s been so many years. I have seen him many times in various activities. I haven’t said more than three times. But this person has always been friendly to the beauty, you must be sure.”

Xue Yao smiled and said: “Forget it, I still have a killer. I will talk about it later.”

“Killer?” Ding Yi has some doubts, what killer?

The two left the bathroom, and there were already people on stage to perform.

Is a first-line female star, the appearance of the thief is high. She is now dressed in the costumes of the Republic of China, holding a retro microphone and singing the popular songs of the last century on the stage.

The melodious music sounded and the lights flickered. Some men and women had already entered the dance floor with their hands and swayed gently.

“Miss Xue, can I invite you to dance?” A man smiled and walked over, just Feng Youan. He drank some wine and was slightly drunk.

Xue Yao smiled slightly and refused: “General Feng, I am sorry, I am waiting for a friend, there is still something to talk about.”

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