MST Chapter 266 : Carelessness, I have to change it later!

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When Yeguang copying the book. Liu Chiyan looked at him at the beginning, but after watching for a long time, she felt bored. After all, it was not a fun thing. She simply spent time on the Internet and slept beautifully after lunch at noon. After a midday nap, in the afternoon, she continued to spend time with Ye Guang while surfing the Internet, handing him water for a while, and stuffing him with snacks for a while.

Liu Chiyan can’t copy the book, but she is happy. However, Ye Guang is very tired, but Ye Guang will not feel wronged about this. This is for his wife, as a man, this is justified! Men are the ones who suffer, and women are responsible for being beautiful.

Moreover, it is said that there are rewards at night, so Ye Guang is full of energy.

Aunt Lian and Yiyi have been here twice when Ye Guang was copying books. Yiyi came to find Ye Guang to play, but there is no time for Ye Guang to take Yiyi to play. Yiyi can only have fun on her own. When Aunt Lian send the fruit plate to Ye Guang and Liu Chi Yan, she came with relatively light step. Moreover, Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan door because Yiyi have been here, didn’t locked up, so Aunt Lian came in with a light push.

Aunt Lian came in and walked behind Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan with the fruit plate. One of the two was concentrating on copying books, and the other was attentively watching TV series with headphones. No one noticed Aunt Lian came in. Aunt Lian looked at Ye Guang work with both hands. The work started at the same time, and the speed is so fast, it made her surprised. She stood and watched for a long time, until Ye Guang felt something was wrong behind him and then turned his head to find Aunt Lian.

Liu Chiyan also reacted, and quickly took off the headphones, blinking and looking at Aunt Lian with wide eyes.

Aunt Lian looked at her and smiled, “I brought you some fruits, don’t worry, I won’t tell Brother Liu.”

Liu Chiyan smiled knowingly, “Thank you Auntie Lian.”

Indeed, Liu Chiyan was a little worried that Aunt Lian found that Ye Guang helped her to copy the book and then went to tell Father Liu. The copying was a task assigned to them by Father Liu. Ye Guang helped her to copy the book. This is considered cheating. Liu Chiyan doesn’t want to make extra money.


In the evening, Father Liu and Mother Liu came back from work.

Liu Chiyan didn’t dare to let Ye Guang help her to copy. She took the copybook and pretended to copy it at the desk honestly. Although Father Liu would not come to check the post, who can guarantee this kind of thing, what if it happens he will find out? Liu Chiyan didn’t dare to take this risk. Anyway, Ye Guang had already copied a lot today, and the punishment of the two would be completed in a half-day tomorrow, so she didn’t worry for a while.

This speed turned out that Liu Chiyan couldn’t even think about it. It was only two days, no, less than two days. Take “A Man’s Conduct” copied by Ye Guang, the whole article is 12,000 words. Copying ten times is 120,000 words, handwriting 120,000 words in two days, and the time to eat and sleep has to be eliminated. This is so fast! The most important thing is that he can work with two hands with one heart and two hands, the speed can be doubled!

Ye Guang has copied A Man’s Conduct for the ninth time.  He didn’t want to copy it anymore after tired all day. For the remaining time, copy it slowly while staying with Liu Chiyan at night, otherwise it would be bad for Liu Chiyan to copy it alone.

Go downstairs.

Mother Liu and Aunt Lian are busy with dinner in the kitchen. Although Aunt Lian is the confinement of Liu Chiyan’s family, everyone in Liu Chiyan treats her as a family member. Just asking her to take care of Yiyi. Other housework, cleaning and cooking, if Mother Liu can, it will not be thrown away to aunt Lian. If she can do it, she will try her best, and will not specifically let Aunt Lian serve their family.

After Ye Guang went downstairs and looked at Father Liu. Father Liu sat on the sofa and watched the news. His aura was strong, so Ye Guang didn’t go to the living room and went to the kitchen.

“Auntie, Aunt Lian, do you need my help?”

Aunt Lian hurriedly replied, “No, no, what kind of help do you make in kitchen? We will make dinner, you just wait and eat.”

Mother Liu said from the side, “A’lian, you don’t know. Little Ye is good at cooking. The last time he came, he showed me a hand. It was the few days you went home.”

Aunt Lian had some surprises. “Oh, yes, Little Ye can also cook. Nowadays, there are not many young guys who can cook. Rare, rare.”

Mother Liu, “Okay, Little Ye, this is enough for me and A’lian. You go to rest and give this teacup to her dad.” Mother Liu handed Ye Guang a washed teacup dedicated only to Father Liu.

Ye Guang nodded and looked at the living room with a teacup. To be honest, he has been shocked by Father Liu until now. The identity of this person is placed there, both Liu Chiyan father and… anyway, no matter what status he has, Ye Guang had to stay honestly in front of him.

“Uncle, your teacup.” Ye Guang put the teacup on the coffee table in front of Father Liu.

Father Liu didn’t even look at him, he gave a faint hum, still staring at the TV watching the news.

Ye Guang honestly sat on the side sofa and didn’t know what to say.

After sitting for a while, Father Liu started to move. He held an empty teacup, maybe because he wanted to drink tea. He got up to make a cup of tea.

When Ye Guang saw it, he even wondered in his heart that he’s not on the road. Auntie asked herself to bring a teacup over. Why did she really come over with an empty teacup? How about making tea? Careless, careless, you have to change later!

Ye Guang quickly got up, reaching out to take the tea cup in Father Liu’s hand, “Uncle, I’ll help you soak.”

Father Liu looked at him, hesitated, and handed the tea cup to Ye Guang, and pointed his finger at him, “The tea is on the second floor of the cabinet next to the TV, just the red can.”

Ye Guang went to the cabinet next to the TV to find tea for Father Liu. There were many tea cups in the cabinet. Most of them had no labels and trademarks. When Ye Guang opened the red can, the fragrance of tea came out. Needless to say, although Ye Guang didn’t understand tea. He also knows that this is a good tea. Looking at these teapots without trademarks, Ye Guang thought to himself, this is the legendary special offer, right?

Quickly brewed a cup of tea for Father Liu. Then Ye Guang put the tea on the coffee table in front of Father Liu, “Uncle, the tea has soaked.”

Father Liu still faintly responded.

Ye Guang also knows that he doesn’t want Liu Father to like him at this time, so he doesn’t say much. He sat back honestly and watched the news with Father Liu.

The news broadcasts a scene of a large-scale public welfare event. A large number of volunteers bring various materials to the mountain area to send warmth to the poor children. They send a bag of stationery and the like. Father Liu picks up the teacup and blows it, then take a sip, “What do you think about education in poverty-stricken areas?”

When Father Liu spoke, his eyes didn’t look at Ye Guang, but this must be for Ye Guang. In living room, there’s only the two of them.

Ye Guang  startled slightly at first, is this testing himself?

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