BTC Chapter 360 : Disaster!

Edited: XiaXue

Just now he thought that Lu Zixin was Xue Yao little white face, who knows that the other party is so big! Looking at the entrepreneurs of China, who is qualified to look down on him? What’s more, he is a deputy general manager of Dayuan Real Estate China District.

On top of him, there is the general manager of China District, the president of Asia District, the president of the group, the board of directors…

Even President Pang is polite, what is Feng You’an?

He thought deeply, and felt more afraid of thinking. Since the young man is the president of Red Letter Group, who is Xue Yao?

Xue Yao is so beautiful, young and gentle is the president of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment. It’s so close to Lu Zixin, I’m afraid…

Thinking of this, Feng Youan is even more afraid, thinking in his heart, is looking for an opportunity to pay compensation for Xue Yao, so as not to make people hate. If she said a few bad things about him to President Pang, it wouldn’t be enough to take it!

In addition to them, others have gathered their eyes on Lu Zixin, trying to see him more and see the legendary figure. Some people who want to take pictures are blocked by the waiter.

“It’s totally different from the photos on the Internet!”

“Good young!”

“It turns out that he is Lu Yan! It’s no wonder that young master Zhang attitude like that!” Zhang Kaile’s new girlfriend also suddenly realized that there are few people who can make Zhang Kaile respectfully treat each other, but this one is absolutely enough.

“President LU, thank you for your contribution to charity!” Pang Mingyuan stood up again and shook hands with him.

“Learning from you.” Lu Zixin just said something modestly and did not make any long speeches.

In addition to the money to buy earrings, he donated everything in kind. This will maximize the use of these materials for charity education.

With the donations from the three of them, the donations in the back were quite smooth. Everyone is a person with a head and face. Many donate millions, donate tens of thousands, and the total donation has reached 200 million. It has been quite successful.

The donation is over, the event is not over yet, you can also play here, and there are various entertainment facilities and rest rooms on the cruise.

The cruise will stay here for three days and then head to Hong Kong. If you are interested, you can continue to play.

As soon as the donation activity is over, many business elites have already gathered. In addition to the familiarity of Zhang Dezhang and Pang Mingyuan, Lu Zixin is also interest to them.

The big boss of Red Letter Group rarely attended an event, and it was the first time to see his true face.

Entrepreneurs and celebrities who are sitting in the front row, quickly find opportunities to make Lu Zixin, they hope to have some chance to get some help. For example, your company is looking for red letter capital investment.

Lu Zixin has always kept a few words, and everything has to let Xue Yao come. When everyone saw it, they all understood that there was something to find Xue Yao first.

So Xue Yao became a star among entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs that she had been difficult to discuss before were now very kind to her, and they said that they had the opportunity to cooperate and talk.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xue Yao also quickly promoted his company’s virtual projection experience room project to Zhang Dezhang and Pang Mingyuan.

Zhang Dezhang immediately praised: “This is a good idea. The virtual mutual entertainment is a combination of online and offline, and the experience is better for consumers.”

“Is there any interest in cooperation in that chapter?” Xue Yao asked.

Zhang Dezhang said with a smile: “I am very interested. But the business I am now managing is not this one. I can tell your project to our senior management and let them study it.”

Pang Mingyuan was very interested and said: “This project is interesting, yes, our Feng You’an manager of Dayuan is here, you can find him.”

Xue Yao showed a hint of helplessness and said: “General Feng is not very interested in my project. I have found him several times!”

“Is it?” Pang Mingyuan was slightly frowned, and he sounded good on this project. Most importantly, this is because Red Letter Group took the initiative to find them to cooperate. No matter what project, he should hear such a report, but he did not hear it.

He leaned a little, his eyes swept in the direction of Feng You’an, with a bit of sharpness and interrogation.

Feng You’an body tremble, secretly thought himself to have bad luck!

Pang Mingyuan looked very friendly, and he had to look at who he was. Within the group, he is definitely a strict and rigorous person. This time, the blame will definitely be inevitable. If you leave a bad impression on President Pang, your own promotion will be difficult to do!

“I really shouldn’t!” Feng You’an really wants to slap his own face two slaps, nothing to call Xue Yao, this identity should have long thought of, women smash, disaster!

Lu Zixin also said for Xue Yao: “I think, this virtual experience room is very promising. We will continue to promote the virtual projection smart products and the interactive virtual projection game of Red Letter will also usher in a blowout. In the future, this experience room will be as popular as the game hall and Internet cafe, all over the country!”

When he spoke, several people listened and thought about the possibilities.

Pang Mingyuan patted his shoulder and said: “Good project! Since President Zhang does not preempt, then I will be welcome!”

He continued, “Xiao Xue, this project, we Dayuan Real Estate took!”

“President Pang, you agreed?” Xue Yao was surprised, this is a project involving the whole country, it is really implemented, and it is also a few billion investment!

“I believe in you and believe in Lu Yan.” Pang Mingyuan said confidently, “Lu Yan can make you the president of Red Letter Virtual Entertainment. It must be a bit of a skill.”

“I was still talking about investment with him, but unfortunately I have not found a project that can be cooperated. Your project can be used as the first case for our two groups to try to cooperate!”

“If it can succeed, maybe we can do more cooperation in the future!”

After Pang Mingyuan finished, Zhang Dezhang immediately made a repentant expression and said, “How come I didn’t think? Old Pang, let you take the lead!”

“Hahaha.” Pang Mingyuan laughed.

Xue Yao is full of joy, she can’t think of her own hard-working projects, it is so simple to succeed!

According to her thoughts, Pang Mingyuan is interested in this project, and certainly will not test the decision after reading the project book or analyzing the discussion. But the fact is that when she said it, he immediately agreed.

Xue Yao knows that this is not her own merit, or how attractive the project is. This is entirely the charm of Lu Zixin and Red Letter Group, which makes Pang Mingyuan decide to invest and cooperate.

She glanced at Lu Zixin and her eyes were full of joy. This is the person she admires. It only takes a word to make these famous Chinese business rush to invest, so cool!

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