BTC Chapter 359 : Charity Donation

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Xue Yao can’t wait to drop the table, next to the name of Feng, who looked down on her man. She has already pulled this person into her blacklist, that is, the company project can’t do it, and she is no longer polite to him.

“There is no seat here, let’s go there.” Xue Yao took the initiative to stand up and hold Lu Zixin’s hand in the eyes of everyone.

“Let’s go.” Lu Zixin took her, not to the periphery, but to Pang Mingyuan and Zhang Dezhang.

They sit at the front, the equivalent of the top VIP seats, and there are very few who are qualified to sit around them.

“Sister Xue, don’t, let him sit with me!” Ding Yi saw the situation and took the initiative to stand up and say.

She couldn’t think that Xue Yao would actually maintain the face of this little lover, and simply came out to play the round.

“Thank you, no need.” Lu Zixin smiled at her and took Xue Yao’s hand and walked over.

“What is this?” Ding Yi was shocked. They shouldn’t want to sit there. The seats here are not just sitting.

Feng Youan showed a sneer, thinking in his heart, this little white face did not understand the rules, Xue Yao actually did not understand the rules. What kind of identity, where to sit. It is a trivial matter to sit down, and it is naturally arranged at that time. But leaving an impression of not knowing the rules in front of everyone is not good.

Lu Zixin took Xue Yao directly to the center, and some people looked at them curiously.

Xue Yao, they know, the boss of red letter virtual entertainment. According to her identity, she is also qualified to sit here. But who is this person next to her? Many people don’t know.

As soon as they saw them, Zhang Kaile stood up immediately.

“Oh, that’s true.” Ding Yi was secretly sighed, Zhang Kaile must be blocking them, and Xue Yao and her little lover had to lose face again.

Who knows the facts is totally different from what she thought. After Zhang Kaile stood up, he actually smiled and said to Lu Zixin: “President Lu, I said why I didn’t see you. It turned out to be with beautiful woman.”

“Come, sit here!”

He personally led the two to go forward, which made Ding Yi, Feng Youan and others stunned. Is this person a small white face? What is President Lu, and let Zhang Kaile pay so much attention? Not only are they, but the rest are also curious.

However, let them stunned more than that. When Lu Zixin walked to the front row, both Pang Mingyuan and Zhang Dezhang actually got up and greeted Lu Zixin, and Zhang Kaile also took the initiative to give up his position, so Lu. Zixin can sit with Xue Yao.

Although it is only a small movement, it is enough to prove the importance of their identity!

“Who is that man?” Many people have doubts in their hearts, even whispering.

“Who is he?” Feng Youan asked Ding Yi, “Do you know?”

Ding Yi shook her head and said, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it before.”

“Who is he?” Feng Youan frowned deeply, thinking in his heart, is it the child of red letter family?

Hidden, he was a little nervous in his heart, and his behavior may have offended an important role.

“Nothing, so young, certainly not a big man!” Feng Youan comforted himself.

The event officially began, Zhang Kaile first came to the stage to say a few words, then Pang Mingyuan.

“I only thank the charity associations and the children in poverty-stricken areas of China for their donations. I hope that the next generation will have a chance to learn fairly. I feel very deeply about this. When I was a child, my educational conditions were very difficult…” Pang Mingyuan said after a few words, he also talked about the story of my hard study, and everyone applauded.

Charitable donations officially started, led by Pang Mingyuan, first donated 10 million yuan!

In general, this kind of activity, it is very successful to be able to raise one or two hundred million. After all, the money is not an investment, but a deduction from personal assets. Although everyone is worth hundreds of millions and billions on the surface, it is the value of invisible assets or stocks. It is not cash. It is already a big deal to donate a few million in one go.

Moreover, the guests present can often receive invitations for similar events. If they donate so much money each time, they will not be able to donate more money. The event was relatively private, and there was no media promotion. Without publicity and promotion, they did not have to fight too much.

Zhang Dezhang also began to donate. He donated not cash, but art. A pair of calligraphy and paintings, a pair of master crafts hand-carved pink diamond earrings, the valuation is also tens of millions.

Then everyone has donated money and materials. If the items of these donations are worthy of reading, they can also buy them directly. All the money is regarded as donations.

Many people like to buy donations in this way. After all, simply donating money can’t get anything. Buying a piece of art can be a bit of value.

Even sometimes, luck is good, and the art you buy will increase in price in a few years.

Both Pang Mingyuan and Zhang Dezhang donated, and everyone looked at Lu Zixin and Xue Yao in the forward row. Sitting in front, how to come up with something to play a role.

“Haha, let you sit there!” Feng You’an was so dark in his heart that the first two donations were all tens of millions. If you can’t get them, donate tens of thousands! That is a shame!

“Do you like the earrings?” Lu Zixin saw Xue Yao staring at the earrings and whispered.

“It’s very beautiful.” Xue Yao can’t help but say that this is a woman’s nature, interested in beautiful and radiant things.

“Good.” Lu Zixin said directly to the host Zhang Kaile, “I bought this earring for 10 million. In addition, our group donated 5,000 virtual projection tutorials to support children’s education.”

“President Lu is really proud!” Zhang Kaile said with a smile. “My science, the virtual projection teaching equipment of Red Letter is 15,000 yuan. Five thousand, that is worth 75 million. Plus 10 million earrings to buy earrings, that is 85 million!”

“I really don’t want to be President Lu of the Red Letter Group. On behalf of everyone, I would like to thank you!” Zhang Kaile took the initiative to applaud, and then the whole audience applauded.

“85 million, the boss of Red Letter Group? Actually it is him!” Ding Yi drums her head and her eyes are the boss. I did not expect this low-key young man to be the boss of Red Letter Group, the same person in the business world!

She finally understood why Xue Yao said that there was a killer. The boss red letter gave his support, what else can’t be done? It is no wonder that Xue Yao will ignore Feng You’an for him. In front of him, Feng Youan counts a fart!

Even Pang Mingyuan, the president of Dayuan Group, is also very polite with him.

Ding Yi can already expect that when the donation ends, most people present will find ways to get to know him, including Ding Yi herself.

“President Lu of Red Letter Group! He is Lu Yan?” Feng Youan was shocked with cold sweat, 85 million. Although the donation data is too much, it still can’t shock him, and there are hundreds of millions of donations. But the identity of Lu Zixin is really making him dumbfounded!

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