MST Chapter 17 : Blocked by my mother

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Liu Chiyan sat on the co-pilot and looked around the car with a faint light.

Ye Guang smiled and said: “The domestic car is a little bit worse. You are a big celebrity. Usually you ride luxury car. You may not be used to it.”

“Good.” Liu Chiyan faintly replied.

“This car is a little worse, but my dad’s baby, usually not too open, I am not convenient to go to work, the home specially approved this car for me.”

“Why don’t you be willing to open, buy a car is not to open it?”

“Hey, my mom is distressed by the gas money, so if you have to drive out, she don’t want my dad to drive.”

“Your mom will really live.”

“Yes, she also found a high-end excuse for herself to contribute to national energy conservation and emission reduction!”

Ye Guang is in a good mood. Liu Chiyan keeps laughing and laughing all the way. Most of them are talking about things that are confusing, and Liu Chiyan should have two sounds from time to time.

There were very few cars on the road at night, and the traffic lights were very good for the face. All the way was smooth, and soon Ye Guang came home.

Ye Guang wanted Liu Chiyan to wait for him downstairs. He went up to get an ID card and Liu Chiyan refused. She blushes and says, “I am afraid of dark.”

Although the time is not long, Ye Guang is not too confident to leave Liu Chiyan alone downstairs. “Then go with me.” Also reminded, “But you have to whisper, don’t be discovered by my parents, my mother’s temper, if she finds out that I take the girl home, she will be sure to review us.”

The corridor was very dark. Ye Guang, who was at night, didn’t cripple or clap his voice-activated lights. He took out the cell phone and groped up the stairs with a faint light. Liu Chiyan looked at his clothes and carefully followed him. Ye Guang originally wanted to hold Liu Chiyan, but Liu Chiyan refused.

Ye Guang opened the door, and Ye Guang glanced at the house and detected the enemy.

Very good, the living room has a faint night light, father mother is not there, should have fallen asleep. So, with Liu Chiyan crept through the living room and into his room.

Ye Guang took a deep breath at the moment he closed his door.

Liu Chiyan whispered, “Are you afraid of being like this? Is your parents so scary?”

Ye Guang didn’t even think about it, he’s arrogant, “Yes!” Then he said, “You don’t know. As of today, I have been dragged by my mother for 15 times, and there are more than 30 girls who have contacted me. According to her own, the resources of the girls she has in her hands, there are more than 60! If you were discovered by her… I can’t think about it.”

“Smirk!” Liu Chiyan smiled awkwardly: “It seems that your mother is still very worried about your lifelong events, how, so many times, there are so many girls resources, there is no fancy.”

Oh, this tone is wrong, it feels like… Is it jealous?

Ye Guang quickly explained, “Which can! The goddess in my heart is you! How can I see the general fat powder?”

Ye Guang’s answer made Liu Chiyan a little embarrassed, her cheeks reddish red. “Hey, I don’t believe it, don’t be poor, get your ID card.”

“Get it.” Say Ye Guang went to the drawer to find the ID card.

Liu Chiyan looked around Ye Guang’s room. The room was small, but there were a lot of things. Every corner of the room was full of stuff, and there were basketball, football, badminton rackets and a guitar on the wall, a bookcase against the wall, a lot of books in there, listed very neat. A bed that is not too big, the bed is covered with a checkered set of sheets, and the stack is neatly placed on the corner of the bed. A burgundy computer desk, there is a laptop on the table that looks very old, and there are some scattered items on the computer desk. It is not neatly placed, but it has also passed. There is also a pot of green and fleshy pots on the corner of the table.

Very clean and very self-disciplined. This is the impression of Liu Chiyan.

Ye Guang ID card has been found, “I have found the ID card, let’s go, I will scout the enemy.”

Liu Chiyan smiled.

Ye Guang quietly opened a door slit and looked at the living room.

Then, Ye Guang immediately shut the room, and also locked the room. Ye Guang back against the door, deep breath, mouth whispered: “It’s over, it’s over, it’s over.”

Liu Chiyan asked, “What’s wrong?”

“My mom is in the living room!” Ye Guang whispered and answered seriously.

“Ahhhh…” Liu Chiyan was a little panicked in an instant, and Ye Guang’s eyes were fast, and he grabbed her mouth.

Ye Guang held Liu Chiyan’s shoulder in one hand and blocked Liu Chiyan’s small mouth in one hand, whispering. “Don’t shout, it will be miserable to be discovered by my mother.”

Liu Chiyan nodded and blushes to push Ye Guang. “What now?”

Ye Guang thought for a moment, “Don’t worry, wait a minute, my mom is supposed up all night, and she will return to the room in a while.”

“Mn.” Liu Chiyan nodded. “You are going to see.”


Ye Guang carefully opened the door, revealing a door slit, squatting on the door, one eye slid into the living room, Liu Chiyan was next to him, squinting through the door and looking out, sure enough, the living room had a person shadow.

Ye Guang closed the door again, straightened up, and there was a softness on the back. Ye Guang’s body was stiff, and Liu Chiyan panicked and squinted back. She was too close to him. Ye Guang suddenly straightened up and accidentally touched something unspeakable.

Ye Guang is pretending to be nothing, “Alright, still.”

Liu Chiyan blushes, can’t look at him.

“I saw my mom watching TV.” Ye Guang whispered to Liu Chiyan.

“Watching TV?” Liu Chiyan has some doubts, watching TV still so late? She just saw a figure and didn’t see what Ye Guang was doing. “So late, your mother is still watching TV?”

Ye Guang also wondered, “I don’t know. We didn’t do this before. I don’t know what happened today.”

“Isn’t your mom found out?” Liu Chiyan has some guilty conscience.

“No way!” Ye Guang shook his head. “According to my mother’s temper, if she really found you, she will have to rush to my room.”

“Well, she didn’t find it.” Liu Chiyan was a little relieved and then felt a little depressed. What do she worry about? I didn’t do anything for people not to see. But you said that let her go out in a bright light, she must not dare. After all, it is now a yellow mud, and it’s not awkward. If you dare to go out, you can’t tell the eight mouths. Moreover, her identity…

After a while, Ye Guang sneaked twice before and after, but Ye Guang mother had been watching TV in the living room, as if there was no intention to go back to sleep..

“What now? You are thinking about it.” Liu Chiyan is in a hurry.

Ye Guang looked at the window and thought about living on the eighth floor and how could he let Liu Chiyan climb the window.

Ye Guang thought again and thought, “I am going out to explore my mother’s tone, don’t worry.”

Opening the door, Ye Guang pretended to go out if nothing had happened.

“Mom, watching TV so late?”

Mother looked back at Ye Guang and said, “I can’t sleep, I will watch TV.”

Ye Guang approached, worried. “Mom, staying up late can be bad for your health. Go back to sleep soon, don’t watch.”

Mother shook her head. “I slept for an afternoon during the day. I can’t sleep now. Your dad sleeps and snoring. I have a headache, no sleep, watching TV.”

Father sleeping and snoring? I do not know! Ye Guang has a long knowledge, and the original father is snoring.

It’s not a plan to make a living.

Ye Guang said again, “Mom, don’t look at it. If you watch TV late at night, you don’t want to talk about your health and it will make you sleep when you watch TV. You said that watching TV and Dad and I don’t matter, it’s all family. But it’s not good to accidentally make a noise to the neighbors. You said yes? Go back to bed early.”

Mother did not agree, “Who am I arguing? I am muted! How can it be noisy?”

Ye Guang is awkward, and it’s true that the TV is muted. Mother is really a man of God, saying that watching TV is watching TV, but she can’t hear it!

The TV was a serial drama, and Ye Guang glanced at it. Ah, it was actually a TV series starring Liu Chiyan. I thought, mother, what are you looking at on TV, the deity is hidden in your son’s room.

Ye Guang didn’t know, he could only ask, “Mom, how long do you have to watch?”

“There are still seven episodes.” Mother replied, “This TV series is starring Liu Chiyan. It can be seen. It was not available when the TV station was broadcast. It will be added today.”

“It’s still 7 episodes.” Ye Guang is very depressed. “Mom, this is the rhythm of all night. Don’t have to go to the store to work tomorrow?”

Mother snorted very proudly. “I am Boss’s wife. I don’t go and no one can manage me.” Said, impatiently pushed Ye Guang, “Okay, OK, don’t block here, you are tired for a night, go back to the room and go to sleep, leave me alone.”

“That’s not a good thing, you are my mother, I am your son. How can I bear to watch my mother’s day and night so hurting the body and be indifferent? Mom, listen to me and you to talk about the top ten dangers of staying up late…”

In the end, Ye Guang was persuaded but did not succeed in persuading Mother to go back to the room, and lost in vain. So you are a son, she is a mother.

When he returned to the room with a gray face, Ye Guang sighed and said to Liu Chiyan, who was sitting at the computer desk. “No, you may not believe it. My mom is hooked on the TV series you starred in, ready to watch all night.”

Liu Chiyan had a slap in the face, and it was a mistake to think that it was so good to shoot the work for the first time! Actually let the elderly, cough, can not say the old age, actually let middle-aged women stay up all night to watch, hurt others, but also harm themselves.

“Or, will you sleep here tonight? My bed is quite comfortable.” Ye Guang asked tentatively.

Liu Chiyan shuddered and glanced at Ye Guang.

Ye Guang quickly explained, “You are sleeping on the table, I am lying on the table, you can rest assured! I promise not to do anything special!”

Liu Chiyan glanced at him again, but her eyes had softened, and she did not say that she couldn’t agree, and she sat so blankly.

Ye Guang is speechless. Is this promise or not?

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