MST Chapter 18 : Sleeping With Goddess

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After a while, Ye Guang secretly looked at the living room twice, and my mother had been there, and it seemed that she was really going to stay up all night.

Seeing Liu Chiyan has not spoken, Ye Guang asked again: “Is it OK?”

Liu Chiyan still didn’t talk, her cheeks were a little red, and the sound of the mosquitoes flew was heard.

In the end, I promised, what can I do if I don’t agree? She didn’t dare to go out.

Just, girl, you dare not go out, do you dare to stay in a single man room? Not afraid of his incarnation in the middle of night?

Switch off the lights. Sleep!

Cloudy tonight, the moon was covered by clouds, and at the end of the month, there was no moonlight, the lights were turned off, and the whole room was caught in the darkness almost disappearing.

Of course, Liu Chiyan is sleeping on the bed and Ye Guang is on the table.

In the darkness, Liu Chiyan with her clothes lay on Ye Guang’s bed, covered with Ye Guang’s quilt, her face was always red, and even after turning off the lights, the noctilucent was invisible. Ye Guang’s quilt mother helps him to dry, and the quilt is often liked, no smell. But Liu Chiyan covered on the body, but clearly can smell the thick smell of Ye Guang body, can’t say good smell, can’t tell what it is, but this taste makes Liu Chiyan keep her heart messy and blushing.

She was very tired, but Liu Chiyan couldn’t sleep. “Are you sleeping?”

Ye Guang, who was lying on the table in the dark, replied, “No.”

“You promised me to find the hotel for me, and I want the best room.” Liu Chiyan muttered.

Ye Guang is awkward. “This is not an accident.”

Liu Chiyan immediately said: “Then you will promise me one thing tomorrow.” It seems that this is her purpose.

Ye Guang didn’t ask anything, said: “OK, I promise you.”

Liu Chiyan smiled in the darkness. “You said, don’t regret it.”

Ye Guang promised, “Well, absolutely no regrets.” Asked again, “Why are you looking for me today?”

Liu Chiyan was silent for a while. “It’s too late, don’t say it, tell you tomorrow.”

Ye Guang sighed, didn’t ask.

“Yesterday, you read a poem to me.” Liu Chiyan may be lying, sound crisp, “a beautiful, very nice poem. I sent to Weibo.”

“Yes. I saw. ”

“You are reading it for me.”


“I want to hear.”


Ye Guang lightly coughs a moisturizing throat: “It’s doesn’t matter if you see me or not, I am standing right there,With no emotion.”

“It’s doesn’t matter if you miss me or not, The feeling is right there, And it isn’t going anywhere.”        “It’s doesn’t matter if you love me or not, Love is right there,It is not going to change.”        “It’s doesn’t matter if you are with me or not, My hand is in your hand,And I am not going to let go.”               “Let me embrace you,”          “Or…”          “Let me live in your heart,”          “To eternity.”          “Let’s love silently.”

Ye Guang has a low voice and is very emotional.

In the darkness, Liu Chiyan’s eyes are bright and colorful, and it seems to be glowing.

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk for a long time, and Ye Guang thought she was asleep.

Suddenly, Liu Chiyan said with a long sigh: “I am hungry.”

“……Only instant noodles and bread.”

Liu Chiyan is happy: “Is there a noodle?”

Ye Guang directly refused: “You can only eat bread, don’t eat instant noodles, every time you eat instant noodles, your relatives come to do things.”

Liu Chiyan likes to eat instant noodles, it’s weird, big celebrity actually likes instant noodles. But she didn’t dare to eat, because she often felt uncomfortable when she big aunt came, her abdomen was aching. Therefore, she usually does not eat, and sometimes she is jealous, often fighting between instant noodles and big aunt. But how does Ye Guang know? Does he know this kind of thing? Liu Chiyan is shy and flush.

Of course, Ye Guang knows that he had been a couple with Liu Chiyan for decades in his dream world.

“I’ll get you bread.”

Liu Chiyan said busyly: “Do not turn on the lights!” She now has a red face to her neck and she is afraid to let Ye Guang turn on the light.

“It’s too dark, I can’t see without turning on the lights.”

“No matter, anyway, it is not allowed to turn on the lights.” Liu Chiyan willfully and proudly said.

Ye Guang scratched his head. “Well, don’t open it, don’t open it, use cellphone.”

Think of the cell phone light is not strong, Ye Guang should not see clearly, Liu Chiyan sighed and agreed.

Ye Guang used a faint cell phone light to find a bag of bulk bread in the dark for a while.

Liu Chiyan took only two, sat on the bed and ate in the dark.

“So black, you are not afraid to plug into your nose.”

“Hmph!” Liu Chiyan didn’t took care of him and ignored him.

After eating two loaves of bread, Liu Chiyan took the water that Ye Guang handed her in the darkness, poured two, and then lay down with satisfaction.

Ye Guang didn’t tell Liu Chiyan that the cup he just gave her was used by him, fearing she wouldn’t drink.

Liu Chiyan was lying on Ye Guang’s bed and was already sleepy, but she had been restless and closed her eyes but couldn’t sleep.

Outside the window, the moonlight that broke free from the thick clouds, Liu Chiyan looked at Ye Guang, who was sitting on the stool writhing on the stool because of the uncomfortable sitting on the weak moonlight, and didn’t know what to expect. The corner of the mouth slowly rises.

She smiled very beautifully.

“The bed is quite big, come up and sleep.” Liu Chiyan tried to say in a calm tone, but the voice was still unstoppable.

“Yeah?” Ye Guang was puzzled and thought it was wrong.

Liu Chiyan blushes, “Never mind.”

Ye Guang certainly won’t refuse, “Come on!”

Liu Chiyan didn’t talk, and squeezed into the bed silently.

“Ah, where do you put your hands?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“That’s not right!!!”

“Sorry, Sorry. It’s too dark to see.” Ye Guang apologizes and recollects the sensation of the ecstasy.

The moon hid again. In the darkness, Liu Chiyan shrank in the bed, her face was red, her heart pounded, and this bastard, just actually, actually touched it… So shameful.

Ye Guang also knew that he had made a mistake, did not dare to squeeze inside, stuck to the bed, his hands on his chest, his legs closed, and he was lying flat. The bed of 1,5m, the two of them lay down, and actually left a big position in the middle.

A long while.

Liu Chiyan whispered, “Come and sleep, cover yourself with quilt, it’s cool at night.”

Ye Guang touched. Hurry and move over to the past.

“It’s not allowed to be near, just like this.” Liu Chiyan pulled the half the quilt to Ye Guang, and put the pillow between the two. “Do not move the feet manually, do not cross the line, or be careful I will chop you down.” Liu Chiyan is threatening.

“Oh.” Ye Guang faintly said, “I don’t know if you have heard this story. In the past, there was a scholar who fell in love with a miss. One day, they traveled together, and when it was raining on the way, they went to an empty house to shelter from the rain and stay overnight. There is only one bed in this house. Although the two are sympathetic, they are not in chaos. That miss pity the scholar, and invites him to share a bed, but writes in middle of a pillow, wrote a note ‘over the border, there is beast.’ The scholar was a gentleman, and he really forbeared it all night, not in chaos.”

“The next morning, the miss woke up and left without a word, leaving a note: I wrote the seven big words, ‘You are not as good as beast.’ I am now struggling. Am I a beast or you a beast?”

Liu Chiyan listened to the story told by Ye Guang, and shyly punched Ye Guang’s chest with a powder punch, and shyly said, “Go down!”

Ye Guang asked for mercy again and again, “I’m sorry, sorry, I am wrong, the woman is forgiving, I am wrong.”

Liu Chiyan finally couldn’t bear to get Ye Guang out of bed. The two were tired for a day, and then tossed into the middle of night, and finally fell asleep in a groggy way.

What the two didn’t know was that Ye Guang mother was lying on the sofa in the living room watching TV, and she fell asleep after a while.

In the middle of night, Ye Guang father woke up and found that Ye Guang mother was not there. Looking at the living room, the TV was on, and Ye Guang mother had fallen asleep on sofa.

Wake up the mother, father asked strangely: “Wife, how to fall asleep on the Sofa, go back to the room to sleep.”

Mother glanced at Ye Guang’s room, took father hand and sat down, shaking her head: “I don’t go back to the room, I’ll stay here.”

Father asked, “What are you guarding?”

Mother looked at Ye Guang’s room again and bit his father’s ear and said softly: “Watch your son, your son comes home with the girl.”

Father was shocked, “Really?”

Mother said arbitrarily: “Of course it is true,  what did I lie to you. I got up in the bathroom and heard the sound of car downstairs. I thought it must be my son who came back, so I went through the window I glanced down. It was two people who got down from car, the day was darker, it was not clear, but it must be a girl! This youngster came back like a thief, but when I didn’t know. Humph! Who am I? He wants to escape his mother’s eyes?”

Father is still a little unbelievable, usually did not listen to his son has had this style of mouth, how suddenly took the girl home?

“Wife, won’t you make a mistake? What if it is a man?”

“No way?” Mother made sure, “It must be a girl. I didn’t see it clearly. I saw it in the figure faintly. It should be a beautiful woman. It is a good embryo. I said, if it’s really a man, what is your son hiding in the room? He also deliberately explored my tone, hum, I am so good to deal with it. This youngster is still tender!” Mother is plausible and smug.

Father believed, and looked back at Ye Guang’s room. “No, what are you doing here? Go directly to the son to ask for a clear answer, just the right people! No, catching a rape in bed! Not right…”

“Alright, alright…” Mother interrupted father, “Don’t bite the word about your culture level, say you don’t understand, you don’t know what your son’s virtues is, I really exposed him. He can find a hundred excuses to smother.”

Mother shines with wisdom in her eyes. “I won’t give him this opportunity. I don’t want to tear him down. I let him play hard. I am stuck here. He has ghosts in his heart. He doesn’t dare to be bright. Bring the girl out, the family is on the eighth floor, the window he can’t get through, so… Lonely man and woman… in one room. Hehe, Old Ye, maybe we will soon have a grandson.”

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