MST Chapter 265 : How can a man not!

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Hang up the phone.

The person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV laughed and said, “Director, I’ve said, there is no problem with Director Ye. Our Beijing Satellite TV and your company are now a brother on the same boat. They just have to take care of each other. Then it settled!”

Shang Shan felt helpless, “Then… OK.”

In fact, what Ye Guang didn’t know was that when Shang Shan talked to him. He missed a sentence when his mobile phone fell. The original words of Shang Shan were: “Advisor Ye, it’s about the guests of the next episode. I’ve already decided a candidate. However, Beijing Satellite TV recommended an artist, let me ask you if it works.”

Ye Guang missed that ‘I’ve decided a candidate’, Shang Shan said. If he hears this sentence, he will definitely realize that Shang Shan actually doesn’t want to change people. Originally, based on Shang Shan’s understanding of Ye Guang. There was a tacit understanding between the two of them. He originally thought that Ye Guang would directly say to him, “Use the person you determine!” Then the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV would have nothing to say.

But who would have thought, Ye Guang would missed this sentence, and the sentence returned later, “Whatever, Beijing Satellite TV recommends it, you can figure it out.” It almost let Shang Shan scold his mother directly.

Therefore, the special guest of the next episode is confirmed, Korea artist Kim Tae-seo.


The next day.

Both Father Liu and Mother Liu went to work. Father Liu gave a special sentence before leaving the house, “Before you finished copying, both of you stayed at home and don’t want to go anywhere!”

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan suddenly smiled bitterly at each other.

Aunt Lian took Yiyi to the mall, leaving Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan fighting at the desk at home.

Liu Chiyan copied it for a while, his wrists were sour, and he stopped to rest. Ye Guang looked at her and said, “Okay, uncle and aunt are not at home, you can rest today, and I will help you copy it.” As he said, he reached for Liu Chiyan copybook.

Liu Chiyan hurriedly stopped him, “Oh, don’t, you will be seen by my Dad.”

Ye Guang smiled, “No, I promise it will be exactly the same as what you copied.”

Liu Chiyan obviously didn’t believe it.

Ye Guang said with a hey, and while turning over a blank page, he held up a pen and wrote, “Why don’t you believe it, I’ll copy it for you.”

Shuashushu” Ye Guang copied two lines of words.

“Here, look.” Ye Guang handed it to Liu Chiyan to let her see.

Liu Chiyan tilted her head and took a closer look, then raised her head incredulously to look at Ye Guang, “How come! This is my handwriting.” As she said, she picked up the paper and looked at it carefully, “It’s exactly the same, it’s exactly the same.”

Ye Guang is a little proud. “I have written this letter, it just to imitate a handwriting, what a big thing, this can hardly get me.” Ye Guang’s expression is very proud.

Liu Chiyan took the paper and looked at it for a while, then yelled happily, “Wow, haha, great! Ye Guang, you are awesome!” As she said, she threw herself into Ye Guang arms and gave him a kiss.

Ye Guang smiled and patted Liu Chiyan back, “Okay, you go and rest, the rest is me.”

Liu Chiyan gave a hum, nodded happily, then thought about it and shook her head and said, “No, I’ll copy it all by myself.”

Ye Guang waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, this is such a big deal. If I can’t do this well, how can I be your husband? Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Liu Chiyan was suspicious, “Really? Can you do it?”

Ye Guang nodded affirmatively, “Fuck! How can you say no, how can a man not! Of course it is true, come, today I will show you what a unique skill is!”

As he said, Ye Guang began to fiddle, and he took Liu Chiyan’s copybook and pen. The two copybooks were placed side by side, holding a pen in each hand, “Looking forward to it.”

Ye Guang started to work. She saw him using both hands together, writing words quickly in Liu Chiyan and his own copybook respectively. The most important thing is his two handwritten contents are completely different! One is the content of “Instructions for Woman” copied by Liu Chiyan and the other is the content of “A Man’s Conduct” copied by himself.

One mind and two purposes!

Liu Chiyan looked stunned and muttered to herself, “Is there still such an operation? Whom am I… married?”

Seeing Yeguang move his hands together and sway freely on the paper, Liu Chiyan suddenly feels that he doesn’t understand Yeguang. As Ye Guang pillow companion, Liu Chiyan thinks she knows Ye Guang well, but she always feels that way. At the time, Ye Guang would not know when he inexplicably showed what she didn’t understand. Everything in this man is like a bottomless pit. Suddenly found that no, there is a deeper place to explore.

Ye Guang has the ability, perhaps the happiest person is not himself. Moreover, as his wife, Liu Chiyan feels proud of him. Women tend to be like this, their men have ability the more proud they are.

Standing behind Ye Guang, Liu Chiyan leaned down and gently took a sip on Ye Guang’s cheek, “Thank you.”

Ye Guang smiled and said, “Then you want to reward me?”

Liu Chiyan tone was a little coquettish, “Didn’t I kiss you.”

Ye Guang shrugged, indicating that the reward was not enough.

A kiss is not enough, are we such a cheap person, you want to kill it after a kiss? impossible!

At least kiss twice!

Well, that’s what you can do.

Liu Chiyan beautiful eyes rolled, she leaned down again and said softly against Ye Guang ear, “At night… I will come to you.”

Ye Guang paused for a while, and then the speed of copying was a little faster. He turned his head and glanced at Liu Chiyan. He saw her delicate white face with a hint of blush, her beauty was beautiful. Ye Guang turned his head and muttered, “I feel I will die on you in the future.”

Liu Chiyan “pushed” a laugh, and slapped Ye Guang shyly, “What nonsense?”

However, although Ye Guang’s words were unacceptable, Liu Chiyan was still happy in her heart. It’s a happy thing that her own man is obsessed with herself.


Thus, the task of copying the book was all given to Ye Guang. Ye guang using both hands, can be regarded as tired. After using the pen for a long time, the wrist will be sore. Ye Guang  also necessary to stop and rest a bit, but the progress is really fast.

Until the afternoon, he copied ” Instructions for Woman” four times and “A man’s conduct” three times. Yesterday, Liu Chiyan only copied Instructions for Woman one time, plus today Ye guang copy four times, so there’s five times. As for Ye Guang, yesterday he copied A man’s conduct four times, plus today’s three times, it’s already seven times. At night, Ye Guang also working hard, and it’s no problem to copy out “A man’s conduct” today.

This speed is almost too close to chatting with friends, so Father Liu is mistaken. He thinks ten times is a lot, which is not a light punishment. Who knows that Ye Guang has so many skills, so these are nothing to him!

Of course, it’s also fortunate that Father Liu didn’t know, otherwise otherwise he might have to copy a hundred times, then a thousand times.

If that were the case, Ye Guang would definitely confused to find North.

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