MST Chapter 263 : Ye Guang Calligraphy

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Ye Guang’s words made Liu Chiyan stunned slightly.

Ye Guang continued to laugh. “I am using Cursive script, authentic Huai Su style.”

Liu Chiyan is not sure, “What style?”

Ye Guang snorted, then waved his hand, “Forget it, nothing, this is cursive script.”

The Cursive script used by Ye Guang, which is the style system of Huai Su monk in the Tang Dynasty. However, Ye Guang thought about this person, as if it didn’t exist in this world, so he didn’t explain more to Liu Chiyan.

As for why Ye Guang has a cursive script, this is undoubtedly a system product. Remember when Ye Guang was locked in the police station, he spent 10 million reputation points, right? At that time, Ye Guang laughed madly in the small room. For a time, the policeman guarding the door thought he was crazy and the ghost knew what he had drawn.

Some time ago, Ye Guang first came to Liu Chiyan’s house for the first time. His cooking skills, his skills in editing videos of Running Man, plus today’s Cursive script, these were among the a few skills he get from 10 million prestige lottery that day.

Liu Chiyan picked up Ye Guang manuscript again and looked at it. Liu Chiyan didn’t understand calligraphy, but she had heard about cursive script. She was not an ignorant person. She doesn’t understand or know, she still knows the page written by Ye Guang is indeed very beautiful, with dragons and snakes, dragons and phoenix dancing, very beautiful, and it looks pleasing to the eye.

Although Liu Chiyan didn’t quite understand it, and she didn’t even recognize many of the words, Liu Chiyan also believed in Ye Guang’s statement. Ye Guang is indeed not a ghost writing.

Liu Chiyan said, “Okay, believe you, but I think it’s better to write well. Don’t use cursive script, it looks really pretty, but I don’t know many of these characters, and dad knows some calligraphy. But I don’t know if he understands it, so it’s not good if he thinks you’re just doing things in a perfunctory way.”

Ye Guang thought about it, it seems to be a bit reasonable, so he said, “Well, let me change to other calligraphy. I think it can be copied faster in cursive script.”

Liu Chiyan said, “Good, it is more important for us to pass this level honestly.”

Ye Guang nodded in response.

Ye Guang turned over the page copied in cursive script and copied it again with a new kind of calligraphy.

This time, Yeguang uses running script, strictly speaking, it is written in running script.

Compared with cursive script, the writing speed is much slower, but there is no way. In order not to go wrong, please slow down.

Of course, the so-called slowness is just what Ye Guang feels. Liu Chiyan doesn’t feel that he is slow at all. Ye Guang pen tip is flying and making a “swish swish” sound. Liu Chiyan thought at the beginning that Ye Guang was writing cursive script again. A look to probe, she saw that in Ye Guang copybook, one by one, the correct characters were lying on the paper, beautiful and neat.

Liu Chiyan just watched it for a while. Ye Guang’s hand movements have written five lines and more than 200 words, and Ye Guang’s hands are fast. This speed, Liu Chiyan knew it when she was watching Ye Guang typing on the keyboard in the studio, but didn’t expect that he could also write words so quickly. Looking at her copybook, she only copied dozens of characters, and Liu Chiyan suddenly felt mentally unbalanced.

Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang’s pen tip that was constantly flying, “You are so fast, why am I so slow.” There was some resentment in his tone.

Ye Guang stopped and smiled at Liu Chiyan. “When I finish copying, I will help you.”

Liu Chiyan smoked her mouth flat, “That’s not good, Dad knows my handwriting.”

Ye Guang smiled. Just imitated a handwriting, what’s so difficult. However, Ye Guang didn’t say it at this point, so let’s surprise her when he copied Liu Chiyan.

The two didn’t have much chattering. They had to copy ten times. This task is not light. Father Liu punishment is heavy. The writing speed of ordinary people is about 30 words a minute. In one hour, a person could write around 1500 words. It’s already too much, you know, this is handwriting, it is impossible to just keep writing, your hands will be tired.

Liu Chiyan “Instructions for Woman” is about 8,000 words. That is to say, regardless of the rest time, it takes five hours to copy one time, at least fifty hours for ten times. Two days and two nights. Not to mention, “A Man’s Conduct” copied by Ye Guang has more words.

It is indeed a heavy punishment, from this it can be seen that Father Liu still very angry with the two of them.

Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan both immersed themselves in front of the desk.

Time passed quickly. Aunt Lian knocked on the door and told the two of them to go out for lunch. Liu Chiyan shook her sore wrist, she only copied a half of it for the first time.

Ye Guang also stretched out, “It’s the first copy.”

Liu Chiyan froze for a while, then felt unbalanced again, “How can you be so fast, I only copy a little bit, oh, it’s so hard to copy.”

Liu Chiyan pouting mouth is really cute, if it weren’t because this was in Liu Chiyan’s house, so Ye Guang had to pay attention to it, maybe he would go up and kiss her.

Ye Guang rubbed Liu Chiyan’s head, and smiled, “Come on, my uncle and aunt are here today, maybe they will come to check the post sometime. I will help you copy when they go to work tomorrow.”

The expression on Liu Chiyan’s face is still a bit tangled, and Ye Guang is comforting her.

The two went downstairs for lunch.

Both Father Liu and Mother Liu are back. Mother Liu and Aunt Lian set the dishes together, and Father Liu and Yiyi are already seated on the dining table.

Ye Guang greeted them, “Uncle, aunt.”

Mother Liu held a little smile, nodded, and Father Liu directly snorted, making Ye Guang really embarrassed.

Yiyi greeted Ye Guang and patted the chair next to her. “Ye Guang, here, sit here.”

The children’s world is always pure. Although they will be affected by various things and emotions of adults, they will not be too entangled afterwards. they will not be too entangled afterwards. If they should be happy, they are still happy. Yiyi sits at the table and has delicious food. She doesn’t care about the delicate relationship between Ye Guang with Father Liu and Mother Liu.

Ye Guang smiled and sat next to her, following Yiyi.

This meal was a bit embarrassing. Father Liu and Mother Liu didn’t speak, and Liu Chiyan was not good at talking. She ate with his head buried. Ye Guang, as an outsider, was the center of embarrassment, making it even more difficult to speak out. Although he wanted to find a topic to talk and get closer with Father Liu and Mother Liu. It’s really not the time today, and Ye Guang is not a person who could chat. So, it’s a bit difficult for him to find topics.

The only person at a table who is happy, eats, laughs and talks is Yiyi. Of course, Yiyi is not talking gossip. She cares about eating. Whenever she speaks, she always asks Ye Guang to pick up the food.

However, although it is a bit embarrassing, fortunately, Father Liu and Mother Liu didn’t continue to say anything about the marriage of Ye Guang and Liu Chiyan from beginning to end.

Ye Guang breathed a sigh of relief when he and Lu Chiyan went back to the room to copy after eating.

Is this a tacit understanding of this son-in-law?

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