MST Chapter 264 : This is not the script I envisioned!

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After dinner.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan went back to the room honestly and continued to copy the books. The tasks that Father Liu gave could not be sloppy, which could be related to the happy life in the future.

Ye Guang also received a thank you call from the person in charge of TT Video. Ye Guang hung up after a few greetings. The two were not familiar with each other and had never seen each other. There was nothing to say except for mutual compliments.

Shang Shan also called and asked him where he was. He was talking about the arrangements for the next episode of the program and asked him to draw up a chapter.

Where Ye Guang can still manage the program now, and even if he wants to manage it, he can’t do it personally. Father Liu has a word, he is not allowed to go anywhere without copying the book ten times.

Ye Guang: “Old Shang, I have something to do here. I won’t be able to leave for a while. I guess it will be delayed for a few days. You can watch the arrangements for the next program.”

Shang Shan was a little dazed, “What do you mean by looking at the arrangement? How can I arrange it?”

With the phone pinched to Ye Guang ear, he kept copying articles with his hand, “I used to prepare a lot for the game design team for whatever arrangements, links, and so on. Look and choose a few to make up a program. As for the theme, think about it yourself, it’s really not good to brainstorm.”

Shang Shan: “What about the guests?”

Ye Guang said freely, “Please feel free to invite guests, you can do it if you think it fits. If you chooses someone, you can contact by yourself. If not, let Beijing Satellite TV help.”

Shang Shan responded, then asked, “Advisor Ye, what are you busy with, how many days? Don’t delay the recording.”

Ye Guang said, “Life’s major events, forget it, I won’t tell you more, I’m busy here, just like that, hang up.” After saying that, before Shang Shan could continue talking, Ye Guang hung up the phone.

Liu Chiyan as a little tired from copying and took a break.

Liu Chiyan: “It’s so hard to copy, Ye Guang, do you think we will delay the recording? I feel like I can’t finish copying it once a day. I still have to copy it ten times.”

Ye Guang shook his head, “No, there is me, rest assured.” After saying that, he also stopped, took Liu Chiyan’s soft hands, and helped her rub her sore wrists, “You work hard today, wait tomorrow, when uncle and aunt will go to work or not at home. Just rest, there is me.”

Liu Chiyan felt that Ye Guang was comforting her, but she was very happy and said with joy, “Ye Guang, you are so kind.”

As she said, Liu Chiyan leaned out and pecked on Ye Guang face. At this moment, the door of the room was pushed open.

It was Mother Liu, who came in with a plate of fruit.

Mother Liu looked at Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang with a strange expression.

Liu Chiyan blushed immediately, with a sense of sight of being caught, trying to explain it, “Mom, it’s not what you think.”

Mother Liu didn’t pick up the problem, silently put the fruit plate on the desk, then turned to go out, when she closed the door, she turned around and said, “Your dad is here, pay attention to it.”

Liu Chiyan was embarrassed again, and after Mother Liu closed the door and went out. She punched Ye Guang and said, “It’s all to blame you!”

Ye Guang’s face looked dumbfounded and innocent, why blame me, it’s your hands that move, no, your moving mouth.

Sure enough, women are unreasonable creatures, even if she is goddess.

Write and stop until the evening.

Both Liu Chiyan and Ye Guang are so tired that their wrists were sore, Liu Chiyan couldn’t help acting like a baby with Yeguang from time to time to express grievances.

Father Liu came here again before going to bed, still stern, looking at Ye Guang with an unkind expression, “Go back to your room, it’s so late, or do you want to spend the night here?”

Ye Guang smiled and fled.


Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan are equivalent to being confined in disguise. So, everything about the show fell on Shang Shan, who was very clear about the show process. Originally, he’s worried about most of these things, because Ye Guang was the one who grasp the general direction. After he works, there is no different with or without Ye Guang, but there is one thing that is not easy to handle.

About the guests in the next episode of the show.

The guests were originally arranged by Ye Guang. As for the guests of this episode, Shang Shan also have to worry about it. Shang Shan has some headaches for this. It is not that he can’t chooses no one. Running Man is now hot. The artists who want to go to the show are lined up one by one. Everyone wants to be hot.

This program has already been drafted. The program guests will be invited. The candidate has already been selected. He already has the candidate, but he asked the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV for help. The person in charge of Jingcheng TV learned that this guest is not Ye Guang looking by himself, but he asked Shang Shan to arrange it, so they started thinking carefully.

Beijing Satellite TV wanted them to arrange the guest candidates for the next program, and recommended a candidate to Shang Shan. Now, Shang Shan has headache. He already had a candidate, but Beijing Satellite TV stepped in, which made him somewhat not easy to handle. He’s not Ye Guang, Ye Guang is one of the best in the crew. Even the head of Beijing Satellite TV has to listen to Ye Guang in all aspects of the crew. But compared to the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV, Shang Shan status is still lower. You must know that most of the crew members are from Beijing TV.

The identity of the artist recommended by Beijing Satellite TV is also a bit special. The person is called Kim Tae-seo, Korea.

Shang Shan already had a candidate, so he didn’t want to change. Besides, the other still from Korea. However, because of his situation, he couldn’t directly reject the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV, so he’s a little embarrassed.

After repeated requests from the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV, Shang Shan could only shirk to ask Ye Guang and let Ye Guang make up his mind. His original intention was to use Ye Guang to reject the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV, but the person in charge of Beijing Satellite TV also an old fox, so he didn’t give Shang Shan a chance to contact Ye Guang alone. So, he asked him to call Ye Guang on the spot.

Shang Shan could only dial Ye Guang phone in front of the person in charge of Beijing TV.

Ye Guang still copying the book, and picked up the phone call from Shang Shan. Holding the phone to his ear, “Hey, Old Shang, what’s the matter?”

Shang Shan: “Advisor Ye, it’s about the guests of the next show…”

Ye Guang listened to the phone while copying the book and turned the pages of the book. The phone not clamped, and it fell on the desk. Ye Guang quickly picked up the phone again, fortunately, after Ye Guang picked up the phone, he still can continue listening to Shang Shan words.

“… Beijing Satellite TV recommended an artist, let me ask you if it works.”

Ye Guang said indifferently, “Whatever, Beijing Satellite TV recommends it, you can figure it out.”

On the other end of the phone, Shang Shan stunned, glanced at the person in charge of Beijing TV next to him, then tentatively asked, “The person recommended by Beijing TV?”

Ye Guang: “As you please, don’t say anything, I’m busy, I’ll hang up if nothing wrong.”

Shang Shan: “…”

Ye Guang hung up the phone, and Shang Shan was a little speechless listening to the busy tone on the phone.

Damn it! This is not the script I envisioned!

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