MST Chapter 165 : Just one kiss

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Vote again?

The judge who spoke was Huang Bin.

As soon as his words were spoken, he immediately got the echo from audience.

“Yes, vote again! I want to vote for Goddess Liu!”

“I agree to vote again!”


Heavenly King Liu froze, oh, re-voting? If you really want to vote again, Liu Chiyan will not be eliminated. According to the previous voting ratio, it is his most likely to be eliminated. Heavenly King Liu can’t help but smile.

Ren Keling and Yi Shan are also a bit stunned. What is the situation? This is going to do something, what happened tonight? First, the audience asked Liu Chiyan encore. Well, the program group specially delayed the program time, and finally the singing can be over. The judges unexpectedly jumped out and asking for a re-voting. Good deed, are you going to heaven?

Ren Keling once again turned his attention to the director.

The program director is full of black lines, and my heart is not so happy. Whose program is this? What do you think about it? The audience will be confused, and the judges will follow the ups and downs.

The director of The Strongest Voice is Feng Kaimou, a well-known big director in the country.

Feng Kaimou thought for a moment and simply took a microphone and took the stage.

“Everyone is quiet, quiet, listen to me.” Feng Kaimou signaled for the audience to be quiet. “I am the director of The Strongest Voice, Feng Kaimou. I am sorry to say goodbye here. I am afraid that the re-voting will not satisfy everyone’s requirements.”

“What can’t be met!”

“The original vote was wrong, I asked to vote again!”


The audience shouted.

Feng Kaimou raised his hand to quiet the scene, “Everyone listen to me, the program broadcast to now is more than the booking time, we continue to broadcast will greatly affect the broadcast time of other programs, this is certainly not possible, also, the program vote is all through the notary justice, each vote is true and effective, So the vote is absolutely not going to re-voting, and I know you guys are asking for a re-vote because of Liu Chiyan. Honestly, if Liu Chiyan said the background story of the song before the vote, then even I would vote for her. I know that it seems unfair to everyone that Liu Chiyan has been eliminated, but the results of today’s competition have been announced. Re-voting is also unfair to other players.”

Liu Chiyan also raised the microphone to help: “Thank you for your support, really thank you, but also thank a few judges and teachers, as director Feng said, if re-vote, it is unfair to several other players, and I have choice before the vote to tell you the story, it is because I do not want, because of the story to affect everyone’s judgment, if I before the vote to tell the story, perhaps everyone will feel that I was to canvass and climb attached to the story of the proposition, I want to make music pure and make the story of Teacher Ding Xiang pure. Therefore, I chose to tell you the story of Teacher Ding Xiang after the results of the competition. I approve of the results of today’s competition. I am already very satisfied. I can sing this ‘lilac’ to everyone, sing it to Teacher Ding Xiang, and tell everyone Teacher Ding Xiang story. I am already very satisfied, thank you everyone, it doesn’t matter if I’m eliminated today. There will be a resurrection match later, so please support me.” Said, Liu Chiyan bowed to the audience and thanked.

judges did not speak anymore. They did something wrong. They were also infected by Teacher Ding Xiang story told by Liu Chiyan, requesting to re-vote, although it is also after the consideration and deliberation, but now the director jumped up, if they were insisting, they would be too ignorant. Besides, Feng Kaimou said also reasonable, the results have been publicized, It would be unfair to other people to vote again, and Liu Chiyan also expressed her opinion. They naturally have no reason to insist on voting again.

In the end, Feng Kaimou didn’t let Ren Keling and Yi Shan continue to host, took the microphone and robbed the stage from them.

Feng Kaimou: “Please ask the judges to announce the proposition of tomorrow’s game.”

Sui Si: “Tomorrow’s topic is: Wait.”

As soon as the judges announced the proposition of tomorrow, Feng Kaimou immediately announced the end of the game.

“Today’s show is here, thank you for watching, see you tomorrow!” Feng Kaimou was indeed anxious and shouted directly on the stage, “Pinch the signal! The camera is turned off!”

The off-site audience watched the TV screen flashing a second of snow, and then immediately advertised, and today’s show is over.

Many viewers can’t help but be embarrassed.

“Hey, this is really the style of Feng Kaimou.”

“Today’s show, I didn’t feel strong enough in front of it. Except for this song by Goddess Liu, the other songs are not very good. I didn’t expect the back to be so exciting and interesting.”

“Lilac… just hearing this song, I later powdered Liu Chiyan, oh, along with Ye Guang, this song is his work, I just almost cried.”

“What is almost, I saw you secretly wipe your tears.”

“People are hard to tear down! Be careful friends don’t have to do it!”


Liu Chiyan returned to the exclusive area and Ye Guang greeted her.

When I saw Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan immediately began to pout and succumbed, “It’s eliminated.” The whole person is like little girl who has been wronged and acted like a baby. There is no such free and easy Heavenly Queen demeanor on the stage.

Liu Chiyan is eliminated, is she sad? It’s hard to say, but Liu Chiyan is very valued by The Strongest Voice. She will be somewhat lost when she is eliminated. The image on the stage must be maintained to show her Heavenly Queen style, but it is not necessary in front of Ye Guang. It is completely a pair. The little woman is spoiled, she hopes that Ye Guang can comfort her.

Jiang Xin was stunned while watching. She had been with Liu Chiyan for so many years. She had never seen such Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang smiled and resorted to killing move, touch her head. “Ah, it’s not good for me, it’s hard for you.”

It’s a god skill, and Liu Chiyan is much better in a moment. She smiled and shakes her head. “No, I want to sing this song, and the audience like it too. It just eliminated have some loss…”

Ye Guang: “Well, don’t worry, there is still a chance in the resurrection. I will write songs for you at the end of the game. We will sing well in the resurrection, killing them and not leaving them, No one can take your champion!”

After listening to Ye Guang’s words, Liu Chiyan pouted instead.

Ye Guang: “What’s the matter? What are you doing while pouting?”

Liu Chiyan snorted: “Ignore you, you won’t comfort people!”

Ye Guang: “Uh… I am not comforting you… then you said, how can I comfort you?”

Liu Chiyan snorted. “To comfort me, you want me to teach, hey, think for yourself!”

Said, Liu Chiyan staggered Ye Guang and walked into the room.

Ye Guang looked dazed. Don’t you tell me how do I know? Are women like this?

Liu Chiyan walked a few steps, stopped again, turned and walked to Ye Guang, and said, “Teach you this time!”

Liu Chiyan is a little shorter than Ye Guang. she needs to slightly raise her head next to Ye Guang, when Ye Guang spoke, Liu Chiyan pointed a finger at her bright lips.

“Just a kiss, idiot!”

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