BTC Chapter 218 : Another area!

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When Lu Zixin was still on the plane, the internal group of Red Letter was already busy. This is because the news that he made a whim in the group before, the company has to prepare to open a subsidiary!

“He want to expand the scope of business again? What is General Lu going to do?” Liu Tong asked. “Which peers know, let’s give a voice? Liang Song knows? Is General Lu not waiting for you for a month?”

“I don’t know.” Liang Song replied. “General Lu is here to study smart voice, and then He went to buy thunderstorm appliances and go to smart homes.”

“That said, smart appliances are just getting started, what do General Lu have to do? Does Old Tang know?”

Tang Gang also came out and spoke in the group: “I don’t know! General Lu didn’t reveal it, there was no wind.”

“The new subsidiary, what industry?” Zhu An wondered, “Does General Lu want to be financial or real estate?”

“Forget it, don’t guess, just ask.” Zhu An @Su Zhirong, asked: “Sister-in-law knows what subsidiary General Lu wants to open?”

Su Zhirong: “He didn’t say it, I just saw the news. I just asked him, he said it later.”

“Sell it!” said Zhu An. “I don’t know what a big move!”

So far, every subsidiary of Red Letter has achieved success. One more subsidiary means not only the expansion of the company’s business scope, but also a lot of opportunities!

Subsidiaries will certainly appoint new CEOs, vice presidents and the like. For the old employees of Red Letter, that is an opportunity.

Lu Zixin First of all, Pengcheng, the first thing is to arrange iron head first. Get the motorcycle back, and also spent some time, go through the formalities and the like.

The ability of Iron Head is still not used at present. Brake? That is speeding! Sing, don’t mention it, that’s terrible!

Its innate talent ability is that the mechanical structure has the natural wisdom of Cybertron star. What complex mechanical structure can be understood at a glance, and even can research and create by itself.

At this point, Iron Head is stronger than RI-8901.

However, this guy didn’t worry, so Lu Zixin arranged a task for RI-8901. When the temporary guardian of Iron Head lived with it, lest this guy go out and make trouble.

In this regard, Iron Head is naturally a strong protest, but it is not useful.

Lu Zixin returned to Red Letter Electronics Science and Technology, and several people came to the office. Su Zhirong, Tang Gang, and several vice presidents of the company.

The purpose is to explore Lu Zixin’s tone by reporting the business and see what subsidiary General Lu wants to set up.

“The matter of the subsidiary is not a joke,” Lu Zixin said. “I have a less mature idea now, that is, to be a motor vehicle brand.”

“What? Motor vehicles?” When they heard him, everyone immediately stopped. They guessed a lot, that is, they did not guess that Lu Zixin would want to be a motor vehicle!

This seems to be completely out of line with their current business.

Tang Gang was shocked: “General Lu, do motor vehicle brand? We have no experience at all. Do you have a fancy company and want to buy shares?”

“No.” Lu Zixin shook his head. “I mean, to be a completely independent motor vehicle brand, designed and manufactured by ourselves.”

“This…” Tang Gang suddenly became speechless. He originally wanted to say that the difficulty was simply to go to heaven. Later, I thought that the things that Red Letter did now are similar, so there is no rebuttal.

Su Zhirong said directly: “If you really want to do it, you still need professional talents, control of the market and technical manufacturing. Do you need to prepare?”

“Yeah.” Lu Zixin is very satisfied with Su Zhirong’s satisfaction. It seems that Su Zhirong understands his character. Since he has already said it, it is to start.

As for what can be done, it is a matter of words.

The news was quickly spread to the company group.

“Motorcycles? motorcycle or electric motorcycle? Electric scooter?” said Liu Tong. “I heard that our lithium-air battery can support electric vehicles? @Yao Li.”

Yao Li: “Yes, the latest achievement of our new energy research institute, the performance of batteries made with lithium-air batteries is more than ten times that of ordinary electric vehicles!”

“Now many electric vehicle manufacturers have heard the wind and come to the battery factory to ask. If you really do electric vehicles, you should have a market!”

Zhu An said: “Since the battery is so strong, it is better to be an electric vehicles, just like Tesla! Everyone puts a new energy sports car into space with a rocket. When we can do it, we can do it. !”

Yao Li: “New energy vehicles are still difficult. The electricity consumption of automobiles is much higher than that of electric vehicles. To make such a battery, the safety factor cannot be guaranteed. However, in another one or two years, it should be similar.”

Bi Bosi: “Do it! Just we can build a branch factory!”

Liang Song: “Haha, I think of one thing, General Lu is almost looking for me!”

Liu Tong: “What?”

Lu Zixin also came out and said: “What am I looking for?”

Liang Song said: “Our red letter is in the automotive industry, and certainly will not simply do that kind of vehicles, definitely use our red letter cloud intelligence!”

“In the automotive industry, there is absolutely no need for intelligent driverless system! General Lu, is our Red Letter software going to start researching driverless?”

Lu Zixin: “Great, this is guessed by you, I want to tell you about it!”

Han Jia: “Unmanned? This is another big challenge!”

Lu Zixin asked; “How? Is this confident?”

Han Jia: “Of course! The intelligent algorithm framework that you made last time in our project department is so useful. Now our red letter cloud intelligent information processing system has grown ten times more than a few months ago! In terms of traffic, it is One section we pay special attention to, if you want to do the unmanned System, you can start researching immediately.”

Lu Zixin immediately said, “Okay, then set up this project immediately and prepare for the future.”

Unmanned System can only be prepared in advance, because Red Letter has not developed its own car, let alone drone.

After explaining some, Lu Zixin began to study this matter.

It is not an easy task to make a motor vehicle independently. Raw materials, mechanical parts, mechanical construction, safety systems, energy use, etc., can be related to things.

Lu Zixin also specially invited practitioners from several related industries to consult, understand relevant knowledge, and comprehensively consider the technology they have mastered.

In the mechanical map given by Optimus Prime, there are many new types of mechanical structures, but if you want to make it, you must have materials, industry and other foundations. It is really troublesome to implement.

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