MST Chapter 267 : There is still me!

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Of course, Ye Guang still has to answer well, no matter whether Father Liu testing him.

Ye Guang thought back, “In my opinion, education in poverty-stricken areas is not because it is impossible to go to school or parents are not aware of the importance of going to school. In fact, our country is still very strong in education. The compulsory education tuition and miscellaneous fees are basically free, and support is even greater for poor areas. In fact, even for poor families, it is actually not difficult for children to go to school, because it really doesn’t cost much and you don’t have to spend a penny.”

Ye Guang paused,  and continued, “Now is the information age, the news is not as backward as it used to be. I believe that even in poor places, children’s schooling is also very important, because everyone knows that going to school is a good way out of poverty. Therefore, most people in poverty-stricken areas still attach great importance to their children’s schooling, even higher than many people in rural towns that are not poor.”

Father Liu nodded, “Well, keep talking.”

Ye Guang also unambiguous and continues to speak, “In my opinion, it is not that you can’t afford to go to school, but you can’t go to school. It can also be said that they are not able to enjoy better educational resources! Especially elementary education! It is very convenient for children in the area to go to school. Each district will have one or several elementary schools, and family members such as parents or grandparents will pick up and drop off from school and school. The school’s educational environment and teachers are also excellent, and the quality of teaching is relatively good. It’s also much better.”

Father Liu, “I asked you to talk about poor areas.”

Ye Guang touched his nose, “This is exactly what I want to say. The negative aspects of the developed regions I mentioned above are precisely the difficulties in education in poor areas! The coverage of primary schools in poor areas is small. Of course, this is also due to the lack of population concentration. Children often have to walk an hour or a few hours to go to school. Which make them difficult to go to school.

Moreover, parents are busy with their livelihoods, and it is inconvenient to even say that they can’t pick up and drop off their children every day. Survival is a crucial issue! Because of this, they don’t pay close attention to their children’s learning. There are also reasons why parents themselves are not well educated. It is not that they don’t want to watch, but that they are really powerless. Most of the help for children in learning is just a sentence after school: do the homework, as for other things, it is all on the children’s consciousness.

However, just knowing the world, how high is the self-consciousness of children of a lively and active age? Even if you can complete your homework well, how much can you do in addition to homework? Under this premise, the quality of learning will naturally not be high.

Of course, the most important thing is the quality of teaching in schools. Schools in poverty-stricken areas are not like in cities, where there are several different teachers in all subjects at one age. Not to mention a school, there are more than a dozen teachers at one age alone.

However, the resources of teachers in poverty-stricken areas are extremely scarce. Let alone a grade, a school with more than a dozen teachers is considered good. More often, a school has only a few teachers and needs to teach all subjects in entire school for the whole year. Even many places, do not have a place specifically called a school. There are just one or two volunteers serving as teachers. You really cannot expect a child educated in such a poor education environment to learn well.

If you don’t have a good foundation, you can’t keep up with each other. In the middle and high schools, most middle and high schools are relatively large-scale. The educational resources are relatively concentrated and the quality of teaching is still good, but those children in poverty-stricken areas where primary school has fallen behind in learning will be relatively backward when they are in junior high and high school because of their poor background, and they also need to face an extremely cruel thing.

That is, they have to use the knowledge they have learned under poor education conditions to compete with children in areas with excellent educational resources for a fair chance, the college entrance examination!

The college entrance examination is fair, but it is also not fair.

Some people say that parents in poverty-stricken areas don’t value their children’s education and don’t see the importance of education. They think it’s enough to know a few words. It’s useless to learn more. Let the children drop out of school to find work early. Not at all, there are ignorant people in the world, but most people can still see the reality clearly. It’s not they don’t want to let their children go to school, but they can’t let their children go to school. Why? Because the children can’t pass it! Not to mention the college entrance examination, even the middle school entrance examination can’t pass! Poor academic performance and I don’t want to learn. This is also the biggest drawback in poor areas due to the low quality of education!”

Ye Guang eloquently said a big deal. These words weren’t all he came up with temporarily. In fact, he had long thought about this question. After hearing the story of Teacher Ding Xiang in the original trip to Doutang Village.

Father Liu didn’t say a word during the whole process. He sat quietly and listened to him. After Yeguang finished speaking, Father Liu waited for a while and saw that he was silent, “Anything else?”

Ye Guang smiled a little. “No, I think so much, humble opinion, don’t laugh.”

Liu Father said faintly, “Not bad, some insights.”

Ye Guang was a little happy in his heart, but he didn’t show it, just smiled shyly.

Father Liu asked again, “What do you think should be done about this phenomenon?”

Ye Guang stunned, How do I know? Is this something we can manage?

Ye Guang: “Uh… this, this is a major event at the national level, I…”

“Mn.” Father Liu hummed, he didn’t choose to embarrass Ye Guang. This kind of thing really can’t be solved by one person. However, Father Liu also a little disappointed. He didn’t mean to let Ye Guang come up with solution, but to let him express his own opinions, but Ye Guang hesitated and didn’t say anything.

Impression score +1

Impression score -2

Plus one is Ye Guang’s previous insights, which makes Father Liu absolutely good. Of course, the second one is because Ye Guang didn’t answer the question. Why is it minus 2 instead of minus 1, because Father Liu originally didn’t like him, he doubled the score!

Ye Guang obviously realized that his answer is not very good just now, so he added, “Of course, I believe this situation will get better and better. This is beyond doubt.”

“Oh?” Father Liu has a question.

“Because our country will become stronger and stronger, my country will become richer and richer, and the problem of education difficulties in poverty-stricken areas will naturally gradually disappear.” This kind of statement is very epic, there is no oil and salt, of course, Ye Guang hasn’t finished. Ye Guang sits on the sofa, leaning forward, with his arms resting on his knees to support the center of gravity, his hands and ten fingers crossed in front of him, as if a light flashes in his eyes, he looks directly at Father Liu, with a small voice, but the voice sounds natural and said:

“Moreover, there is still me!”

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